How to Handle Age-related Vision Problems for Healthier Vision in Old Age

Sep 20th 2015 at 10:59 PM

If you are above 60 years old, you will notice that you don’t perceive the lighting in your space like you used to when you were younger. The need for additional illumination while indoors is an indication that your eyes’ pupils no longer open as wide as they used to, thus they allow very little light in. Light passes to the retina which is where images are formed. When you have lesser light reaching the retinas, images will not appear as sharp as they once did. To deal with this problem of low vision indoors, you can start by mounting task lighting in areas where you regularly do your work, such as above kitchen counters or in the garage. If your work involves intricate details such as sewing or working with precision equipment, you will find that the quality of your work is beginning to suffer because you cannot see very well. Additional lighting in dark corners will brighten work surfaces and allow you to perceive more details as you work. If you are employed, you should ask your employer to install lighting in your work area. Note that the type of lighting installed is important. What you want is task lighting that is appropriate for working with, not ambient lighting, which is suitable for general lighting in a room.

While adjusting your lighting will help you, note that it is a temporary fix for coping and therefore you need to address your problem of diminishing vision. It’s important to get thorough eye tests meant for aged eyes. The right tests will rule out the presence of any age-related diseases that pose a threat to your vision. Should the eye doctor perceive any problems, he or she will advise on the best corrective procedures that will address problems such as near or far sight, color perception and contrast. A lot of these problems can be addressed through Lasik surgery and you should ask your doctor about laser eye surgery cost and whether you will be a good candidate for it.

One of the main vision problems that doctors are keen on when dealing with older patients is cataracts. Cataracts cause cloudy vision and could result in permanent blindness if left untreated. The treatment of cataracts is done through a surgical procedure through which the cloudy lens is removed and an artificial one is put in. Other problems such as glaucomaand macular degeneration can also be detected through eye tests. Macular degeneration, especially in its advanced stages, could result in serious vision loss or the existence of blind spots. In such situations, your eye doctor will prescribe magnifying lenses and lens filters. The important thing to remember is that the doctors can only help you through procedures like cataract surgery if you regularly get eye tests performed on your eyes. Vision loss in old age is a common problem but it’s one that can be avoided as long as you are keen on your vision.

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