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How To Remain Relevant Online

Mar 27th 2011 at 8:20 AM

There are a lot of thoughts on this subject and it can get confusing with all this information overload that we're constantly bombarded with on a daily basis but I believe that there are some key points that can assist you in your quest to remain relevant online. My theory comes from having a Home Business knowing that If I wanted to get involved in a Home Business and I wanted to know more about the person I intended to work with, I would want to see what they're writing about online. I would want to be able to Google that person's name to see what that person has been up to and how visable they are. Below are a few of the techniques I use to make sure I stay visable and relevant. Sure there are a thousand more tips but this is what I use that work's for me.

 1. Blog, Blog blog, I can't stress the importance of blogging more. Blogging not only gives people an insight into how you think but it gives insight about your product not to mention the SEO value of blogging.

 2. Commenting on popular blogs: This helps me get noticed by the heavy hitter bloggers and more eyes on my blog. A word of caution, post only good comments not surface stuff.

 3. I always make myself available to help newbies or anyone who asks without insulting their intelligence by trying to sell them. If people are interested in what you're involved in give them the opportunity to ask you themselves.

 4. Getting fully involved in your Marketing groups, Its so easy to join a group and get lost in the crowd, most groups have a membership of thousands and I just seperate myself from the herd by getting involved. I always feel proud when my blog is featured in a site full of heavy hitters.

 5. Learn and excute: What's the point of constantly being on a learning curve if you're not going to put it into practice? 6.

 I follow bloggers and other Marketing people who stay in the forefront, thats a good way to stay relevant as well. These workaholics like me are always looking for fresh content and the latest software and after awhile they notice you're following them and they will throw you a bone every now and then. As usual, If you're a complete newbie and are tearing your hair out about what to spend your hard earned money on as far as a Home Business feel free to stop by my site. I don't like to make guarantee's but I can guarantee you that if you get on my team I will be in your corner every step of the way.

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