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How to Promote Your Business with Traffic Exchanges, and how to get an unfair advantage using this method

Dec 28th 2010 at 11:22 AM

NOTE: Please read the entire message all the way through before taking any of the steps, each link is posted again at the end, or you can read through it a second time to follow the steps.
Actually, this method is good for every business you try to promote on the net. It's not entire dedicated for my business Team Atlantis.

I show you how to get the most out of traffic exchanges.
You should already have a basic idea of traffic exchanges and how they work. This page will show you how you can make the most of them. There are a few resources you should sign up
for before you begin this process.

The first resource is Traffic Hoopla ( I recommend this resource because it ranks the effectiveness of various traffic exchanges, and will also help you build referrals in them.
As you sign up for new traffic exchanges you should enter your affiliate IDs on thts site because it will help you generate referrals there.
We are going to use traffic hoopla because of the way it is set up.

The very first thing you want to do is set up a new email account, some traffic exchanges send out solo ads and can tend to clutter your email box, so it is a good idea to create an email address just for this,
some people recommend Gmail, but you should use whatever you are comfortable with.

After you have created your new email account, create a new folder where you can store your log in information for these traffic exchanges, after you join one you will be sent your username and password so save this in that folder so you can easily find it later amongst the other emails you will be getting. I also use Excel for all of my URL's.

Now go to traffic hoopla, log in, and click where it says '1st Join' and sign up for those 5 traffic exchanges using your new email address.

Now after you have them all set up and activated, surf about 50-100 pages to get some initial credits going and to make sure your account is fully active.

After your account is totally active, go and sign up for a rotator. One I would recommend is TE Toolbox ( TE Toolbox has an unbeatable tracking system and this will become very important when you start learning about how to create effective capture pages because you can measure your results. Another reason, and a much more practical one, to be using a rotator is that as you become a member of more and more traffic exchanges, it becomes more and more of a struggle to have to update your websites on every single one, so using a rotator can make this a lot easier because you can just enter your rotator url, and updating the rotator will cause all your TEs to go to the new list of sites.
Another reason to join TE Toolbox is the very much important choice to measure your hits. That's see if the TE is sending your real hits or just some cheaters hits. Sort those TE out. Compare it to Traffic
Hoopla to be sure you don't waste your time.

After you have set up and activated your TE Toolbox account, create a rotator, inside that rotator put the 5 splash pages from the 5 traffic exchanges you signed up for inside of it. Now add the rotator to each of the traffic exchanges. Now you will have your rotator of splash pages showing at each of the 5 Traffic Exchanges you are a part of.

It's important not to sign up for too many traffic exchanges at once because it will make you stretch too thin and you won't be able to get good value out of any of them. The first 5 from traffic hoopla are a great place to start.

Now make a routine of visiting one of those 5 a day. Monday go to #1, Tuesday to #2, so on and so forth, you can spend the weekend doing any you like, or take it off and relax. The more time you invest in each traffic exchange the more results you will see.

Eventually you will start to build referrals in these traffic exchanges. When you get referrals you start to get a portion of credits per site they view, and after you have a good amount of referrals, you will start to notice that you will have to surf less and less on those traffic exchanges. When you get to a point to where you can go a few weeks without having to surf on a certain traffic exchange and still be earning credits, then it is a good time to back to traffic hoopla, and sign up for the next one on the list, before you know it you will start getting all kinds of traffic without having to spend your entire life surfing, and you will also start to earn commissions as people in these traffic exchanges upgrade their accounts.

As you start to have more and more traffic exchanges it will be a good idea to sign up for TE Command Post ( TE Command post will help you manage a large number of traffic exchanges because it will track your credits in each one for you. You can log in to TE Command post and see which traffic exchange you have low credits on and need to surf that day, or maybe that has a lot of unassigned credits you need to go in and assign. This will save you a lot of time from having to log in to each traffic exchange individually to check that data.

Well now you know how to start building your traffic exchange empire, this is something you will want to put in to practice your entire affiliate marketing career because the more traffic and referrals you can generate the more potential leads and opt ins you will receive down the road.

At last I will show you a program which will almost give you an unfair advantage against your fellow surfers. It's nothing about cheating, but a very clever program that helps you surf traffic exchanges
fast, safe and relaxing building up a huge pile of credits. It's the Traffic Exchange Browser ( You can join for free, but for a monthly low fee you will get much
more out of this little clever browser. Try it! You won't regret it.

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2. TE Toolbox -
3. TE Commandpost -
4. TE Browser -

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