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How to Make Money with Facebook

May 2nd 2015 at 4:51 AM

If you are one of those millions of people hooked up on Facebook, posting comments, photos, and videos on your profile page, and doing only that, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make money on this wildly popular site. Many have figured out the way to make money with this social networking site, and what is good with Facebook is that it allows its users to use its site for that purpose.

With their unprecedented reach –hundreds of millions of users worldwide – one can just imagine the traffic it can give to those who have a website to promote, a product to sell, a service to offer, a campaign to pitch, and other marketing efforts that can benefit from its various communities.

Facebook is one of the best places to do business. Here you can find all sorts of products for sale, much like some kind of a virtual garage sale. With millions of users that log on every day, Facebook guarantees you the most number of people that can see your products.

Just imagine Facebook enticing its users to purchase those virtual gifts on their various applications, even if it costs only a dollar or two, with the volume it gets daily from its wide base of users all over the globe, it can add up to a huge amount of money.

So why not grab the opportunity to make money with Facebook? But first you need a Facebook account. If you have one already (who doesn’t), it probably contains your personal photos and videos, your daily musings or ranting for everyone on your friends list to view and see. For business purposes, it would probably be best to create another account that you can use for your money-making efforts.

You wouldn’t want strangers to see your personal photos and videos, and when we say strangers, we mean people you don’t necessarily know who are also your potential clients and those you need to reach out beyond your own network of friends and family.

For sure you will be dealing with more people beyond your network when you start generating traffic to your profile page. You will want to create a credible persona online that your potential clients will trust. Once you have your profile page, visit Facebook’s Marketplace to place your ads for your products, services, or campaigns. There is no limit to do that, and best of all, it’s free.

There are many user-friendly applications already available in Facebook that you can use to optimize your efforts to generate revenue. Facebook allows you to build and use these applications on your profile page, and even lets you place links to other websites. Those who already have websites running place links on their Facebook profile page that will lead those who click them to their website.

You can add a free store to your Facebook page and sell your products or services directly. You can even use an application to add eBay auctions to your profile, allowing you to sell to your Facebook friends and network whatever you are selling on eBay. You can visit as many profile pages as you want to let these people know about you and entice them to visit your page to see what you are selling.

Some applications will even allow you to let others sell your items on their Facebook page, earning them commission from each sale. The advantage in doing this is that it allows you to reach more potential buyers, establish relationships with new customers, and increase your chances of making more sales. And it works both ways, meaning, you can also sell other people’s stuff on your Facebook page and earn commissions too.

Some websites have applications on Facebook that allows you to earn money giving advice to people over the phone or teaching people a foreign language that you are an expert in. Still other applications allow you to earn by clicking onto their link and leaving comments on advertisement websites or giving referrals to people to visit the site. You can also do affiliate marketing and place affiliate links to your Facebook profile page.

If you have developed credibility as an expert or authority on something and enjoy a good number of followers or a wide network of contacts, you can place an ad space on your profile page for advertisers to place their ads. If you have a skill or expertise, you can market your services on the site to gain interested clients. If you are a music artist, there is an application that allows you to sell your music on your Facebook page.

Now that you are stocked with ideas on what to do to earn money on Facebook, pick up your networking efforts with those in your contacts list and expand them. You must also regularly make notes and postings to maintain an active presence on Facebook.

The revenue streams you can find on this ever growing popular social networking site are many. Now it is up to you to tap into that wellspring of opportunities to make money from Facebook. You can read other ways of making money from Facebook on MoneyConnexion.

So get the power of Facebook & use this platform as a money making source & not wasting your time in doing other stuff.



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