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How To Reduce Your Heating Costs

Nov 26th 2015 at 2:17 AM

In the United Kingdom, more people are realizing how their bills can be reduced significantly relating to heating costs. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort. One would not want to do that in these types of climate, but there are other methods that have become popular, looking at what you can do to save costs. It may be useful to stick to the more traditional methods that have been used for so many years, but with less focus.

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Bi fold doors

As folks start to build houses or when thinking of renovations, bi fold doors are a popular option. In the beginning, these were used as a replacement for French doors which also helped as a noise barrier. They look aesthetically pleasing. However, they are also functional in terms of retaining heat that may be lost. These doors are better off with aluminium frames because of the thickness. Wooden frames will need more maintenance, and won't be as effective. Most people opt for something slim, which brings in more light and, this is obviously beneficial, bringing in the warmth from the day. The aluminium combined with the glass will help with the energy levels, keeping you comfortable, warm and cosy. For more information on bi fold doors visit EKCO

Quality flooring

If you have wooden flooring, you will find that this is probably making you a little chilly in the winter months. Putting carpets down can help with the insulation. However, this is not going to completely solve the problem. You could get someone to rip up all of the floorboards and install insulation material underneath. Underfloor heating is usually very expensive, but there are thermostats available. This is one option. Sometimes there are gaps in between tiles and these need to be replaced. Wall to wall carpeting are the ideal way of keeping you warm, especially something with a high pile. It obviously takes more work to keep this clean, but comfort may be more of a priority.


Most people don't realize how much heat is lost in the walls. This is where insulation can pay off. There may be a lot of tiny holes of cracks that can be filled up. This especially applies to older homes around the UK. This can reduce your heating costs by almost 20%. There are professionals that do this for a living and can insulate your whole home. This may definitely be worth if you think about how much you will be saving. Skirting boards can be attended to with special insulation material because this is where draughts will enter in the home. Many homes have a loft as well, and this is a killer if this is not properly insulated. You may have a nice cosy fire burning down below with insulated floorboards, but a gusty wind is going always going to cause havoc.

What else you can do


People forget about the small things that all add up at the end of the day. The obvious things may be turning appliances off while you are at work or when you go to bed. Don't overcharge your mobile phones and choose something that is going to last where you don't have to charge it every five seconds. Watch the temperatures of your thermostat and find boilers that are not going to eat into your finances. The older ones have to be replaced from time to time. There is often maintenance that one needs to do and so it will pay off if you look into upgrading.

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