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How would you like a piece of this pie?

Aug 25th 2011 at 3:09 AM

Did you know there are 180 Million Internet users in the United States?

The top three search engine and homepage companies have an estimated market share of approximately 97 percent of all Internet users. They make over $20 Billion per year from viewers, just like you, who see their ads!

How would you like a piece of that pie?

How much does your current Internet homepage or search engine company pay you every month for your loyalty? What if you could make a monthly income by simply switching your Internet homepage, and referring at least 5 other people that do the same? Would you do it?

LINK180 is a next generation search engine and customizable homepage that is FREE to all its users. LINK180 could have spent millions of dollars on TV, radio, and print media advertising to attract homepage users. Instead, they chose to harness the power of word-of-mouth advertising through ViraDyne. Link180 pays ViraDyne a flat monthly fee for each active homepage user. A majority of that flat fee is paid out by ViraDyne to its Affiliates. It’s that simple!

ViraDyne is a viral marketing company with a dynamic, cutting edge affiliate program unlike anything you have ever seen! It is designed to create the perfect environment for explosive viral growth. There are no barriers to participation. There is nothing to buy. There is nothing to sell. It’s completely FREE for everyone!

Here is how it works… ViraDyne encourages our affiliates to harness the power of the Internet, email, and social networking websites to spread the word about LINK180. All you have to do is sign up as a ViraDyne Affiliate, and change your homepage to LINK180. Then, spread the word to everyone you know. Once you have at least 5 active homepage referrals, you become a Viral Marketing Director, and are eligible to receive compensation from ViraDyne. Some of your referrals will see how easy it is to earn compensation, and they will refer everyone in their social networks… and so on… and so on… Before you know it, your referral lines could go viral!

There are four ways to earn compensation from ViraDyne:

Earn monthly Referral Rewards on your personal referrals
Earn a matching bonus of the Referral Rewards earned by everyone in all of your referral lines through 7 compressed generations of Viral Marketing Directors
Become a leader and earn infinity bonuses through five achievement levels
Earn a percentage of all homepage users in the entire company with our six bonus pools

ViraDyne even contributes an additional 10 percent of the amount you earn to the approved charity of your choice! This is not deducted from your check, it is in addition to it.

The three largest search engine and homepage companies are generating over $20 Billion per year in advertising. How much of that money did you get?

There are over 180 Million Internet users in the United States alone. How many of those do you think would be willing to join ViraDyne in promoting the LINK180 homepage to earn monthly income?

ViraDyne will pay you to spread the word.

It is up to you how much you want to make:

Enough to pay for your high-speed Internet service?
Enough to make a car payment?
Enough for a house payment?
Enough to quit your job?
Enough to RETIRE?

The ViraDyne compensation plan will turn your viral network into dollars… how much do you want?

Its FREE, so sign up now!

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