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Human Capital Insurance Review

Mar 14th 2013 at 6:15 PM

Here is my review of Human Capital Insurance (HCI24) program.  This type of investment program is also know as a RPP (Reverse Pension Plan) type of HYIP (High Yield Investment Program).  The program is owned by CEO Gregory Stallings-Blash of Whistler, CA ; with the CFO being a person named Wolfgang.  They state that their main office is in NY.  The website is located in the Netherlands., was registered by Enom, Inc, was created on 9/26/2006, and is set to expire on 9/26/2013.  I have also found that the website has been moved from host to host a number of times over the last 6 years.

What is Human Capital Insurance? They offer global investment from capital markets, called "projects".  They never state in detail what the "projects" are, they only give you "project" names (like Leveraged Daily Trading, or Bank Debenture, or Russian Trust, or China Project 2007), plus a short description of how it will make you HUGE profits.  You then purchase shares or policies or whatever they want the call the units of investment.  Then after your investment "matures" in 1 to 5 years, you get to take your original investment plus your earnings out.  It uses Liberty Reserve or C-Gold for deposits and withdraws.

My Opinion....... Reverse Pension Plan (RPP) type of HYIP's are without doubt the WORST type of HYIP there is.  The fact is that Human Capital Insurance (HCI24) is just a clone of all the other RPP's that have come before it, like HCI, PWW, UAE, WPP, LFP, Imperia, Excel Prestige and about 20 more.   The first RPP was called GPP and was launched in 2005.

HCI24's support is virtually non-existent, plus HCI24 is now giving their early members lie after lie on why they have not gotten their money back, while trying to talk them into re-invest their money and earnings into NEW PROJECTS or NEW RPP programs.  When asked about when the current program will start making payouts, their response is generally such that more shares or policies need to be sold first.

In fact the latest HCI24 lie was a photo on their newsletter.  It had some photos of their last NY seminar with one photo having the following description "Below: Our beloved CFO Wolfgang next to his lovely wife Tracy who is talking to Mona from Island.". Here is the link to HCI24 newsletter photo:  It has been since discovered that this photo has nothing to do with any HCI24 seminar but was taken at another seminar in 2008- Grounded Theory Institute - The Grounded Theory Methodology of Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D - (see 3 down, 2 along) and the people named on the photo are Judith, Astrid and Michael, (not Wolfgang, Tracy and Mona).

When people confronted HCI24 about the lie, they posted on their website that Wolfgang was not at the HCI24's seminar and sent in a separate photo, but the problem is that it still is not a photo of  CFO Wolfgang, but that it is of a person called Michael from Educational Communications and Technology, which has nothing to do with HCI24 (yet another lie).

Now HCI24 has now launched a 2nd RPP program called HCI25, as they are having trouble getting new investing members in the original HCI24 program.  Starting a second program before the first one has even pay anybody, sounds like again a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money.

In my option a RPP type HYIP is the worse HYIP of them all as you do not find out that they are scams until your money has been gone for sometimes years and then start stalling in making payments, with endless excuses why they haven't paid.

What do all the RPP programs that I have since have in common?  They all have a LONG TERM PLAN which pays huge profits after a considerable amount of time.  Also I have never found anybody that can PROVE that they have ever received any of the money they earned from a RPP type program!!  A lot of RPP's like ICC, MPP, and CPS have already folded, scamming their members out of thousands of dollars.

So my advise to you is to stay away from HCI24, HCI25, and all other RPP type HYIP's.  They are a most guaranteed way to lose your money.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck
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