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How To Set Up Medical Transportation Service

Oct 27th 2010 at 5:43 PM

Considering starting a business during bad economic times may be unthinkable. Unfortunately, during bad economic times it might be nearly impossible to find jobs. For quite a few, this might be the ideal time to get into business. To obtain business, you need to explore what product or service is generally useful to offer and yet profitable.

Recently, due to illness in my family I came across a business which might be lucrative and at the same time you'll be able to serve community. As baby boomer generation is getting older they could very well have difficulties in moving around. Often, they require support getting around since they are not able to rely on their loved ones members.

The elderly population continues to grow dramatically country wide. As a result there is  a rise in numerous senior centers, nursing homes, nursing facilities, and even hospitals. That means that there is an opportunity for non-emergency medical transportation.

A non-emergency medical transportation company primarily relates to transportation of the elderly and disabled. You will be transporting people who need some kind of assistance way more than you would probably in the event you needed a taxicab or similar service. Predominantly you might transport those people who are in wheelchairs, many that happen to be in stretchers, and a number of people that are ambulatory. Ambulatory meaning that they can walk like me and you, many times they move somewhat slower, maybe due to a disability or for their age, they could have a walker or cane, and for that reason they generally do need a bit of assistance.

Fundamentally medical transportation is, unlike an ambulance service, non-emergency transportation of your clients from one location to another. You may be transporting individuals who are wheelchair-bound, stretcher-bound, or merely need some general assistance getting in and out of a vehicle, in and out of the medical appointment or destination.

It's possible that some people can be dropped at a healthcare facility for an emergency situation, but once they’re there, should they do require a wheelchair or even a stretcher, well, no longer can you just call a cab, so now what do you do? So, in the hospital situation often that’s the first time that individuals are actually realize the need of non-emergency transportation.

You will probably have numerous individuals that will require transportation to and from dialysis appointments. Also, you can get lot of people that are simply up there in age, they can’t travel as well, now they have to get to their medical appointments, so again they can’t call a cab, they’re in the wheelchair, how could they be going to go to their appointments? And that’s where the non-emergency medical transport comes into play. You can actually stop by their place of residence or maybe the nursing facility, wherever they may be. You will go in, help them, and get them to the automobile, properly secure them, transport them, unload them, get them to their medical appointment or their destination.

You are wondering then how it's possible to earn money in the non-emergency medical transportation service. It is essential to note that is need based service you happen to be providing. Probably your service will be far less expensive than ambulance and insurance providers rather pay for your service than ambulance.

I bet you are thinking that you might need pool of special vehicles-meaning it will need major capital investment. Of course, if you wish to start as being a big venture you may want that. However, you want to dive into this business as a sole proprietor you could start small and build up.

Begin small. Slow controlled growth. You could end up very successful in this particular industry starting with one vehicle, a lot of motivation, a lost of hustle, and being able to go out there and construct a very prosperous business. Eventually you will transition from one vehicle into many vehcles or else you might be able to hire other service providers on contract basis.

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