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I Am A Blue, What Color Are You?

Mar 31st 2011 at 1:12 PM

Everyone on the planet is primarily one or the other of the following personality "colors". Blue, Green, Yellow or Red. Which one are you? What does this information have to do with network marketing?

Blues are open and direct, get excited.  Talk open and direct. They are fun loving people who will tell you like it is. Blues see the big picture quickly. Did I mention they love to have fun? Blues love to party. Blues are scattered. Sticky notes and scraps of paper are strewn all over the desk of a blue.'s an organized mess, they will tell you. The blue will tend to talk too much, be poor savers, and poor at follow through. They are generally disorganized and exaggerate. Blues talk loud and fast. Their dress is colorful and flamboyant. They will wear Hawaiian shirts and "loud" clothes. The blue personality dislikes not having fun. They dislike facts and figures and being alone is torture to a blue. Blues are good promoters. They are convincing, enthusiastic, have lots of energy and are very creative. Blues see the big picture very quickly. They don't need a lot of facts and figures. If you are working with a blue, you don't want to bore them with a lot of statistics and data. Give them an overview and let them know how much fun they will have and they will join you in an instant. In order to work with a blue, you need to get them focused. They need lots of direction and redirection. Blues are warriors. Once they are focused and having fun, they will build huge organizations and never quit. Blues comprise 15% of the population.

How To Sponsor A Blue Personality

With a Blue, talk excited, get excited.  Talk about sky diving, jetskiing, just having fun, fun, fun.  That's what they want.  When you meet me at the airport, I'll be wearing a big orange straw hat, sandals and a orange flowered sundress.  That's what I want to talk about.

Oh yes, they'll talk family & vacations but, most of all they want to talk about fun things.

If you are in a network marketing company, you must have an email geared toward each color. A generic email will probably appeal to whichever color matches yours, but will probably not appeal to the other three colors. You must learn to talk to each color in terms they will respond to. This information will help you in your business and personal life. It will help you to become a better communicator and enhance all of your relationships.


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Mar 31st 2011 at 2:24 PM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
Very good and informative article. I know that learning the colors has truly helped me in my business. When I realized that network marketing is a relationship business and not a sales business then the colors made perfect sense to me. Everyone should really get the colors CD that you have, it will make a huge difference in your business.

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