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How to Infuse Authority, Energy and Life into Your Ads

Apr 8th 2014 at 5:52 PM

See if you’re familiar with this old saying: “Put fire into your speech or throw your speech into the fire!” Sound familiar? Well it has to do with public speaking and particularly pertains to a speaker who lacks enthusiasm.

Now think about that principle in connection with ads. If your ads lack authority, energy and life, prospects will figuratively ‘throw them into the fire.’ When translated, it means that they’ll leave your ads as fast as they arrive.

So how can you hold their attention? There are several things to keep in mind.

You must:

  • Infuse authority into your ads
  • Put energy and life into your ads
  • Provide a clear call to action
  • Create ad copy that’s believable, vivid and specific

Let’s now explore those points one at a time.

Infuse Authority into Your Ads

One thing to always keep in mind is that you’re an expert in your niche. That fact should shine through when you create ads. To accomplish it you must infuse authority into your ads. This shows that you’re confident and proves that you’re an expert.

Write your ads with as few words as possible. As an expert you should be able to get your point across with limited words. If you’re too wordy, it’s too much for most people. Be direct and quickly get to the point. Far more prospects will read your ads.

Most people have a bad day once in a while. When you do it’s better not to write an ad that day. Wait for a good day. That way your ad will be strong. If you’re having a bad day and feeling a bit uncertain, it’ll come across in your ad. Weak ads fail to produce good results. So create ads when you’re upbeat and positive.

Another factor to consider is that you need to use the right words in your ads. There are certain words that’ll weaken your ads. The problem with weak ads is the fact that prospects will rapidly move on to another offer.

Here are some weak words and terms to avoid:

  • Approximately
  • Could
  • Maybe
  • Might
  • Perhaps
  • They say

Never use words that give rise to doubt in the minds of your prospects. Your ads should prove at all times that you’re an expert in your niche, and that you can be trusted.

Put Energy and Life into Your Ads

Prospects will take notice when you put energy and life into your ads. In order to accomplish it you have to employ short, simple action verbs that inject energy and life. The verbs you use should create a mental picture of action in the mind’s of your prospects.

Here are some action verbs that create a mental picture: Build, Create, Crush, Discover, Explode, Open, Shake, Turn, Uncover, Unleash.

The preceding verbs create a mental picture that’ll enable your prospects to “see” how to build, open, or uncover whatever you draw attention to in your ad.  Such verbs put energy and life into your ads.

Take a look at some action verbs in the following ads:

Those examples create vivid mental pictures and provide your prospects with an inner push to take action.

Now for a word of caution: Don’t use passive verbs. They lack power and will not leave a lasting impression on the minds of your prospects. Here are some passive verbs to avoid using in your ads: disseminate, finalize, or prioritize. Verbs like those are lackluster and fail to motivate prospects to action.

Instead you want your ads to jump off the screen! You want the eyes of your prospects to be glued to your ads. Then and only then will you get the results you’re looking for, namely sales and income.

Take a look at the following ads (a) and (b) for the same product:

(a) “Realize Greater Profits!”

(b) “How to Make More Money now!”

Which headline would your rather use? More than likely you saw (b) as a better option. And that’s definitely the better choice. Why? It’s because headline (a) is lackluster and lacks life, whereas (b) is full of life, energy and action.

Action verbs put energy and life into your ads and that leads to prospects who take action. When they take action you reap good results.

Now let’s look into the importance of a clear call to action.

Provide a Clear Call to Action

Your call to action is where you tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do. Call to action prompts include things like downloading a free EBook, joining your list, accepting a free trial and so forth. Your call to action must be clear and direct.

If you’re a bit unclear on how to do this learn from the masters of call to action methods: The Infomercial. Most of us have watched an Infomercial. The call to action is unambiguous. You always know what action to take and how to take it.

They usually present it something like this: “Get up and call now....” Then, you’ll hear it a time or two more before the program ends.

Infomercials are also the masters of urgency when it comes to prompting action. For instance, you might hear something similar to this: “You must call within the next five minutes to get this price.” Fail to call within five minutes and you miss out on the deal.

You better believe that the majority of people watching get their credit cards out and take immediate action. Of course, that’s the response you want from your ads.

That’ll be the case when you provide a clear call to action. Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do.

And remember that the Internet can be very distracting, so be quick about getting the attention of your prospects. Otherwise, they may get sidetracked and leave your site without taking action.

Here are some ideas for creating your call to action:

  • Buy Now
  • Watch the Video
  • Click Here for Instant Access
  • Download Your FREE EBook
  • SIGN UP NOW for a free account
  • Act Now—Only FIVE Remaining!

Your call to action must be similar. It should prompt your prospects to take immediate action. Fail to capture the attention of your prospects and you’ll fail to make sales.

There’s something else to consider. When prospects take the time to read your ad, they’re generally interested in your offer. So don’t make your call to action confusing. A confused mind won’t act on your offer, but a clear call to action prompts action. A clear and direct call to action tells the prospect exactly what to do. That leads to online sales and success.

Create Ad Copy That’s Believable, Vivid and Specific

Your goal is to immediately grab the attention of your prospects. You have a very short time to do it. Your prospects have to be able to quickly relate to your ad, or they’ll simply move on to the next one right away.

Take note of the following contrasting ads for the same product:

  • “I Went Down Three Dress Sizes in Two Months!” (Vivid and believable)
  • “I Lost a Lot of Weight in a Just a Couple of Months!” (Not as believable or specific)

Consider another example:

  • “You can Easily Make $1000 Bucks a Day with This Software” (Vivid and specific)
  • “Make Mega Bucks with This Software” (Not specific)

The ads tell it all. The first ad in each example is believable, vivid and specific. The second ad in each case is a different story. Those two ads aren’t specific, nor are they as believable.

Don’t let your prospects get away by showing them weak ads. Rather, create strong ads that are believable, vivid and specific. Online sales and income will be the result.

Create Ads That Stand Out

Your goal when creating ads should be to stand out from the rest.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Inject authority into your ads
  • Bring your ads to life with plenty of energy
  • Create a clear and direct call to action
  • Put together ads that are believable, vivid and specific

Follow those guidelines and online sales will be the norm. Prospects will become long-term customers, and some may even become JV partners.

Create ads with authority and use action verbs that bring your ads to life. Prospects should “see” themselves opening, building, or uncovering things revealed in your ads.

Believable, vivid and specific language will get the immediate attention of your prospects. Once you have their attention, they’ll read your ad and act on a well designed call to action.

As mentioned earlier Infomercials provide a good blueprint to use when it comes to taking prompt action. Use that blueprint and your ads can’t fail.

When you put into practice the guidelines laid out here for creating your ads, online success will follow. Prospects will become customers and you’ll enjoy online prosperity.

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