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Timothy Eller | timothyeller
sun visor organizer
2 months ago

How To Never Worry About Money Again

Jun 4th 2013 at 6:45 PM
How To Never Worry About Money Again


As I sat in the last seat, careful not to be seen by anyone I knew in the Bethesda Maryland Holiday Inn I could almost smell the desperation. There I was. One of about 400 people who had somehow found their way to this "meeting." I as sat there I silently wondered if they had all seen the same commercial few days earlier that I had. I had returned home from my job as a traveling sales rep in the Washington DC area after a 3 hour stent in the gym (it was really all I had to look forward to back then). I could remember jumping in the shower and feeling something I had never, in my life, felt before. I heart quickened. My breath grew shallow. I could feel my eyes going dark. As I reached for the shower head to stop myself from falling, there, at that moment ... I felt true horror. How To Never Worry About Money Again? My mind wandered to my daily happenings and I realized, for the first, that ... Every day of my adult life I had done the exact same thing. How To Never Worry About Money Again Wake up at 6:31am sharp. Hit the snooze button on my alarm clock exactly 11 times before actually rising from bed at 7:50 or so in the morning. Always so tired. I stumble to shower like a zombie. Clean up, put on my suit, and leave to be paid commercial for some company. Everyday this is what I did ... How To Never Worry About Money Again The fear came on sharp with this simple question ... "If this is what life is like now, what's it going to be like 10 years from now?" How To Never Worry About Money Again

The horror took over with the answer.


That moment changed me forever. I had “woken” up to the painful reality that life was NOT going as I had planned as young kid who once dreamed of owning his own orange Lamborghini.

Now, as an adult, all I could see, if …

I stayed on the path that was set before me was mediocrity.


I couldn’t let that future come true, but what do you do?

“How DO you get out of this “damn” job?”

“How DO you free myself?”

That night, after watching my favorite movie “Apocalypse Now” on my couch with a couple Serra Nevada’s I saw something I’d never seen in something that I’d seen many many times before.

There, in that commercial that promised wealth through real estate, where I had once only seen scam artist and charlatans I saw, for the first time …

Hope. The “hope” of an opportunity to change.

As I sat there, in the back of that Holiday Inn conference room I teetered on complete embarrassment and regret for a few days earlier seeing opportunity in a real estate infomercial. Today …

I live a life that before that night in the shower, before that Holiday Inn conference, I could never have imagined. From my little lap top computer I’ve generate millions of dollars, literally at the push of a button.

A reality where literally at any point in time I choose to write a 5 minute message and send it out to my list of 180,000 email subscribers from around the world between $2,000 to $12,000, on average, comes back within 24 hours.

This reality has allowed me travel to places I never would have imagined.

Can you believe that back before my embarrassing night at that Holiday Inn I didn’t even have a passport?

Now I’ve been to exotic countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, The Greek Isle, and just last year I on a whim …

I moved to Maui, leased a house in Wailea with an elevator and salt water pool less than a 8 minute walk to the MOST beautiful beaches in the world. My daily reality was literally … I would wake up in the morning 6am with the sun, go to my Lanai, and there I would sit for 30 to 45 minutes in beautiful silence watching whales from my back porch.

On a whim, from Washington DC to Maui Hawaii. Within a week, I made the decision and I was there. Forget about that little voice that asks questions like …

“What about your homes here in Washington DC?”

That voice?



I just left.

I took a year long extended vacation without even a thought to “if” I could afford it or if it made any sense. I wanted to go so I simply went.

Imagine being able to make decision that way. Well you can …

You can make decisions like that anytime you want when you can do this. Create income in leverage on demand.

That IS the ultimate skill. Knowing how to do that IS freedom. Here’s what I mean …

Right before I sat down to write this to you, I sent out an email, and when I got up to get a glass of water I saw that I had already made $1,750 while writing this to you, and I wasn’t surprised.

That’s normal.

That’s how it always happens, so that’s simply how it supposed to happen. Now …

The normal person would never believe this, but it’s my reality and can be yours.

