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How to Get the Most Free Advertising from a Text Ad Exchange!

Sep 22nd 2010 at 1:04 PM

How to Get the Most Free Advertising from a Text Ad Exchange!

Text Ad Exchanges provide a Wide Variety of Free Advertising for their members
See my Article: Text Ad Exchanges: What are they and Why Join Them?
For an Introduction as to What is a Text Ad Exchange and What the Wide Variety of Advertising they provide!
In This Article I want to focus On How To Get the Most Free Advertising you can from an Ad Exchange.

Almost Every Text Ad Exchange will provide their members a Promo Code to Redeem for Free Advertising.
This promo code is an incentive for a member to join their site.
They usually give their Joining Members a Sample of what they have to offer in Advertising.
Such as a couple solo ads, a couple Banners with 1,000 views etc..
Once You Join an Ad Exchange Look on the index page or inside the members area
for a Promo Code.
I have seen several new members join and NOT Redeem their promo code and it totally boggles my mind why
a person would join and Not take advantage of the Free Advertising that is given.
So Please Always use the promo code as soon as you join , Verify your email address and Log in to the members Area.
A lot of the Text Ad Exchanges Only give you 24 hours to use this promo code!

How do you redeem your promo code for the Free Advertising.
In most sites they have a navigation area on the left to browse easily around their sites
Look for the Navigation that Says: Advertising
Once you are there you will see an Area to paste the promo code in and click submit.
Then it will tell you that your Advertising has been successfully posted or if you have provided the wrong promo code, which means you have either copied the promo code incorrectly by maybe adding a space before or after the words provided by the Admin.
If you are still having problems use the support function and let the Admin know that you are having problems so they can help you with this matter and you are given the Free Advertising you need.

Sometimes Admins provide More Free Advertising bonuses in their Admin Emails.
So Make sure you read all the Admin emails for more Promo Codes to Redeem.
The newer Text Ad Exchanges have a Browse Admin Emails
So you can browse them easily just in case you missed them going to your Email box.
Plus You Receive higher Credits Clicking the Credit Link for Admin Emails, so make sure you read them and click the Credit links!

Also More Bonuses:
Some Admins provide Extra Bonus Advertising for their PRO or JV members
You will find them in the PRO Bonus Area on the navigation or JV bonus
Some give a Monthly Promo code so you will need to Log in once a month to redeem your promo code
So make sure you keep Track of These Sites by bookmarking them as Log in Monthly
or putting all of them on a note pad.

Some of the Newer Ad Exchanges provide the Bonus Advertising Automatically into your Account on your Anniversary Date (Date you upgraded) or some provide the Advertising into your account automatically on the First Day of Each Month.
It should tell you in the bonus area if you need to log in monthly or if it is automated.

MORE Bonuses:
Some Admins swap promo codes with other Admins
These Are sometimes listed in their Business builder/downline builder which can be also found in the left hand site navigation
of each Ad Exchange. Check these out as you can find good promo codes to other sites in there!
They also may have them listed in the PRO /JV bonus Area with links to join the other sites with their special promo code  they were given for their members Only to redeem. (So please do not share these promo codes)

Active Readers Awards/ Active members Prizes:
You can also Earn Extra Free Advertising at Text Ad Exchanges by Being Active.
You will find these incentives listed in : Active Member Rewards area also on the navigation bar inside thee members Area.
I always check this area out!
Need more credits or ran out of Advertising check this area out and see how you can earn Bonus Credits and / or Free Advertising you desire.
Admins Change these Frequently so Keep checking this area when you log in!

Win Contests:
Some Text Ad Exchanges have Clicking Contests or Referral Contests and Provide Awesome Cash / Upgrades/ Advertising
as an incentive to Refer others to their Text Ad Exchange or be the Top Clickers of the Site for the month.
Always check this out as you  can win Cash and Great Advertising with these Contests!

Last but Not Lease:
One Time offers and Special offers:
When you join an Ad Exchange and you have successfully verified your Email Address you are brought to a One Time Only offer page. This is usually the Best Deal offered to their members with an upgraded membership with Loads of Advertising for their members. Sometimes the One Time Only is offered inside the membership area navigation as a 2nd Chance OTO but don't always count on seeing that One Time Offer again. The Special offer page is usually there for the members to take advatnage of for a long period of time and you will see it every time you log in.. Read them carefully though as if they are a very good offer
the Admin usually runs them for a short time.

Well as you can see there are a whole lot of ways to Find Bonus Free Advertising at Text Ad Exchanges!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Until next time
Have a prosperous Week
Best Wishes to Your success!

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Sep 24th 2010 at 6:18 AM by whips
Great info Dee, & I can attest 1st hand to it's accuracy!
Sep 23rd 2010 at 10:56 PM by haroon132
Thanks Dee for writing these wonderful articles they helped me out a lot and they also increased my knowledge about Text Ad Exchanges.

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