How To ruin a great system using The Ebay Affiliate Program

Aug 6th 2010 at 4:14 PM

Over the last year, Ebay has allegedly set about to destroy its sales, (allegedly) by again allegedly taking steps to reduce the amount of commission they were paying, (apparently someone thought they were paying out too much money to developers)

But you know what it has really back fired on them the guy running the (allegedly) totally ruined Ebay Affiliate program, is this dude that apparently has little or no alleged, experience in the real world of commission sales.

How do they do it?

Well, it was easy really they just went from paying out commissions to paying only for clicks, which resulted in most ebay programmers and developers just abandoning, the system, I know of several (alleged) developers that used to make hundreds of dollars a month at ebay but now are not making any money at all or they are making like 1 dollar a month, not much when they used to make good money.

However, that is not the only story, here to be had, Ebay sales, has suffered, and you can hear the same story above over and over again, in fact allegedly, Amazon is making twice the profit and more from its affiliate program, why?

Well they treat their developers with respect, not like children.

They also have addressed the number one issue that Ebay as yet is still not even aware of, and that is really sort of well just plain stupid.

For example, It took me about ten min to realize what Amazon was doing that Ebay was not doing.

Yet, Ebay is still not done anything to make up the difference, and they are hemoraging, as we speak sales, going down down down.

So, what can you learn from the mistakes of Ebay?

Well glad you asked, you see you can apply this to marketing in a real world way, and it is not that hard to do.

Ebay, (lets call a spade a spade shall we) Ebay, (allegedly, screwed over the people they depended to advertise for them)

Allegedly, they did this, or dont take my word for it search on google for how ebay affiliate, sucks and you will see all the dirt you want to see and more.

Not only is this Bad PR, (public relations) but it is a really sad way to do business, eventually they will figure this out and fire that dude that did all this garbage, but people that used to send hundreds of thousands of buyers to ebay will be gone, and who can blame them they will be moving on to greener pastures, because lets face it no one does anything for nothing.

There is no free lunch and for ebay at least there is no free advertising.

So consider this very carefully, if you are fair to those people that can bring in business I.E. affiliates.

Having good affiliates is all about figuring out how you can work that crowd in your favor, think about it, how much easier is it to sell when you have help?

Just a friendly reminder, that working is always easier when your working together.

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