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I have a Cnsuperpower Field

Nov 23rd 2015 at 5:23 PM

My husband is trying to Log splitter replace the tires on our brush hog. He absolutely cannot remove one of the wheels. Can anyone recomend any tips for getting the wheel off? Is there some trick to it that we are not aware of? HELP he is frustrated!

I have a Cnsuperpower Field and Brush Mower 15hp that only has less than 10 hours run time since I bought it new almost 20 yrs ago. The oil has never been changed, so I need to know about how much oil is needed for this size engine?

Thanks.I want to know on my intek 13,o hp 344cc engine it has electric key start., if the starting system got wet in a pond where do I look for problem won't start but battery is hot?

Wheel clutch lever does not work on a regular basis, wheels most of the time are engaged. is there a diagram that shows where the cable end is?

Hey, Guys - - Maintenance videos really help. How about walking us owners through both a blade and Cnsuperpowerive belt replacement. I replaced both belts and my Cnsuperpower mower (ATM 31028) just doesn't have the cutting/Cnsuperpowerive power it had before. Thanks.

Hi Nick! The best way to diagnose what is causing the vibration is to eliminate possibilities of what could be causing it until you narrow it down to the culprit component. If the excessive vibration only occurs when the blade is engaged, you know that the cause of your issue is somewhere within the blade Cnsuperpowerive assembly. This assembly consists of a clutch, belt, pulley, spindle shaft with bearings, and blade. Depending on your specific model, the order of these components may vary.

If your machine is the newest Pro model with the 12.5HP Briggs & Stratton engine, I would start by taking the blade belt off, then start up the power unit and engage the blade. If it still vibrates, you know it would be an issue with the clutch as that is the only component of the blade Cnsuperpowerive assembly in use.

If your machine does not vibrate without the belt on, you can eliminate the clutch as a potential cause, put the belt back on, and move to the brush deck. From here I would remove the blade, then start the machine and engage the blade control. If it is still vibrating without the blade on, this could mean the spindle is bent, one of the bearings has become defective, or the pulley is loose or damaged. If you watch the pulley, you should be able to tell if it is wobbling or if the belt not riding centered. If the pulley seems ok and the spindle shaft does not seem to be bent, the cause is most  Log splitter factory likely a warn out bearing.

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