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How to Succeed Online With a Winning Mindset While Adding Value

May 6th 2014 at 6:44 PM

Online businesses are being formed everyday by people who love the idea of working from home. Yet, many of those people firmly believe that money automatically equals success. It’s true that one needs money to make ends meet, but focus should be placed on something far greater, namely the development of a winning mindset and adding value.

At this point some logical questions arise. How can you develop and maintain a winning mindset? What does it mean to add value? We’re going to explore the answers to those questions.

Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace Failure

At a glance that heading doesn’t seem to make sense. After all, nobody in his of her right mind wants to fail. So let’s put it into perspective.

There are famous and successful people who didn’t achieve success overnight. No, they at first went through a period of failure. But eventually they met with success. Of course, they did it through persistence and determination.

Though they failed a number of times, they continued to pursue their passion until it became reality. So how vitally important it is to have a mindset focused on success!

Take note of the following individuals:

· Henry Ford

· Thomas Edison

· Lamar Hunt

Whether you recognize their names or not, all of them embraced failure, learned from it and became highly successful in their endeavors. Do an Internet search on any of those names and you’ll find plenty of information. Take the time to read their stories. Note how they never gave up in their pursuits.

Those individuals attained the kind of success that many people can only imagine. You too can be highly successful if you embrace failure with a never-give-up attitude.

Think Like Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs think quite differently from the rest. That’s what sets them apart from those who remain broke.

Note the contrasting thought patterns of poor and successful people:

· Poor people think: “How can I get one million people to each pay me one dollar?”

· Successful people think: “How can I give one million people $100 in value where in turn, each of them will give me $10?”

You can easily see the difference in thinking and cash flow. Tactics employed by successful people will continue to build cash flow, whereas the scarcity mentality of the poor, which fails to add value, will leave them in a poor state.

How You Can Add Value

Providing value to prospects and customers is vital to a thriving online business. So you want to provide value in every possible way. In the “old days” of the Internet it was quite costly to develop and give away software. But nowadays it’s a far different story.

With outsourcing being what it is today, you can have a killer piece of software developed at a reasonable cost, and add it as a bonus to your main offer. That’s one way to add value.

Here are some other ways to add value:

· Add helpful content to your blog

· Give away a content rich report or EBook

· Provide a content rich membership site at an unbelievable price

You can clearly see the value of doing those kinds of things. Your customers will love you and will do business with you for years to come. Another benefit is that they’ll tell others in your market and in their social circles.

Let’s now go back to the free giveaway. Adding value in the form of an expensive giveaway isn’t something new. It’s a model that has been used offline for years and it’s very successful.

Note two examples: (1) Grocery stores will at times give away free samples of a particular food item. Before leaving the store some of those who had samples make a purchase. (2)  A winery will give away free samples of different types of wine. Consequently, some of those who tasted the samples will make a purchase.

There may be some who feel that giving away free samples isn’t a smart business practice. But think about this for a moment: When people frequent a winery that generously provides samples, and that establishment stays in business year after year, making big money, then you know they’re doing something right. Yes, they’re adding value and regular customers show their appreciation.

Online Success Can Be Yours

When you have the mindset of a winner and you add value, you’ll meet with online success. The value you provide to prospects and customers will be talked about in your market. You’ll thus be branded as a go to authority.

Always keep the following points in mind:

· Be persistent and determined to keep going even through periods of failure. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Lamar Hunt met with success after periods of failure. Ford became a successful automobile manufacturer. Edison finally perfected the incandescent light. And Lamar Hunt founded the American Football League, which eventually forced a merger with the well-established NFL.

· Embrace the thinking of successful entrepreneurs. When you generously offer value to prospects and customers, you’ll reap far more in the way of monetary rewards. Your bank account will overflow.

· Give away items that truly add value. Your giveaways must have perceived value in the minds of your prospects and customers. The items you give to people have to be useful items that have good value. As you do that your customers will love you and show their appreciation.

As you exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset nothing will stop you from being successful. The value you give your customers will return to you many times over. So by all means add value in your marketing. As you do you’ll see your bank account expand.

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