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How To Hire The Best Cleaning Services Company

Dec 3rd 2019 at 4:19 AM


Ask your Neighbors / Friends for a Recommendation

Many people from Singapore contracted a cleaning company at least once, so chances are high that one of your acquaintances already did that. This could be a great thing for you, because this way, you will have a reliable source, to recommend you a good cleaning company. You can ask for a recommendation on every social media platform, at work, or when you’re meeting with your family. You never know when you will find someone who knows a good cleaning company. More than that, a direct recommendation is better because, you will be informed towards the company’s fees. This way, you will know how much you will have to spend with the cleaning process and you will be able to see if you can afford them. 

Make some Online Research
Online research is the ideal thing to do when you’re looking for a contractor, no matter the area. As figured, this also applies when it comes to cleaning services companies. Using any search engine, you can look for professional cleaning companies in Singapore, and the results will come shortly. The outcome of your search might be a little overwhelming, because there are plenty of such companies in Singapore. Still, you should not despair. What you need to do is narrow your search a little bit and select only those companies that fit your particular needs and preferences. If you need some particular type of cleaning service, make sure that the companies from your narrowed list, are providing it. Also, you need to focus on their website and look for any useful information that might prove, you’re dealing with a legit company.

Ask for Credentials
Now that you’ve found three or four companies that may suit your needs, you need to go even deeper and identify the perfect company. The only way of doing that is to contact each of them, and ask about any credentials. For starters, you need to ask if the company is insured and bonded. This way, you will be reimbursed in case any object will break or go missing, during the cleaning process. A background check is also mandatory when you’re hiring a new cleaning company. Every respectable company is usually asking for a recommendation letter or an online review from any previous customers, so you should ask for that as well. If they can provide at least three or four reviews / letters, you should move on to the next step. 

Ask about their Rates
When it comes to cleaning services, you can never know from the beginning how much it’s going to cost you. Every particular company will charge you depending on several factors, which determine how much work it’s needed to get the job done. The most important thing is, without any doubt, the size of your house. The company will also want to know if you have any kids or pets, if you’re a smoker and what type of flooring does your house have. However, most of the contractors in Singapore are willing to send a representative to your home / office and give you a free estimate, regarding the charges. Remember that this is just an estimate and you should expect to pay around 10-15% more, for the whole operation. Still, it’s good to have an estimate because it gives you an idea, about how much it’s going to cost you. 

Ask about the Cleaning Process
Depending on what type of cleaning you want, companies are using a wide range of substances. Even though the Singaporean legislation forbids any use of toxic formulas, there are some that are causing allergies. Because you want to avoid that at all costs, it’s better to ask for a full list of the used substances, from the beginning. Also, you should ask about the personnel who will performing the actual cleaning. It’s for the best to opt for a company that performs background checks on their employees, in order to avoid any ‘accidents’. In case you’re hiring the company for a longer period, you need to be informed if the cleaning will be always performed by the same persons or not. It’s your home / office after all, and you cannot leave any stranger into it.

Decide if you want a Deep Cleaning or a General Cleaning
As you might imagine, a deep cleaning will be a lot more expensive than a general cleaning, but the results will also be better. A deep cleaning is advisable every six months, and you should consider doing it in this time frame, because of health related reasons. On the other hand, a general cleaning is usually done weekly, by-weekly or in a one-time cleaning session, depending on your preferences. It involves activities such as cleaning the floors, furniture, bathroom and kitchen, or your office working space, if that’s the case. Depending on your particular needs, you should choose one of these two options. 

Can they provide a Flexible Schedule
Normally, none of us want to be surrounded by cleaning workers when we are home or during the office working hours. That’s why, it’s for the best to find a company that can provide time flexibility with their services. Thankfully, most of the cleaning companies in Singapore operate on evenings or even during weekends. If this schedule isn’t convenient for you, you should establish that with your contractor, and let it know about your desired timetable. 

Even though it seems a little hard to find a proper cleaning services company, it isn’t. Just do your ‘homework’, focus on every single detail from our list, and you will find the perfect contractor in no time.

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