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How To Make Money Out Of Everything You Do Online

Jan 12th 2011 at 2:26 AM
I am going to start by telling you what not to do: Never, ever, pay for an online business setup, membership, recurrent purchases, web hosting, sponsoring, coaching, activation or maintenance fees. And the reason is so simple: the business is not the product, the money they make they make it out of your pocket, and they don't care too much about you, in reality you are disposable, they get commissions out of the fees they charge you, if you don't make money and quit, they simply move to the next victim, only an elite group make money, scamming people in most of the cases. This is the simple fact that almost every online opportunity seeker ignores: If the company is so solid, the revenue isĀ  so great, the product sells itself, etc, etc. Then why do they want your money for? Nobody ask you for a recruiting fee when you go to an interview for a job, if you are willing to work for them, your profit is based in commissions, sales or costumer acquisitions, what's your money for? That's why I only pay attention to free offers, if they does not work, only a little time wasted and a hurt pride are acceptable loses, but money is not one of those, you always want to invest some money to make your business grow, but if you can start for free, and then invest some of the money you already made, you are in the path to success. I am an active member of All Solutions Network, is free-free, they never ask you for anything, the site is even full of free resources for it's members, and the most amazing thing is the product they offer: Everything, and I mean it, every possible service or product, you can ever want to get online, they got it, and you can make a profit on everything, you are not going to sell one product or service, but all product and services the web can offer. If you signup, you get a free 70 pages website, and no hosting fee, is yours, for free, no investment, period. You can make a downline and make money out of it, or you can make money without a downline when you use your free website for you personal online shopping, even if you get free insurance quotes, for example, you make money, if you shop at from your free website, you make money, not directly from the sale, but from the revenue of all the network. And since is free, and you don't need to sell anything to make money, building a downline is easy, just give away free money making websites, you can even make money by giving your church, school, or favorite local charity free found risings websites, this is the feature I like the most, you make money helping non profit organizations raise found for their causes, every body wins, nobody invests a dime, simply awesome! You can take a look at All solutions Network just by clicking here. ThanksĀ  a lot for visiting
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Oct 3rd 2011 at 6:36 AM by LonnieG
Certainly want of the programs that has maintained a long term presence online! ~LonnieG

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