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I Don't Have The Money

Jun 10th 2011 at 12:54 PM

By Natural Selling
Michael Oliver

A common response many Distributors get from the people they speak with is, “I don’t have the money”.

The standard network marketing reply that most Distributors are taught goes something like this…

“I know how you feel. Many people I first spoke with felt the same way and what they found when they started, was that it was the best thing they did….”

Or they justify it with…

“Well it’s not really much money when you compare it with starting a franchise, yadda, yadda, yadda…!”

If you use these, or any other techniques designed to justify or manipulate the other person to say or do something… I suggest you do yourself, your potential partner, and the industry a big favor… STOP! Unless of course you’re only interested in using hit or miss strategies and attracting at best about 1% of the people you talk with and upsetting the rest!

So what to do?

Well how about allowing me to ask you… Do you know what someone means when they say they don’t have the money?

I think you may find the answer is no!

People’s words, statements and questions very rarely reflect what we think they mean. To think you know otherwise puts your potential relationship severely in jeopardy.

So instead of guessing, why not ask?

“When you say you don’t have the money, can I ask you what you mean by that?“

You’ll get a bucketful of different responses. Here are some examples.

“I won’t have the money until next week.”

“I mean that I can afford to pay the fee to start but I know there must be costs on top of that and I don’t have the money for marketing.”

“I’m just flat broke and don’t have the money to pay the starting fee.”

“Well, really and truly I can’t see what this is going to do for me.”

Now you have something to work with. You can continue the dialogue using what you now know to be true to finally get to these questions…

“If you did have the money, is what I’m proposing to you something you would do right now so you can move toward getting those things you told me you wanted?”

And when they say yes, you ask…

“So where do you think you will find the money?”

You’ll be surprised at the number of resources people can tap into. If the desire to change is strong enough, they’ll find it.

From my point of view, it’s not your responsibility to find the money for them! Keep the responsibility on them. And once they accept that, and do something about it, they will stick to their decision.

After all, who is the only person who can effectively change their life? Themselves! All you can do is help them if they are prepared to do the work!

So without using standard industry sales-type techniques you can keep the flow of the dialogue intact and the continuing building of the relationship strong.

And what does this mean to you?

You’ll attract those who are prepared to make the change

Help those who need a little help in understanding the true meaning of personal responsibility

You’ll decrease and eventually eliminate your attrition.

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