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I'm a mommy to an awesome little girl and will be having a baby boy in June! I love to find new ways to make money online and share them with others. When I find things that help me bring money home to my family I stick with them and share my success stories on my blog:
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How to Make Money and Get Thousands of Viewers to your Ads with CashAdStream

Feb 28th 2015 at 7:45 PM


Unique Low Cost Advertising Program that Pays you Back!

Just Launched Feb 20, 2015!

I am happy to say that I was invited to be a part of a secret leaders pre-launchgroup for CashAdStream and had the opportunity to begin building my own team a couple of days ago.  My ad has been viewed by thousands of eager members and has had hundreds of clicks so far! It has definitely been worth the $1.50 fee to activate my account! The best part has been that I have already earned my $1.50 back and I am in profit before it even launched!

This is a fantastic new advertising program that allows you to build a team of members who will help you promote your ad simply by having it on their referral page.  

There are 8 ad spots on each referral page.  The first ad spot on your referral's page is their own ad, the second ad spot is where your ad is shown, the third ad spot goes to your sponsor, and this goes on for 8 levels.  The image below will make this concept more clear:


Other places your ad will be shown include:

  • Member's area of everyone in your downline(8 levels!)
  • When your downline logs in or logs out.
  • In the "Random Ad Area" of all the members of CashAdStream
  • Chosen by the system to fill the spots of expired ads.

How to Make Money with CashAdStream:

With CashAdStream, you can be paid 100% commissions instantly through Paypal.  Every member who joins must pay $1.50 to set up their account and have an ad in the system.  The fee is paid directly to the person who referred you or a person who is on your referrer's team(due to spillover).  This happens because of the structure of the team.  

When you join and begin referring people, you are allowed to have 3 paid members on your first level.  The next person you refer after that will be placed on one of your first level referral's teams. This goes on up to 8 levels of referrals!  The great thing about this is that your upline will be placing new members in your team through spillover.  The structure of your team will look something like this image.

Picture Upgrade Levels, Ad Views and Earnings:

When you pay the initial $1.50 fee you will be upgraded to a Level 1 account.  This means that you are eligible for 3 100% commissions payments from your first level team members of $1.50. This also means that your ads will be shown on your first level referral's pages.  

To begin filling your second level of your team either by your own efforts or the efforts of your upline, you must pay for the next upgrade level.  The upgrade for level 2 costs $5(It will actually only cost you $0.50 to upgrade to level 2 after you are paid the $1.50 x 3 =$4.50 from your first level team members) .  This will allow you to have your ad on all 9 referral pages of your 2nd level of your team! And you will be paid $5 from each of your 2nd level team members when they are ready to upgrade to level 2.  

This goes on for all 8 levels of your team! So as you can see, your ads will be seen by thousands of people and your earnings will grow exponentially as your team grows.

The chart below explains this concept throughout the levels.  You can view a full sized chart in the member's area of CashAdStream. How to Get Started with CashAdStream:

Step 1: Join CashAdStream and log in to your account and read the 'How It Works page by clicking the 'Getting Started' tab in the sidebar on the left.  

Step 2: Click the 'Upgrade' tab in the left sidebar.  Just follow the simple instructions to send your 1.50 payment and your upgrade will be approved shortly after that. 

Step 3: Click 'Your Advertising Tools', then 'View Upline Ads'.  You must view 8 of your upline's ads to be eligible to set up your own ad. 

Step 4: Click 'Submit Your Ad' under the 'Your Advertising Tools' tab.  You can advertise any program you like here and edit it whenever you choose. 

Step 5: Go to the Referral & Promotional Tools section and find your Referral links, ads, and banners.  Follow the instructions in that section to get started inviting your friends and connections.

Requirements for setting up your Ad and receiving payments:
  • You must upgrade your account to Level 1 after you sign up.
  • You must view 8 of your upline's ads before setting up your own ad.
  • Your ad will be active for 7 days after you set it up. You can resubmit your ad when it has expired by viewing 8 upline ads again.  This is great for keeping your ad fresh!
  • Placement of your ads is dependent on your Upgrade Level.  If your upgrade level is number 1, then your ads will be shown on your first level referral's pages.  Upgrading to level 2 will allow your ads to show on your second level, and so on up to 8 levels.
  • To receive payments from your team, you must have upgraded your account to the level they would like to purchase or higher.  This is easy to do because there will be money in your payment processor account from the members who paid you from your first level.

Benefits of Joining My Team at CashAdStream!
  • Join a Winning Team and Begin Receiving Spillover referrals from your upline member's heavy promotion of the program!
  • Receive excellent support and encouragement.  Have your questions answered and receive advice about the best way to promote the program.
  • Get in early and have the benefit of people scrambling to join!

Are you ready to get started? Click the banner to join now:

CashAdStream Dream Team

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Mar 8th 2015 at 3:29 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Melissa: Thanks for posting this informative article. It is a networking concept that has been around for a long time. A great way to get additional advertising and exposure.
Mar 4th 2015 at 2:16 PM by simba3
nice site i like it good work

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