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How to Jump From Newbie Marketer to a Leader in 30 Days.

Nov 1st 2010 at 9:27 AM

When I first got into network marketing 3 years ago, I was completely filled with optimism. I just knew that this was going to be the first day of my new life. I had dreams and visions of 10 bedroom mansions in the hills with ocean views and 6 figure luxury sports cars in the driveway lined up in a pretty little row. I mean, after all my company’s brochure included people who had their own private jets with their own private runway! I’m certainly next, ...right? Well,  it was not long (I would say about 6 months along) that I began to feel extremely disillusioned. I started to think that maybe there was something wrong with me and that maybe I wasn’t cut out to run my own home business. Did I miss something along the way? I did what my upline told me. I made that dreaded list of 100 people that I was supposed to “harass” about my business. Now, if I even generally mention the word “business’ in a conversation, I can feel my friends  tensing up on the other end of the phone. I’m tainted.
I was failing miserably and no matter what I tried the outcome never changed and I was losing money faster than I could blink and the few marketers that I did sign up, were dropping off like flies... within weeks!!!...(ugh, where’s the stamina?)

But I was determined not to fail. At this point I was too emotionally and financially invested to give up. So, upon doing a bit of research, I read that “following the leaders” in the industry was the way to success.  Just do what they do and you’ll make a billion dollars next year! But what I found is that many of these leaders either rehashed the same rhetoric I’ve already heard time and time again (talk to everyone on every plane, train, automobile, parent teacher meeting and Starbucks line you come across) or they kept their secrets and tricks about how they truly became successful running their network marketing business in a secret vault somewhere near the core of the earth never to be found by a newbie marketer for less than the price of $4,995.00.

Fortunately, there are some true leaders in this industry that are willing to share their experiences, insights AND knowledge with every marketer for the universal uplift’ment of the network marketing industry. Some of you may already know  the leaders to whom I am referring, if you don’t, please message me and I’ll be more than happy to spill my guts. They taught me how to build a successful down line effortlessly, how to make money immediately even off of people who were not interested in my business and how to get quick money in the hands of my down line to keep them motivated and to keep them...well, in my down line.

And finding these golden keys to network marketing success, I have discovered many deadly mistakes that were killing my business and that I believe are killing the businesses of most network marketers. Here are 5 things you can do now to fix it:

1. Stop Buying Leads.
Every marketer should know by now that one of the easiest ways to throw away your money is on the purchase of home business leads. If you don’t know. please take note of this now as this will be very important to your success. The problem is that most newbie marketers, after making the grave mistake of contacting their list 100 family, friends and acquaintances to join their business, they turn to buying leads as the next resort. Mainly because they just don't know what else to do. Unfortunately, even the best list distribution companies are passing out old, worn out. extremely over used, not to mention over priced, names and contact info that have been sold tens and sometimes even hundreds of times over. SO, by the time  you get these leads and contact them, you’re more of a nuisance than the answer to their financial prayers; no matter how good your company or compensation plan. Also, these leads are no more than people who raised their hand and said “Hey, I would be interested in knowing more about making a ton of money, working less and spending more time with my family and doing the things I love.” I mean really, if you walked into ANY random room full of people and asked if Anyone would want this to be their life, who the hell wouldn’t raise their hand and say “Yes, Please!” So, that being said the way to go is to create your own leads. Creating your own leads and building your own list allows you the freedom to control that list and use it (responsibly) at will for the entire life of your business or future businesses.

2. Never Sell Your Business First.
Ok, I don’t even know where to start on this one. Let me just put it this way, if you are a marketer selling your business or service, the last thing you should do upon meeting someone is to start throwing up your business opportunity all over them. This is the fastest way to send a prospective business partner running for the hills, to never return... forever more ( was that enough emphasis?). It’s a new era of marketing and no one wants to be sold. Although, keep in mind, everyone wants to buy. Nowadays, building relationships is the new selling. You must, I repeat, you MUST build a relationship with someone before you introduce them to your product or service (now, if they come begging you for it, by all means sell away. Otherwise, please stick to this golden rule). Building relationships will be the back bone of your business as it is for every business that exists today, whether it be network marketing or a traditional brick and mortar business.
How do you build a relationship? You must offer something of value to people. If you give people something of value, that they can use right away, it will cause them to see you as a leader in your field and will in turn set you apart from others in your industry. Because remember, not only are you in competition with other businesses, you’re also in competition with the very people in our own company as you are ALL selling the same exact product or service. But, if you turn your focus from “what can I GET” to “what can I GIVE”, your business and your life will absolutely flourish, guaranteed.

