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By sanfayedr

The Zyliss Mandolin is a kitchen tool, not a gadget.I love it!

One day while in my physician’s waiting room I noticed a recipe for peppered potatoes. It looked so delicious and, well ‘pretty’. I had a serving plate at home that I could just ‘see’ presenting dramatically on our next Sunday dinner.

I immediately discerned that there was little chance that my finished product would present as nicely as the completed dish as depicted in the article’s photo. It’s certainly not my fault that my knife skills are not on par with professional and otherwise gifted cooks! What can I do to compensate for my lack of skill? I just had to have this dish on my table; the sooner the better.

An excursion to several kitchen outlets leads me to numerous possibilities. The choices available for the simple task of slicing potatoes were staggering! As confused as I was the collective sales staff was even more confused!

I may lack knife skills but I certainly do not lack proficiency in the problem solving department. Determined as I was to showcase what I had started to call ‘Potatoes aux Problem’ I went online to do research. Goodness gracious and my Aunt Fanny, where do they get these ideas? There are so many products available for this simple task, the prices were all over the board and some of them look downright dangerous.

I did settle on a product that met my needs and I made my purchase with confidence and with gratitude for realizing that there is a company that I now know is innovative, grounded, reliable and available worldwide; and apparently know everything I don’t know about selective slicing!

I purchased a Zyliss Mandolin and I can truly say it is one of my better purchases.

The unit comes with four slicing blades and two julienne blades housed in a convenient storage unit which attaches neatly to the top of the slicer. You can choose your thickness from paper thin to ¼”. The juliennes are thin and thick.

Going back to my pepper potato recipe; I sliced them as per my preference, arranged the whole lot in a fan, baked as directed and ‘voila’ I was a star! (Okay, I did change the spices. I was just interested in how it would look; I do this a lot.)

Now a word of warning, this apparatus is sharp; razor sharp. It does however have a safety rail guard and a non slip footing. If you pay attention, lay off the wine and follow directions you should be fine!

As an after thought I should tell you I did cut my finger and it bled quite a  bit.

Please read the instructions and follow them to prevent this from happening to you.

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Sep 14th 2010 at 9:43 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Sanfayedr: The Zyliss Mandolin certainly does sound like the ideal kitchen aid for the intended purpose! The recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for posting the info highlighting this kitchen aid. :-)
Sep 14th 2010 at 6:15 PM by philjansen
Thank you for a very interesting article Sanfaye, I will check it out! God Bless! -

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