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Sep 26th 2010 at 12:53 PM paid it's members more than 16 millions dollars - PTC website which keeps a leading position in PTC business for almost two years, there is no PTC website which would manage to reach the same popularity. paid it's members more than 16 millions dollars.

The domain name had been registered on March, 10 2008 and expires in 2019. Whois information about the domain is public.

There is a lot of information about Neobux in the internet, but the most detailed website which contains the full information about the website and instructions about the work there was created by members of Neobux forum. had started it's Pre-launch period on March 26, 2008. At the beginning people could only invite referrals and communicate on forum. The price for Golden in Pre-launch was $30.
April 17 - there were already 19054 members on Neobux and 75 Golden members.
The date of official start is April, 30 20:00 GMT, upgrade price increased to $60 after May,2.
Total amount of distinct advertisements displayed: 14651, total amount of distinct banners displayed: 986. You can read the detailed report of Neobux achievements in the post The Neobux Trivia on forum.
April 30, 2010 - The New design of Neobux implemented.

Per click: Normal Ads: $0.010 Mini Ads: $0.005
Per referral click: Normal Ads: $0.005 Mini Ads: $0.000
Direct referral limit: 30+ (increases by 1 every 4 days)

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My Earning

True Story

Here I am ladies and gents,

I will start my story from the end. I 'm in position to say that I make around $2500 per month thanks to neobux. This is calculated after I have deducted all the expenses (renewals and recycle). As you understand $2500 is a real pure profit while my capital is safe and continues to yield every month (yes the capital is my fellow rented referrals).

I really don't know the most proper words to express the feelings of success. As we all know there are millions if not billions of individuals that they are making a living with way less than $2500 per month and I respect these people very much. The above fact alone does it for me even more difficult to describe how really wonderful is, when an internet project gives you such a great opportunity to earn real money without a painful work and most of all without a boss. I like independency, I think everyone does.

I suspect that some companion members may want to learn how much I have invested, how many referrals I have, averages and all the other details. I apologize in advance if I'm not satisfying you but I want to keep my privacy intact. Please respect my decision and don't bombing me with questions. Besides there are many members that have their stats visible so you can find what you are looking for.

For your convenience though I want to say that my strategy contains 4 basic principles:
A. Renew always for 90 days.
B. Keep detailed stats and put them on my thinking cap.
C. Constantly change recycling policy based on the constant changing conditions. ("everything is in a state of flux" These famous words characterize the work of Ancient Greek Philosopher Heraclitus).
D. Click all the available ads everyday according to server time.

And here is how the story started: I joined back in June of 2008 in order to be a part of this innovative project which claimed to pay instantly always (what a motive!). A month later, I was already golden and the earnings were a good reward for my investment/work here. I was soon earning enough over my initial investment. Then I started to observe the forum. I saw some very successful members like Helixpt, Vitor, Dec03001 & Sho03004 to name a few.

That was, I had almost decided to invest as much money as I could. Then I thought about neobux's always kept promises, Admin's behavior and especially the way that neobux handled the paypal crisis.

Everything was set. I just needed the money to invest. As you understand I found it (though I needed some time). The ultimate membership came first and then all the rest. Now, I'm here to enhance my earnings as much as I can.

The epilogue of the story will not be innovative (neobux does that). So, thanks to all my referrals, thanks to all the forum members, thanks especially to Helixpt for some enlightening posts, thanks to all neobux members who are investing, clicking and keeping this great project alive and healthy. Oops, I almost forgot; my biggest thanks go directly to the man himself who made this project a huge success and gave an incredible opportunity to every single of us. I let alone in anyone’s judgment his behavior, managing decisions and support to the members.

Apologies for my English, which is rather poor. I am Greek, so please be lenient.

Keep clicking, keep thinking, keep managing your account, keep earning.

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