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I Always understand Something Better If I Have a Written Explaination, Don't You?

Aug 23rd 2010 at 9:36 AM

We feel that Next Generation Central does a heck of a job explaining how this works!  What do you think?

How It Works

NGC is an advertising program that that uses revenue sharing to pay its members for participation in the program.  The program consists of (3) 2 X 2 matrixes and each 2 X 2 matrix is called a tier.  Each tier has a name; Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 respectively.  The tiers are arranged with one spot at the top of each tier, 2 spots directly under that top spot, and then another 2 spots directly under each of the 2 previous spots.


This type of arrangement is called a 2 X 2 matrix.


NGC also has a sister advertising program called 10dollaradz which also has a revenue sharing program.  10dollaradz is more of a PARENT program to NGC, as NGC is actually a FEEDER program into 10dollaradz.  Every member must have a 10dollaradz account to be a member at NGC.


10dollaradz uses a straight line matrix or pay line to pay out revenue sharing.  Each new 10dollaradz position costs $10 and is added to the bottom of the pay line.  For every 3 positions added to the bottom of the pay line, 1 position pops out the top of the pay line and pays $10 to that member’s AlertPay account, and simultaneously creates another new 10dollaradz position at the bottom of the pay line for that member.  Every 2 weeks on Thursday, the pay line is SCRAMBLED!  Scrambling allows everyone in the pay line to get a chance to possibly move to the top of the line, and also creates some excitement as the line grows.


The NGC tiers feed the 10dollaradz pay line and perpetually re-cycle themselves.  When Tier 3 is completed, $2000 is paid out to that member’s AlertPay account.  Let’s take a look at how the NGC tiers feed the 10dollaradz pay line and how the money flows from tier to tier.


When someone purchases a position in NGC for $120, they are put under the next person waiting in line that needs their Tier 1 matrix filled.  $100 goes to that waiting member’s Tier 1 sponsors, sponsor. The other $20 goes to Admin to maintain the websites for NGC and 10dollaradz, and also helps the team to pay for advertising.  NGC uses a team build concept to fill the NGC tiers and everyone advertises the same URL.


Once you have paid your $120, you are now sitting at the top position of YOUR Tier 1 matrix.


The 2 positions directly under the top position of your Tier 1 matrix are your qualifier positions.  Once those 2 positions are filled, you begin to fill the next 4 positions beneath them.  Those 4 positions are the pay positions for each tier.


As you move from Tier 1, to Tier 2, to Tier 3, the same 6 members that make up your qualifier and pay positions follow you through each tier in the same positions.  The 4 pay positions in Tier 1 produce $100 each ($400), the 4 pay positions in Tier 2 produce $200 each ($800), and the 4 pay positions in Tier 3 produce $500 each ($2000).  However, the 4 positions in Tiers 1 & 2 should be considered FEEDER positions.  These positions are used to FEED your positions in 10dollaradz and also feed the next tier in line.  Tier 3 is your PAY tier and when completed pays out $2000 to your AlertPay account.


Now remember, each member filling each matrix continues to follow you, step by step, through each tier.  ALSO, every time a member completes Tier 2, part of the $800 payout goes on to purchase a NEW NGC position for $120.  This new NGC position has the effect of re-cycling members that joined BEFORE you back UNDER you with NEW NGC positions as they move through their tiers.  This creates a perpetual re-cycling situation where members that have joined BEFORE you create NEW NGC positions that are placed UNDER you every time they complete Tier 2.  This is a beautiful thing as you’ll soon see, and no other program before has been able to accomplish.


Now, let’s go step by step to see how the money flows from tier to tier and into 10dollaradz.


When the Tier 1 matrix is complete it produces $400 which is used to feed the rest of the program.  The first $100 is used to purchase your first 10 positions in 10dollaradz for $10 each, thus putting you into the 10dollaradz pay line, leaving $300 left over.  Next, $200 of the remaining $300 is moved into your Tier 2 matrix, opening up the top position in your Tier 2.  You now have $100 left over.  That last $100 is going to be used to re-start your Tier 1 position over again. By doing so, you are going to be perpetuating Tier 1 and your FIRST NGC position.  Every time Tier 1 is completed, the money flows exactly the same way as described above.  And remember, those members filling your Tier 1 matrix the first time around, will soon be following you back into Tier 1, and also into Tier 2 as more and more members, before and after you, continue to cycle and re-cycle in NGC.  Now let’s take a look at the Tier 2 payouts.


As described above, when you complete Tier 1, $200 of the Tier 1 payout opens up your top position in Tier 2.  As the 6 members in your Tier 1 matrix begin to follow you into Tier 2, your Tier 2 positions will be filled.  Once all 6 members have completed following you into Tier 2, thus filling your Tier 2 matrix, your Tier 2 matrix will pay out $800.  Just like Tier 1, Tier 2 is considered a FEEDER matrix.  The $800 produced by Tier 2 is used as follows.  The first $180 is used to purchase 18 new positions in the 10dollaradz pay line for $10 each, leaving $620 left over.  Next, $500 of the remaining $620 is moved into your Tier 3 matrix, opening up the top position in your Tier 3.  You now have $120 left over.  That last $120 is going to be used to purchase a SECOND position in NGC, thus perpetuating the whole program WITHOUT taking any money out of your pocket.  That position will be placed under the next member waiting in line that needs to have their Tier 1 matrix filled.  You now have TWO active positions in NGC.  ALSO, as you have now completed Tier 2, the 6 members following you into Tier 2 have ALSO followed you back into Tier 1, thus completing Tier 1 for the SECOND time, which purchases you 10 ADDITIONAL positions in the 10dollaradz pay line for $10 each, and a total of 38 10dollaradz positions up to this point.  Tier 1 has also FED another $200 into Tier 2 to perpetuate the Tier 2 position, AND $100 back into Tier 1 to perpetuate the Tier 1 position, starting the whole process back over AGAIN!


Again, the 6 members that have followed you into Tiers 1 & 2 will now be following you into Tier 3.  Once Tier 3 is filled NGC will pay out $2000 into your AlertPay account, thus completing your first NGC position cycle for the FIRST time.  And remember, since Tier 1 is continually being re-cycled with $100 every time Tier 1 is completed, EVERY NGC position will continue to cycle over and over again.  And keep in mind, as Tier 3 is completed, your Tier 1 has been completed for a THIRD time and your Tier 2 has been completed a SECOND time.  Tier 1 is going to produce 10 more positions in the 10dollaradz pay line and Tier 2 is going to produce 18 more positions in the 10dollaradz pay line, adding 28 more positions to the 10dollaradz pay line.  In addition, Tier 2 has also created a THIRD position in NGC.  By the time you have completed your Tier 3 matrix, not only do you have $2000 paid out to your AlertPay account, you have accumulated 66 positions in the 10dollaradz pay line, all possibly producing $10 each as they pop out the top of the 10dollaradz pay line, and TWO NEW positions in NGC.  This all happens with a ONE TIME purchase of a NGC membership for $120, perpetuating itself into infinity over and over again.  As you can see, NGC is absolutely the most ingenious program ever conceived HANDS DOWN!


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Aug 23rd 2010 at 10:27 AM by suzz5324
I'm in this wonderful program and love it not to mention the wonderful group of people I am priviledged to work with. ;-0)

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