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How To Succeed With 97% Failure

Mar 1st 2011 at 10:15 AM

Many people are feeling that Internet and/or Net work marketing are not the way to go, but more so the way to fail. Due to the ridiculous statistic in failure rates matched by the many scam artist found on the net, it is no wonder that people are living in fear of wasting time, money, on hope. 

However before people who need an alternative choice of how and where they might find a legitimate way to earn an income, they may want to consider a few things on the opposing side of that argument.

Such as the fact network marketers are oddly plentiful for a business with such a surprisingly high rate of failure. Just think about it for a moment, are we seeing more network marketing companies or less these days? Does it seem as though you hardly run into a net worker, or are you seeing them literally everywhere.

Network marketing obviously isn't dying, so what’s up with the 97%  failure rate indicating that it's a done deal?   I can’t help but wonder why  companies  I heard of as a child near 40 years ago like, Amway are still thriving, today.  So what’s  keeping  these people staying in the industry if they weren't having success.

Maybe it’s because a couple thousand dollars a month is considered unsuccessful to some people.  Maybe 75% of that 97%   statistic, are people  looking for the speed boats and mansion homes type incomes.

Folks who are use to having fattened wallets may not be the candidates for a $10 a month opportunity. This is the kind business where you build on it for a while before it reaches it potential, but because it is such a little cost it is easier to share with others.

However on the other side, folks with deflated wallets may not be willing to invest in a $300 marketing opportunity. This is the type of opportunity where you get more for the share, but prospects willing to spend may be few and far between. So this so called 97%  failure rate may just be a reflection of  too many missed matched joined efforts.

My point here is to say, don’t dismay over the FYI numbers in failures when you don’t know the details of what’s being measured and by whom. Just open up your eyes and mind and see the potential for what it is. The biggest challenges are not in convincing people of  the value in potential earnings. It is in developing or having a talent for getting those still left in the dark of reluctant fear or doubt into the light of truth that their own earning ability is real.

The people sharing network marketing opportunities today  are the bold enough’s to dare to try in the face of 97%  failure claims. People getting passed the fears and doubts are persons  who realize it is their very own thinking and belief that make the shift  in those numbers.

Network marketing is a about people helping people. This, by far is not a made up claim. If you have faith in you and your  ability to bring to light some simple truths. You Got What It Takes To Succeed in this business too. Simply backing your ability to see potential earning and your ability to share it with up to date marketing know how, and you got it made.

Getting the marketing skills means having the marketing know how to pass on to the folks you share a business with. So if those scary statistics aren’t fudged numbers they may be reflecting the many people who jump into a business for it’s potential without taking seriously the need to develop marketing skills.

So let me share with you the fact that learning how to market is available and often at little or no cost. If you are not getting the information you need from the person who introduced you to the business, there are people who offer marketing system memberships training, support, and ways to advance.

Remember the key to success at 97% failure rates, is to look into an offer, make sure it’s a legit fit for you and understand that growing with the business is going to come from knowing how to market it. When you match these two aspects of internet or network marketing  ventures, you become part of the  thriving percentage that causes those undesirable numbers to shift in a more desirable direction. In turn we then  become the back bone strength in the true blue humanitarian people helping people way to do business.


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