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How You Can Use Article Marketing For Home Business Success

Feb 7th 2011 at 1:03 PM


One of the best strategies available today to build your home business is to do article writing and submit your articles to 5 or 6 of the leading article directories. You can Google and find hundreds of article directories.

Here are a few tips on how you can use article marketing for your home business success.

1. Write eye appealing titles. It's important that you can grab the attention of your reader immediately. Your traffic will be determined by your title!

One way to come up with good title ideas is to look for highly viewed articles in your niche and form your titles after them. If possible state a benefit for the reader in the title. If you can get your keyword in the title, fine; but if not don't worry about it.

2. Build a good keyword list. There are many tools available such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Traffic Travis that can help you build a good keyword list to write your articles around.

Targeting keywords in your articles is a good way to write interesting articles that are focused on a specific topic. This is also an excellent way to get the search engines to notice your articles and to drive traffic to your site.

3. Who is your target audience? It's important that you identify it because using article marketing is different than other forms of writing such as those that appear in newspapers and magazines.

People who read articles online do it differently than when they're reading a magazine. You need to know exactly who your audience is and write articles that are short and to the point. Don't worry too much about style. Try to write as if you were talking to someone.

The ideal length of your articles is going to be around 400 to 500 words. The chief reason for the shorter articles is because online people don't read, they scan. This is another reason to also keep the paragraphs short as they are much easier to read on screen.

4. Get a lot of articles online especially when you start a new site. If you want to build your home business you need to have as many articles online as you possibly can.

If you enjoy writing you should be writing a lot of articles yourself. Otherwise, you might consider hiring a freelance writer to write some articles for you. Surprisingly you can find writers to write articles for $5-$10 apiece. Use English speaking writers.

5. Write a short resource box telling your reader what to do. Your goal is to get them to click on the link in your resource box which drives traffic to your landing page. Offering them something free can help. Too many authors make the resource about themselves rather than focusing on driving traffic to their website.

Bear in mind, your articles are like an investment and can contrbute to your home business success for years. Your home business income will increase as you get more visitors to your website.

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Feb 7th 2011 at 3:04 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Walt: Thanks for posting these great tips and ideas on how to use article marketing for home business success. I have been working on doing just that this past weekend! (Thanks to the recommendations of our online mentors.) GT :-)

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