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3 years ago

How to get your Residual income business started

Dec 2nd 2010 at 11:01 AM



Musicians do it,actors and actress's do it. Just about anyone in any kind of market does this. It's the way they all earn the kind of income all of us dream of and then go live the lives we dream of as well while hardly lifting a finger. I mean come on look at Tupac he's been gone  for awhile and not only is he still releasing C.D's he's getting PAID! The million dollar question is he really gone or a marketing genius?This my friends is what a residual income is all about. You create a product,present it to the masses and start generating an income that comes in month after month. Cd's,Movies's,books,clothes,make-up,food,beverages keep paying their owners forever. This is what makes the internet so lucrative. All of us now have access to connect to millions of people right from our living rooms. Unfortunately there are tons of "golden opportunities" and "secrets" designed to do nothing but suck in you and your money. Believe me I am a former internet buyer who became an internet marketer. Point is people know there are very lucrative ways to earn extra money out here so there rushing in without learning the do's and don'ts.

Getting your Residual income rolling 

Getting a residual income started is not hard. What makes it LOOK difficult is to many believe in instant gratification. They see and believe all those cool  catchy ads and splash pages that swear they have the "SECRET" that your missing. There business "DOES IT FOR YOU". I have repeated this over and over Not because this is wrong. I get more crap by legitimate companies for they think I am bashing them. Not true. What I AM trying to do is let people know those pages and ads are designed by professional marketers to get your attention,signature and business. Its only then you find out they don't mean a lot of what they say literally. The "SECRET" is usually promote our proven to work capture pages,you know like the one that worked on you and got you to sign up, to get a massive downline.The  "SPILLOVER" you'll get means eventually someone may trickle down to you or someone may look up your company randomly on Google or some other search engine and it may be your link that pops up. The "No RECRUITING NECESSARY WE DO IT FOR YOU" means you are now in our rotator were everyone in the business collectively recruits and your name goes up a list BUT if you don't promote a little bit or get some many hits a month you will get kicked out. People who are pretty new take these adds literally,sign up then feel duped and scream SCAM! So I try to let others know to REALLY make it in any business first STOP buying into every new pre-launch and program second focus on the business/opportunity your in. Then no matter what any one says you MUST GET TRAFFIC. a Residual income  that comes in month after month must continuously have traffic. Offline or Online traffic means customers,customers mean people see you  and thats how you start getting sign ups,referrals or sales.

You gotta see this video!

As an example lets use You tube. Someone posts a video of someone falling on there butt. Its Hilarious. Others see it,laugh there heads off,then share it. The people they share it with like it,share it and overnight 1 million,2 million,3 million hits AMAZING!. That is an example of viral traffic. Now Imagine if the people who posted the but breaking video  mentioned  a website that people can go to if they want to see more or learn more about Butt breaking and head cracking videos. All that traffic has now been redirected to there website which will now get tons of traffic as well. GREAT! On that website they have a product url,affiliate link,referral link that pays 1$ per click. We cant say for sure that all those people will go to your website and not all of them will click your link but I bet enough will to make you happy. Plus that video will be there forever. So the traffic will be to. Honestly,it's that easy.  You tube was just an example. You can use Articles,Blogs,forums,social sites or my favorite method of Traffic generation right now Traffic exchanges. A year ago I never used traffic exchanges only to find out I was literally leaving 1,000's of free visitors on the table every month.  Free is the BEST way to start a residual income business  but remember Free does not really mean free. You may not have to spend any money to get started but you definitely will have to spend time. That old saying treat it like a business it will pay you like a business,treat it like a hobby you probably won't get paid at all is very true. Don't fall for the promises of instant gratification. Traffic (video's, articles,TE's) + Conversions (sales,referrals or clicks on your site)= $$ that's it. Your Business will be up an running,your residual income will start coming in and you'll have more active down lines, get more traffic, make more sales and be on your way to having your own list to promote your business or any future affiliate programs.

Always use respect 

There is a saying that actually makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I hear it " THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST" Nothing could be further from the truth. Your list is made up of people who,like yourself,are looking for a product or information. They respected and trusted you enough to join your list, Respect them by Providing recommendations you honestly feel are in their best interest. If they believe a suggestion is suited to them, you'll have a deal That's a win-win situation. I really hope this helps get you,your product,your business headed in the right direction. As long as your willing to dedicate your time,put in the effort and respect other people you will not only see a residual income month after month but you will be able to watch it grow into more then you will ever imagined. To your success and God Bless,
Bradley G aka Oposit

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