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1 year ago

How to Tap Into the Infinite Intelligence in Your Subconscious Mind

Dec 11th 2010 at 10:29 PM

Each of us has within us a source of unlimited intelligence. Obviously not everyone you know is a genius, however we do all possess the ability to tap in to our genius sub-conscious mind s when we understand how to do it.

The subconscious mindset unlimited intelligence, and it can offer you the best answers to any questions or problems that you want answered or solved in your experience. It works using the Universal Law of Attraction. When you tap into the subconscious mind you create using the Universal Law of Attraction the solutions and answers which you were looking for.

When you know how to contact your subconscious and receive its messages, you'll always have the right answer at the right time, the only answer to each problem, and the ideal idea when it counts most. Your subconscious knows what you want, and it puts forth its best effort to give it to you.

The problem with most people is that they don't give their subconscious a chance to talk to them, to get its steering. The explanation is that your subconscious speaks with you thru your intuition, thru hunches, with flashes of discernment, and through your natural feelings and sensations. The difficulty is that the general public are generally so wrapped up in thought that they miss signals of steerage from their wiser self.

One great way to begin accessing the incredible intelligence in your subconscious is to practice clearing your mind of thought. This is the reason why many individuals choose to meditate, because meditation is a clearing of thought out of your thinking mind. But you do not need to do any special rites or procedures to clear your thoughts of thought.

It simply takes practice. When you give your intellect a chance to be a peace, meaning you seize the flow of thought that's consistently running through it, you give your subconscious the channel in which you can receive its messages.

sometimes sitting quietly and not thinking of anything I am going to gain insight to questions and issues that I've been having, and many of my greatest business concepts have came from this silent place between thoughts. Try sitting for 1 or 2 minutes and think about nothing at all, just be. Do not speak to yourself or hear voices of dialogue, just simply listen to the silence that's around you.

If you're able to do this, even for only a few moments, you may feel an assurance and a deep seated joy that you could have never felt before, at least not deliberately. What you have done is accessed your subconscious, and you managed to feel its creative forces.

The more that you practice, the more you will be well placed to clear your thoughts of thought. And after some time you are going to be able to control your thoughts all during the day, using your mind for the tool that it's and not letting it run the show. This will help you achieve wealth, success, happiness, and peace of mind.

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Feb 19th 2013 at 3:29 AM by HolisticDNA
( The "God Particle" )Infinite Intelligence: A nonreligious / more scientific name for what the religious would deem to be God. An all powerful and invisible (to the naked eye) energy source that exists everywhere in the Universe -responsible for the creation of and existence of: everything / existence itself. Infinite Intelligence controls and creates everything - from atoms and molecules here on earth, to newly forming stars trillions of miles away. We, as Humans, have 2 different ways Infinite Intelligence can assist us in our lives. The most common assistance is thru gaining new insight / answers and solutions to problems outside of our own life experience. This is delivered to us as flashes of insight, or clear and profound "hunches" that seemingly come from nowhere. Although this is a fairly common experience, it is quite rare that a person realizes the source of this "intuition" -- usually they are just "aware" of it, without further questioning or comprehending the source. Infinite Intelligence is reached thru use of The Sixth Sense. On EXTREMELY rare occasions, the other type of assistance can be obtained ( which I personally have experienced, and can verify it to be real ) - the transfer and intentional channeling of precisely quantified and directed energy, which flows from Infinite Intelligence thru the subconscious mind, where it then can be directed to a particular area of the body for Healing - HolisticDNA Energy Healing - this is where Science and Faith Collide. This is the same energy that I will harness to Levitate, and the same energy I am experimenting with as you read this, to see if channeling outside of the body and into storage is possible..........just imagine if the Energy that Creates and Maintains the entire Universe could be directed to containment / storage / scientific exploration and shared understanding..... in my case, there was actually a 3rd benefit from my HolisticDNA Energy Healing, powered by Infinite Intelligence, and this may or may not be an isolated incident -- since my use of this power was to Heal Depression, which is an "injury" of the mind, not only was 100% Healing instantly achieved, but since that moment and continuing to this day, I have experienced Savant like?, extremely advanced creativity that was not present prior to the Healing.My creative mind is not only restored, but has been elevated to an extremely advanced, previously unseen level, and is literally "better than before".... as an interesting side note, I also experienced 1 very minor side effect, and 1 side effect only -- I forgot memorized and daily used simple password codes to the laptop I use everyday, and had to have it reprogrammed with new codes issued -- no other memory loss or effects at all ... go figure Infinite Intelligence has an address - and can be intentionally and repeatedly "visited". It will share its unearthly and unimaginable powers with the visitor, and allow them to accomplish things "not of this known earth" -- like my own HolisticDNA Healing. The address is known only to a few people, but Infinite Intelligence has no limit on the number of visitors it will allow -- they must however reach its doorway, as it will not knock on yours. The visit - receiving the "address" -- REQUIRES an EXACT combination/ execution sequence of the following things, listed here in no certain order, but must be executed with exactness for Infinite Intelligence to reveal its location, and then welcome you in......"The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript" referenced in my website, is actually a 10 page "road map" to "the address / the visit" -burning desire to receive or achieve something -100% conviction that Infinite Intelligence,( scientific or religious ), 'exists' -100% faith that Infinite Intelligence can be "communicated" with -100% faith that Infinite Intelligence WILL share its power ; grant your request -extremely positive consequences that would result from the "granting" -exact combination of beliefs, faith, description of what you desire, knowledge of what you presently have to reach your "goal", while identifying what is missing that requires the 'help' of Infinite Intelligence, put together in an exact sequence/ order, and with exact amounts of beliefs and faith, so that you can "deliver" the request in a format / language that Infinite Intelligence can understand -- -elevate the frequency of your conscious mind to an exact level, so that it may turn your plan/request over to the subconscious mind in its entirety, and then the subconscious can and will communicate with Infinite Intelligence, have its power grant the "request", which gets instantly sent back to you thru the subconscious -- as the subconscious mind and Infinite Intelligence communicate with each other on the same "frequency", and this "frequency" is different than that of the conscious mind
Nov 3rd 2011 at 7:09 AM by najie
I like your article. Just goes to show: There's no limit to what you could accomplish, once you practice, practice, practice...

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