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How to Improve Your Credibility Online Using Your Blog

Feb 18th 2011 at 5:16 AM

It can be very difficult to make money online with a blog while still trying to build a level of online credibility with your readers. When selling products on the internet whether it is something you have created or an affiliate product, your credibility is key to the whole process. There is a question that you need to answer and that is “Is there a reason why people should listen to me?” Fortunately there are some relatively easy steps that you can follow to increase the perception of your credibility in any particular niche.  

1.  Your first task is to focus on building your reputation before you build your blog. Many online business owners go straight into creating their blog without doing anything to increase their credibility. Even though blogging will give you some credibility you will need a lot more than you can get from just blogging. To really become known and respected as an expert in your niche you must focus on developing the expertise to deserve the title.

2.  A good point to remember that will always add to your credibility is if you blog against the mainstream. This does not imply that you should put up headlines such as “Blogging is Dead” even though headlines like this may get a lot of attention. Instead you would do better to try and identify some of the main concerns that people in your niche have.

No matter which industry you happen to be in, there will always be ideas or beliefs that are accepted as true, whether they are or not. So instead of reinforcing these beliefs rather make a stand against them, and to do this effectively you must choose the right ideas to go against and be sure that when you do, you have the evidence to back up your claims.

3.  It is important when you are writing in depth on your subject that you can go into detail on the topic. It is so easy for anyone to visit a few blogs belonging to the competition and stealing a few ideas to rehash. This is where a true expert will stand out from the crowd by going into detail on the subject. When you add those extra details that are left out by everyone else, you will leave your readers in no doubt about your expertise and this will give you instant credibility.

4.  Another way to ensure that everything you say can be backed up is by telling people why you have the opinion that you do on the topic. People crave hard evidence and if you can quote previous research, even if the research is not yours, you will already be streaks ahead of others.

5.  The final point here is the necessity of creating relationships with other experts. Every niche or industry where the experts do not know each other, will disagree, but if you can prove to your readers that you are interacting with other experts in your field, and you do so in a professional manner, you will instantly increase your own online credibility. Consider it in the same way as you would when building backlinks to your online business website. When another site links to yours it is like giving you a vote of confidence. Collaborating with other experts in your field is pretty much the same thing, so the more you get connected the more votes of confidence you will gain.

By combining these five strategies you will increase your online credibility enormously, which in turn will increase your number of readers and it will also help to improve your sales as people generally are happier buying from someone they feel they can trust. You are far more likely to buy a product that comes recommended by an expert that you know, than you are to buy the same product from some random person that you know nothing about. The benefits that credibility can bring to your blog, is something that you should not take lightly.

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Feb 12th 2012 at 3:58 PM by DavidHurley
"People crave hard evidence and if you can quote previous research, even if the research is not yours, you will already be streaks ahead of others." Yup, it can be as simple as saying "According to a report in XYZ (link)..." Great article.
Sep 15th 2011 at 11:50 AM by shirleyjefferson
It is important to know your subject when you are communicating with the people who are reading your blog. Providing good information is key to success in any venture. Thank you for this article. I have learned much.
Apr 15th 2011 at 11:43 AM by phylma
Great article and advise on blogging. I'll be taking another look at the points you made to be sure I'm doing it right! Thanks for the insite
Mar 3rd 2011 at 9:44 AM by rexharris
Wow, this is one of the best article I've read on the art of blogging in a long time. Great post and thanks for sharing!
Feb 21st 2011 at 7:28 AM by MichelleJayes
Hi Lonnie Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that by using third party credibility you can keep the circle of friends growing and what a fantastic way to do business.
Feb 21st 2011 at 7:02 AM by LonnieG
Great information, Michelle. Even though I feel it ultimately comes down to people working with those that they like, the trust and credibility aspects of your connection with others is huge too. I also enjoy the use of third party credibility because I can introduce my new friends to some of my existing friends and keep the circle of influence ever expanding. Thanks for sharing things that will help. ~LonnieG

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