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How To Write Articles and Make Money - Learn Affiliate Marketing

Sep 20th 2011 at 12:47 PM

Not 1, 2, 3 but thousands of successful affiliates or network marketers believe that Article Marketing is the best and free way to promote business. They knows, how to make money writing articles the easy way!

It was working and still is... Writing a first article seems way too difficult and it looks like a big mountain to climb. Same thought came in my mind when I was fairly new to this Article Marketing and at that time I never knew that we can make money writing articles but today, although my grammar and punctuation is not that perfect but, I am writing articles without any problem and making money from it.

Article Marketing also known as “Bum Marketing” is not that difficult as you think. Writing 400 words on any topic is quite easy. Article Marketing is all about writing articles and submitting the same to article directories. Articles are nothing more than you thoughts and knowledge which you share with others. For example, you are sharing your thoughts or knowledge regarding computers with your friend (assuming that you have a good knowledge about computers). You are sharing your thoughts just because your friend asked you, "which computer should I buy"?

Same way people have questions and if you know the answer, put them on a paper (Notepad or blog or website) and submit the same to the article directories. People who are interested will read your article and if they find it full of information, they might share with others.

Articles do not need to be great actually but the only thing required is that you should pass your message very clearly and the reader should enjoy reading your article. Once you sit and start writing, you will notice that your writing skills are improving day by day and you will learn easily, how to make money writing articles.

My first experience was not that good. I wrote an article and submitted the same to ezine articles but, you know what, they said, there are problems in my article. I had to re-write the article and submit again. It happened for almost 4 times before that got accepted and it took me a complete one month to submit the single article on single article directory. But now, I know how to write and get it approved. It all happened with time I spent on learning new things daily and now I know how to make money writing articles.

Once you start writing, your mind starts to speak for you. Keep writing whatever your mind or heart say and you will make a perfect article easily.

Now, the question comes, how to make money writing articles? It’s true that anyone can make money writing articles but, the fact is that it’s not that easy. Don’t want to demoralize but want to share real facts, so that you can make money by writing articles perfectly. It also depends upon your “Niche”. If you are writing articles for fun sake than obviously, you are not much worried about making money with it but if you are writing articles because you want to make money, than you need to think in a different way.

Ok, here are the simplest ways to write articles and submit the same to article directories. Read the steps below which so called guru’s don’t tell.

  1. Find a product online at clickbank or other digital retailers to promote or choose a perfect niche for you
  2. If you have chosen clickbank than I would recommend you to use free firefox plugin to find which product is doing well.
  3. Now, you have chosen the product, next step is to write article review of the product and if you don’t know how to write article, outsource someone or take a help but before writing article, you need to choose the keywords wisely, so that you can reach the potential customer without struggling. One can use Google Keyword Tool to find the right keywords. I assume that you know how to choose the right keywords and target those within your articles but if not, keep reading. The keywords density in the article should not be more than 2%-4%.

Let me show you an example here.

Did you notice the difference between these two keywords searches. Always try to use the keyword which has fewer searches than other. And also use the phrase in your subject line. What I mean here is that you need to choose a title which is more similar to your product and target keyword phrase so that you can rank better in Google and other search engines.

The next and final step is to submit the same to the article directories. It will be a time consuming task for many as there are hundreds of article directories are available in the market but, if you can submit to the most of the directories than the chances of making a sale is high and I hope now you know, how to make money writing articles.



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