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How To Turn That NO Into A YES

Jan 8th 2011 at 6:42 AM

How do you turn that "NO" into a "YES"? Here are some helpful tips to get you there. Sometimes prospecting is like driving on a highway - you drive straight ahead and get off at your destination. You show someone the business presentation, the prospect sees what you saw, he likes the plan, knows he can repeat the process and BAM!!!! -- a new business partner! Most prospecting, however, is more like driving on back-country, curvy mountain roads - full of twists, turns, detours, stop signs and potholes. The prospect says "maybe", then "not right now", "let me think about it", or just plain "no". Is that the end of the road with that prospect? It doesn't have to be! If you want your "journey" with your prospect to end with a new business partner, you've got to find ways to get around that "no". Following are four qualities you need to understand and nourish: 1. Belief in yourself and your business. You must believe you have the ability to turn that "no" into a "yes". There should be no doubt in your mind that your prospect will say "yes" because of who you are, what you have to offer, and what you can do to solve his or her problem. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious - and they'll give you positive direction and momentum. 2. The value you bring to the prospect: Make sure you understand your business and the opportunity, your prospect's environment and challenges, and how your prospect can relate them to his circle of influence. This depth of knowledge allows you to truly understand the "value" of the opportunity for your prospect. That value is then communicated through your physical energy, your voice, and the way you tie your opportunity back to the prospect's needs and goals. The confidence you bring to the table will help the prospect feel comfortable, get past his doubts, and go straight for the "yes". 3. Unique factors that make you different: Why would a prospect partner with you over somebody else? You have to differentiate yourself to the prospect in at least three different ways. But it's not enough to be different; you must also let the prospect know why your opportunity is so unique and how it aligns with his goals. If you know what makes the prospect tick, or what his key needs are, the prospect will better understand the value of your opportunity and how it will help him. "No" is a comfortable answer for the prospect. To get past that "no", find a new approach. The philosophy of Elite Profit Network could be a HUGE selling point. Most network marketing companies don't have similar visions and support like EPN. With everything from our start-up fees, to our simple and quick and continuous way to profit could be the "deal sealer" that gives your prospect enough confidence to say yes! 4. Persistence: When you believe in yourself, when you focus on the value you bring to the prospect, and when you have a strong differentiating factor then persistence and tenacity come naturally. Next time when a prospect says "Thanks, but we don't do these 'things'", or "Sorry, we don't have the money right now" you can reply with "Share 15 minutes with me. If I don't show you something of tremendous value in that time, I'll never bring it up again." Getting past "no" really comes down to the qualities listed here, with belief in yourself the most important of all. In a recent interview, General Norman Schwarzkopf was asked what quality was most important for an Army to possess. His answer? "No matter what tanks or technology you might have to support you, if individual soldiers don't have a positive mental attitude and a belief in their cause, everything else is just scrap metal." There's just no substitute for that core of belief to get past the "no" every time. If you learn and implement these skills when you go about your daily life you will begin to "separate" the "Aces" from the rest of the deck! God Bless and Good Luck in your Endeavors,

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Jan 8th 2011 at 8:36 AM by flconversation
Something every struggling marketer should read! When reading your article another point came into my mind, to avoid these variety of 'no thx' answers: Make up the questions in a way, that your prospect only can answer with YES. When it comes to the conclusive question he will also answer with 'yes' as it seems natural to him. He decided because he came for himself to the conclusion that the offer is something he really needs. For those who won't believe it: try it with little things. You really will be surprised.

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