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3 years ago

“How to Market yourself” and get paid for your ideas (part 1)

Sep 29th 2013 at 9:16 PM

Want to know how to market yourself and get results?

One question i get asked a lot is How do you get the results in your online business?

so today i thought rather than explain my methods over and over like a broken record to people that ask me this question, (not that it bothers me) i figured i may as well write a blog series about my methods and direct those that ask this question to it, so i decided to go with the title  “How to market yourself” and get paid for your ideas for the simple reason that not only you can use this strategy in your current business but also use it to start getting paid for whatever your passions are.

Why is it important to know “How to market yourself”

Maybe you are looking to step up in your career, maybe you love cooking and want to write a recipe book , or maybe you wrote a song and you want know how to market yourself so you can get it out to the world.

Regardless what it is it is important to know How to market yourself in the right way that you get noticed for the right reasons and stand out above the crowd.

One of the most proven and effective ways to do this is to start blogging, but the problem is a lot of peeps out there have no idea were to start even if they wanted to , there’s a lot of things to concider when thinking about starting a blog , domain mapping, site design , hosting , and all the other techy stuff that comes with it.

It can be a major headache setting these things up and also take quite a bit of time and when i say time i am talking hours of setting up and weeks maybe even months of tweaking. lucky for today i am going to show you how you can be set up and ready to start getting paid bymarketing yourself and what ever your passion is today.

so all you will need to do is put up your content and start sharing it with the world.

This method is not free but it’s not expensive either and if you are looking for free methods you need to know that it will take plenty of time to do it that way and you may as well leave this page now, but before you do i want you to ask yourself this questions:

How valuable is my time?

How soon do i want to start marketing myself and start making the money you deserve?

Realise that there is a slow way to do things and a fast way and of course the fast way is going to cost a little money but save a lot of time , because the sooner you get your brand out there the sooner you will turn your passion into dollars.

I mean lets face it why would you want to spend 30 days building your site when in that 30 days you can have built a following and have yourself well branded and on your way to building some good trust amongst your followers.

Now you can join a lucrative network that you can leverage the power we have already built to build your very own brand , and that network is Empower Network and the best thing is that you are here at a special time because we are rolling out Empower Network 2.0 ENV2 which means that everything is basically grandma proof and you can be apart of history, part of a mastermind movement.

So you want to know how to market yourself, maybe you have written a book and you want to publish and brand it, maybe you have a special recipe you made and you want to write that recipe book, maybe you have written a song and you want the world to hear it.

Whatever your passion is Empower Network will help you brand it no matter what your passion is it’s time for you to get paid for your passions, the best thing is that with the new Empower Network 2.0 you can literaly hold your smartphone 3 feet in front of your face record your message and then upload it to your Viral blog in a matter of minutes, seconds even.

you know what else if you choose to you can earn 100% commissions just by sharing Empower network with others.

So what is it i need to do to market myself my ideas and start getting paid

First of all i reconmend joining Empower network ( you can do that here) it’s $25 month

After you do that go through the basic training and start creating content about your product and/or passion, you need to aim for 1 post a day of keyword rich material for 90 days ( you will start seeing results and traffic after 30 days if you stick to your game plan) if you dont have a product you can choose to be an affiliate for 19.95 a month this allows you to resell the system and earn big commissions.

Once you have done that contact me and i will give you another complete marketing system for free when i give you access to the “super elite marketers club” that will compliment every aspect of your mission with custom pages a auto responder and special training videos that show effective strategy on how to market yourself online and offline.

now in saying that i have to put up a income disclaimer because it is not average toearn big dollars online because most average people do nothing,see income disclaimer

This is what you get

How to Market yourself

All for $25

and this is what you get free even more value as a bonus free membership to the super elite marketers club (valued at $87 a month)

bonus super elite marketers club membership

This system will teach you the foundations on How to market yourself the right way

well i am going to leave that as the first part of the series , part 2 i will explain the combined tools i use and my routine on how to market yourself that i use to get views leads and sales, basicaly how to market yourself on the go,,

I hope you enjoyed ”How to Market yourself” and get paid for your ideas (part 1) if you did please leave a comment and share it with your friends :)

have a great day and lets get to work and start empowering ourselves even more so we can be lifting other people up to do the same.


“How to Market yourself” and get paid for your ideas (part 1)

part 2 coming soon

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