In fact, that reminds me, there’s a funny story I’ll share with you in a moment that you’ll really get a kick out of, so …

Don’t forget to remind me about it, but right now we’ve got a LOT of ground to cover.

Sitting in that back row of the Holiday Inn ultimately changed my life for one reason. More accurately not one reason. One person. But before I met that person I witnessed one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in my life … There, right before my eyes, I saw just how quickly anyone’s fortune can change.

Before I met the man that would ultimately change my life and yours another man shared his story from stage. Hair slicked back, in his black suit, with a smile on his face, he told the audience to get out of their seats and run to the back of the room to purchase his real estate system and my jaw dropped.

I counted. Well over 100 people waited patiently to hand this man their credit cards and have him charge them $997 for his course.

“You mean, one hour, and he just made 3 times more than I make in year?”

It would take me 10 years of perfect corporate butt kissing to get an annual salary even close to what this guy just pulled down in hour right before my eyes.

It was almost magic. There, even before I met the man that would change my life, I learned a lesson that I want to share with you. In fact, this might be the MOST important lesson you CAN learn.

“He (or she) who sells well and has an audience is already wealthy.” Now that sounds simple and apparent, but I didn’t “get” it until just recently in the form of this question …

In fact, if you can find your own unique way to answer this question and live by that answer, it will change your financial destiny forever. I guarantee it.

The question …

“How can I fall in love with selling?”

Find the answer to that question and the ultimate conclusion can be nothing but a life of infinite freedom and uncontrollable wealth, but …

I get ahead of myself. The “pro” who just bested three years of my income in an hour walks off stage and although I’m amazed, his solution wasn’t for me. I “almost” felt like the evening was a complete waste.

Then this little short fat bald man steps on stage. God bless that man. He doesn’t know it, but he changed my life.

See, when HE stepped on stage here’s what happened. I remember …

My pupils dilated. My eyes widened. My breath slowed. My ears could hear nothing but his words as he shared …

That the internet was a place that regular people were making a full time living. My very own personal mental revolution had taken hold.

I was more than intrigued. To that point, the ONLY thing the internet was to me was a place to do research and email friends.

When he started sharing images of these simple little sites he had created, and others like him had create, that were making $1,000 per month passively I simply couldn’t contain my excitement.

I remember I began to clinch my jaw. I rocked back and forth in my chair. I couldn’t stop my hands from jittering.

My path. I had found it …

I believe we only find a few great obsessions in life and I “knew” this one was mine. God bless that short fat bald man.

If not for him my journey that lead me to writing to you today would never have begun.

I buy his thing (it’s a piece of crap, but who cares) then I immediately go home and start researching “how” people are making passive and residual income online.

Curiosity is of the MOST powerful forces in the world. My curiosity changed me from a timid kid who couldn’t speak in front of an audience to a person who just a few weeks ago on a whim decided to see “if” (and completely out of curiosity) I decided to put on seminar would people come?

Not only did they come, but with 3 weeks notice 100 of them showed from all corners of the world, each paying me a measly $197 a piece to be there.

Two days, I stood before that audience. Two days, I spoke and did things that would have crippled me with fear just a few short years ago, and I …

LOVED every moment of it. When all was said and done, that weekend created, let’s just say, at least six figures.

Not bad for two days. How ironic. Just a few years ago I looked to the people on stage at such seminars as charlatans, and the audience as desperate, now that I’ve played both positions I see things completely differently.

Seminars are places of great change. They are places of personal transformation. If you LOVE something or you’re even just slightly curious, then you owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in that subject, in an environment filled with people just like you and as a result …

You will change for the better. If there’s a lesson I can give you before I share something that might shock you, it’s simply this …

Go to more seminars. Back to the story.

Realize …

We jumped from being at the back of a room to being at the front of the room and loving it.

“What happened in between?”

That’s what you’ll learn daily as we share lessons just like this one.

Click here to watch the video to learn more!

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