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How To Succeed In Online Marketing

Oct 22nd 2010 at 12:37 PM

People often ask me for advice on 'how to succeed'...

I was asked just a little while ago and I don't have stock answers generally but this time I started thinking about how you could boil success down into a paragraph or two. I know plenty of people do this online, I must have seen zillions myself over the years. So I thought I'd do mine without 'cheating' and using any search engines or other peoples' words generally.

And so, as with many other things you find online, there is no claimed originality or unique insight. Just that sometimes one can hear something from a particular person, said in a particular way and it just clicks where hearing (or reading) it countless times from others, it didn't. Maybe we just weren't ready to hear it before.

So here goes. Let's hope my particular way of saying the same as many others will have said before me, will somehow help you!!

Take action early. Don't worry about understanding everything before you start. Provided you use common sense, you're unlikely to do much harm. But action is the best teacher, and learning by watching is second best. Reading or hearing about something is not generally a great way to learn unless you follow what you're reading and do it alongside.

'Master' one skill at a time. I don't mean don't move on until you're perfect. But if you're learning about submitting articles, practice until you know all the steps and could write and submit an article any time you needed to. If you don't do that and you go off learning something else, there's a high chance you'll have to start right at the beginning again when you come to submit your next article.

Aim to fail as quickly as possible. We learn from mistakes very well. I'm not saying make them deliberately but the point once again is rather than worry about getting 100% prepared before you start (and then find something still goes wrong!), do something as soon as you think you're close. Chances are that doing it will reveal bigger 'holes' than the ones you were fretting over before you did it so you can now sort those out.

If something works and it's a useful skill, make sure you do it regularly enough that you don't need to start over if you need to do it again. And if something didn't work as well as you hoped, don't give up right away but don't blindly do it again. At the very least review what happened and if you think it was just unlucky, by all means try again. But don't do something over and over that doesn't work over and over!

Make notes and think about what other people you come across are doing. Try to understand their 'business model'. If you sign up for something for example, make a note of all the steps you go through. If you've got reason to believe they're successful then...

copy copy copy copy copy

Copy what successful people are doing. Learn from successful people.

I don't mind being asked how to be successful, even though it's a bit vague. But don't expect to be handed the answer - there isn't one.

Soak up information but don't overdo it. Get a feeling for what you want to do, the skills you'll need and focus on those and try not to get distracted into learning things that won't help you right now. But devote 10% of your time perhaps to 'keeping an eye on' what's going on in the world.

Making money online is easy. Anyone can do it. Making money consistently and in sufficient quantity to be worthwhile is much harder and don't believe a single website that says it will be quick or it won't need effort on your part.

Build a list. This is the most ignored piece of advice online and must have cost hundreds of thousands of wannabe marketers, millions of dollars.

The only other ways to build a consistent income without a list are to run a membership site and get subscription type incomes or to find a good program with a worthwhile product and a good multi-level pay plan and promote it almost to the exclusion of everything else until you're making the money you want.

Now why are those last couple of items as close to a guarantee of success as you'll get?

Because they're all incremental.

If you have a list, all your effort will grow your list, you don't start each day with an empty list, you start from where you got to the previous day

If you have a membership site, all your effort will get you more members (generally) and that means more paying members and more income.

If you have a good multilevel business with a product people need and want, each time you refer a new member to your team, you're growing.

Do you see the pattern and the similarity there? Compare that with trying to make affiliate sales without having a list. Or promoting on traffic exchanges without building a list. Or selling things on ebay. Or..Or..Or..

So that's my advice for what it's worth. Take action, 'master' core skills and do things that are incremental and learn what residual income is all about.

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Dec 4th 2010 at 2:07 PM by millionaireways
Great article Troy. PS Love the new features on VitalViralPro; it was always good, but the new features make it much more idiot (me!) friendly. Joy
Dec 1st 2010 at 1:34 PM by regervin
Really enjoyed the article. Great advice and tips. Add 'Don't quit' to the mix and success is bound to come.
Dec 1st 2010 at 3:59 AM by flconversation
Hello Troy, you figured out the most important points. There is another one that you ABSOLUTELY NEED in the beginning: WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING. I didn't :( and so I missed important steps which brought for a little while success... Your advice to simply take action and fine tune later is the best when one starts with online marketing.

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