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network marketing history

Network Marketing is simply a form of distribution that uses "word-of-mouth" advertising as a way to educate the public on the particular benefits or a particular product/service. It eliminates the need for costly media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) advertising which can represent more than 50% of the product cost. The opportunity goes one step further by allowing you to build your business online. Now with a few minutes a day you have the potential to promote your business to millions of people all over the world.

Have you ever recommended a good movie to a friend? What about the latest deal you found at a particular store or the quality of a certain product you just purchased? By referring others to a business establishment or to one of their products, you are marketing their products or services - without being paid for it. In fact, many service oriented businesses try to provide you with the best possible service because they know a happy customer will spread the word about their quality services - and what better way to advertise than through the mouth of one who is known and trusted.


Wouldn't it be great if a movie theater or restaurant paid you a percentage of the revenue you brought them by referring someone to them? This is the concept behind Network Marketing which makes it so attractive to the thousands who are looking to secure their own future. Doing away with the millions traditional businesses spend on media advertising, Network Marketing companies can afford to pay their distributors what they save in advertising. Monies normally allocated for an advertising budget are paid instead in the form of commissions and bonuses to those responsible for creating the sales - the distributors.

Residual income is another attractive feature of Network Marketing. Residual income is income that is paid to you long after the original effort for the sale was put forth. Insurance agents earn residual income each time one of their customers renews his/her policy - it required only the original effort to get the account (and maybe some effort to maintain it) and he/she gets paid each time the policy is renewed. Network Marketing takes this a step further - giving the distributor the ability to leverage himself by earning from the efforts of others in his/her network. Each time any of those in your network renews a product/service purchase, even though it may not have been directly related with your effort, you earn residual income because it was your effort that, either directly or indirectly, generated the sale.

Most "Networkers" feel the same way. Network Marketing isn't about getting friends or family involved in something that you don't believe in. It has to do with promoting what you believe will help everyone (not just friends or family). If you don't believe in it, you should never pursue it. Those who fail in Network Marketing do so because they do not believe it will really help them or anyone they bring into it.

Those who believe they can succeed with it have hope, confidence and the ability to set goals and carry them out. Network Marketing is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. It is a business. It should be treated like a business - only more important, like your business. If you started your own "traditional" business - how would you promote it if you didn't believe in it yourself?

Those who succeed in Network Marketing do so not because they've involved their friends or family, but because they believed in their ability to realize the potential the company held out for them. There is no reason one has to approach their family or friends, though when they begin to succeed, if they really love them - they will recommend it to them and help them succeed as well.

Network Marketing provides the average individual with the opportunity to start the "Ultimate Business." What traits would characterize such a business? Below are some of the traits that can characterize a Network Marketing business:

  • A minimal investment with no office expense, paperwork, employees, bookkeeping or overhead - No Financial Risk
  • Unlimited Earning Potential - the chance to get paid what you are actually worth.
  • The Freedom to manage your own time - be your own boss.
  • A proven, duplicatable system for success that eliminates all of the guesswork - no experience or special skills are required.
  • All the tax advantages of running a home-based business.
  • Tremendous support, sales tools, company-sponsored training and conference calls to help you succeed.
  • An industry that is tapping into the most dynamic demographic and marketing trends in today's marketplace.
  • AUTOMATION - In any business, Automation is the key to less demand on your time. The Ultimate Business must be fully automated to provide you with time Freedom.

The ultimate business is no longer a dream. It is a realizable possibility through Network Marketing. But which company to choose?

Not all Network Companies are alike. Each offers its own particular line of products or services, and each has its own financial compensation plan. offers you all the above traits of the Ultimate Business, and adds to it the following:

  • Ground-floor opportunity - is in Prelaunch. It is targeted to capture a large percentage of the network marketing industry precisely because of its automation and the need for leads by every networker in every company.
  • Automated Sponsoring - no other network marketing company has offered such a marketing tool for its distributors. With such a system, fear of sales/recruiting slips away as your downline is built using todays latest technologies. It also means you don't have to spend time recruiting, going to meetings, or planning appointments after the time you already spend at your normal job. Ground floor opportunities mean absolutely nothing without such an automated sponsoring system.
  • Planning - has seen the weaknesses of network marketing. The company has done away with the normal "face-to-face" selling other companies require and has brought to the Internet the easiest sponsoring system in the world. They help build your downline!
  • The Internet - There is no question regarding the explosive potential the Internet provides a new company to grow exponentially. Well over 2-billion people worldwide access the Internet with hundreds of thousands more gaining access each month.
  • is poised to capture a large percentage of those looking to secure their financial dreams due to our in-demand services and extremely profitable compensation plan.
  • Little to No Risk - With there are no inventory requirements, no signup fee and no annual renewal fees.
  • Most Lucrative Pay Plan - while many pay plans look lucrative, most do not achieve the level of commission they desire because of various requirements that must be met by others in your downline - something beyond your control unless you can move others to recruit. With's single-line compensation plan you are in the profit position. PLUS, we pay daily!


Network Marketing is a lucrative business for those who can target the needs of the time, the most efficient means of meeting those needs, and the ability to implement goals for success. In our day, needs are many - but two stands out: (1) Financial Independence and (2) the need to assist networkers in building their primary business with leads and training. The pace of our society and the difficult economic times have caused unwelcomed stress, anxiety, poor health and uncertainty toward the future. At the same time, technological advances (the Internet, automated communications, voiceblast, etc.) have presented the possibility for an explosive marketing push for those who will seize the opportunity. has seen the potential to meet the two needs with the advances of our day, to bring the best possible opportunity for financial success without the headaches of conventional business ownership. Do you still want the 40-year, traditional business plan or do you want the Plan?

Courtney Lawrence

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