How to Make Money Online Free using Paid to Click (PTC) Sites

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PTC or Paid to Click sites are just as the name suggests. These sites allow you to click on advertisements for a couple of seconds to earn credit. PTC sites usually have about four (4) ads where you can earn $0.01 per advertisement view (you would be gaining $0.04 per day).  These sites reset their ads after every 24 hours so you can click on the same ads everyday until you reach your minimum payout usually around $2. Minimum amount payout depends on the ptc site terms of service as you join. Joining all ptc sites are free on my ptc list. The more ptc sites you join the more earnings you get.  I advise you to join at least ten (10) ptc sites as you’re now getting started and keep added as you get the hang of them. 


A lot of people who are new to ptc sites drop out or discontinue to click because they don’t have the patients to be clicking for a long time just to gain like $2 or $4 on just one ptc site.  They are many ways to help you increase your earnings at a faster pace and that’s by getting a lot of referrals to join under your referral link and by upgrading your account.  There are two types of referrals (direct and rented referrals). 


Direct referrals (also called free referrals) are referrals who join using your referral link directly.  Effective ways of getting referrals may be from:


1)      Word of mouth.  You can talk to your family and friends about ptc sites explaining to them how you can gain some extra cash without investment and try to convince them to join.  They may want to see a payment proof also so they’ll know it not any scam.  You and your friends can also monitor ptc sites to see which ones works best for you.

2)      Traffic Exchange Sites.  These sites allow you to click on members surfing sites and in return they give you credits which you can be used on your site/blog.  For example, in the member area you can start surfing where for   every site you see a countdown timer.  You have to wait for the timer to go down to zero (0) until you can click another site.  After that the credits you have gain for viewing sites can be assign to your site/blog.  Joining traffic exchange sites can be free but can be somewhat time consuming at times.

3)      PTC Forums.  While searching for the keywords on google you can get a variety of forums.  Joining again is free.  In the members area you get to put a signature at the end of every post so you can put your referral links there as well.  PTC Forums are there to help you to build your referral list by allowing ptc exchanges, referral-back offers and ptc downline builders.

4)      Social Sites.  You can tweet on twitter, post on your wall on facebook, and dig it on  Tell all about ptc sites or a new ptc site you found.


Well these are just a few ways you can try proven to be effective by me.  You can also try Mylot, Squiddo and writing articles with your referral link.


Rent Referrals (also call paid referrals) are referral that can be bought at the ptc sites.  These are members who join the ptc site without a referral and the admin of the ptc sites allows you to rent them on a monthly basis.  This is for those who struggle to find referral directly.


Im not going to get much into upgrading in ptc sites because you can still earn lot of cash as a free member.  Just that upgrading memberships got special bonuses and increase earnings.


Earning with ptc can be very easy all you have to remember is to JOIN-CLICK-EARN.  I have been earning from ptc sites a while now and it’s pretty interesting.  If you’re considering joining ptc sites on my blog I can give you a referral-back offer just for being my referral (to help you be motivated and increase your earnings).  The more you help me the more I help you.  We can only be successful by helping out one another.  All you have to do is contact me for more info. 


Thank for visiting and Happy Clicking. Enjoy!

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Sep 2nd 2010 at 5:28 PM by turtle0733
Nice article.
Aug 2nd 2010 at 9:20 PM by SmallEnginesgo
I really did'nt Know that ptc sites even existed! Would it be best to have a seperate email address?
Aug 2nd 2010 at 8:39 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Leona: Thanks for this article telling us how to make money online free using Paid to Click (PTC) sites. Your information is very thorough and explains the process well. :-)

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