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How To Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Jul 18th 2011 at 7:32 AM

Some people read my blogs and articles and are impressed, but let me tell you, It didn't start out that way. In the beginning I lost count of how many mods warned me about spamvertising. You see, I was taught by Weasels when I was a newbie and learned every dirty trick in the book which didn't endear me to Admins.

 It took awhile for me to learn that my writing technique was downright wrong, I was spamming at will and even using subliminals, which is illegal in this country. Just because you know how to do something and it works doesn't mean you should do it, especially playing around with people's subconscience. Below are a few suggestions for beginner writers that worked for me.

1. Don't spamvertise

2. Seperate yourself from the herd.

3. What are you really contributing?

4. Anybody can talk about their business.

5. Sure people know I sell water filters but so are 1,000 other people, OMG, give it a rest.

6. People are spammed on their phones, computers and T.V.s, yeah, all they need is you with more spam.

7. If you're using an email list make sure its single or double opt-in.

8. Once you become known as a serial spammer its hard to live down, you need a spammer 12 step program.

9. As long as you honestly contribute to a site, admin. doesn't mind you mentioning your business at the end, especially if its in your signature on your profile.

10. Get involved, its not all about you, (really)

11. Extend a helping hand to a drowning newbie, they'll never forget you.

12. Once you learn how to contribute and present yourself as a leader, people will naturally click on your link to see what you're up to.

13. Find one thing to excel at in your Marketing arsenal, being proficent in one thing is better than trying to be an expert in everything.

If you're looking to go in another direction and get involved with a no nonsense Primary business, stop by my splash page and take a look around and remember, if you join my team I'll always have your back and be in your corner, no matter what.

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