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I Can't Deny You Your Pain

Jul 24th 2011 at 4:26 AM

The title is something my Grandmother told me 40 years ago when I thought I was in love and I didn't really get what she meant until my adult years. This title fits perfectly with what I'm seeing with some of these online businesses that are popping up all over the place. I've decided to take a step back from condemming these companies. I haven't given up on voicing my opinion on what I consider ponzi schemes, but I'll just say what I have to say and back off because as the title implies, I can't deny you your pain.

The usual argument is that this whole country and every company in it is using the ponzi scheme model which is true and false in my book. My theory is that when the Feds get involved, such as the FTC and the AG that heads are about to roll and if I'm unfortunate to be on their list, I'll just take the money I made and run. That's little solice for the people that I coaxed to be in my downline but it is what it is.

Some people have labeled me a self proclaimed expert or a drum beater of sorts, but this is America and they have the right to their opinions and you know what we say about opinions.don't you? To be honest, you can suggest, cajole and plead with people when they ask for your opinion about a company and your personal experiences but in the end, people will do what they want to do and thats why I've come to the conclusion that I'm responsible for the effort, not the results.

The way I check out companies is by hanging out at my buddy Troy Dooly's Help Desk Center site, he gets threatened with a lawsuit weekly by companies he exposes. My other hangout spot to keep current on the latest games is The Warrior Forum, we chop it up in there daily with the latest news, we have a war room and we get Warrior specials on pre-pre release launches.

In closing I would like to say that my Mission is and will always be to save the newbie or online vet from making the same mistakes I made in the beginning. I laugh now but trust me when I tell you that it wasn't even close to funny when it was happening. I may sound a little harsh at times but sometimes thats what it takes to break the spell some people seem to be under, its coming from a loving place. I wish I could pick people up and shake them to the dangers they face here in these Shark infested online waters but in the end. I Can't Deny Them Their Pain.

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