3. Have A System.
Systems work, period. If you don’t have a system you may find yourself flailing about like a fish on a hot side walk. There are many systems out there that can work and to each his or her own. My suggestion is to find one method that works for you, automate it, then find another. Automation is the key. I think I can safely say that most of us began a home based business because we wanted more time and freedom to do something other than work, so automation gives you back that time you wanted in the first place. Otherwise, you just traded one job.... for another. If you are not automating as much as you can, you’re trading your time for dollars, just as you were in your 9-5.

4. Avoid Using Backpage (and other similar sites)To Promote Your Business.
The main reason: Everyone is talking and no one’s listening. Everyone wants their product or service to be seen but savvy marketers (and these are the ones that you want as business partners) are not on these sites looking for their next business opportunity. It’s a case of everyone being on TV and no one being at home watching. Some marketers have realized this and have resorted to using a “scrape” software program. This may have worked for a little while but most marketers have stopped posting their contact information within their ads. So, these programs are turning up less and less results. Which brings me to say this, “I think everyone knows, deep down in their spirit, that it takes money to make money. It’s just a fact of life. Now, there are some rare cases where people have started with 3 dollars in their bank account and gone on to become billionaires, there are also some people who have won the big cash state lottery. But for the rest of us, we need cash flow. But, the good news is, we don’t need a lot. There are plenty of places where network marketers and home business owners can get an incredible bang for their buck. Case and point, not too long ago, I used $15 to get 40 people in my downline. You just have to know how to use your dollars wisely. So, if your business is not yet making money, it’s very important to make sure that money is coming from “somewhere” initially.

5. Promote Your Product.
Many marketers are leaving a lot of money on the table when they don’t promote their company’s product to the general public. I understand that the network marketing business model is set up for you to maximize your earnings by leveraging the efforts of distributors in your down line, however, with most network marketing companies, you have a product or service that could bring you residual income for life in some cases. And these products or services can be promoted to Joe and Jane Public all across the country and sometimes around the world. Someone who may not be interested in having a network marketing business may very well be interested in buying your product. If you don’t believe that this stands true for product your company is offering, then maybe you should reconsider the business opportunity you have chosen. One rule of thumb when choosing a business is considering if the product or service could stand alone. And one more thing, sometimes customers can become distributors without even knowing it because of their infectious enthusiasm about your product. Don’t count ANYONE out.

Well, I hope you have found this article useful. We are all learning together and I am a true advocate of helping others achieve success in all endeavors that they choose and I’m always open to new ideas to help me achieve my own. With that, much success to all of us.

Suszette Russell
Entrepreneur & Network Marketer

Suszette Russell is a Member of Trump Network on Company Profiles


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Mar 29th 2011 at 1:51 PM by LonnieG
Thank you, Suszette, for some very specific things to consider. ~LonnieG
Feb 3rd 2011 at 5:45 PM by caroljbs
You did your research, very interesting.
Dec 6th 2010 at 9:42 AM by mlmhelphub
@TerriLPattio: Thank you for your addition. I haven't heard of the 5 pillars, but I will most certainly learn more about them. This article is just a very small part of what is needed to be successful in this industry and I have found, interestingly enough, that people care more about whether or not you have a clear, long-term, money making system in place than what business you are in. The bottom line for most people is: "Can I be successful with this and Can you show me how?". It's all about the value of the person behind the business.
Nov 15th 2010 at 9:11 AM by 1979virga
Very good article, a lot of good information, I love it. Thanks

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