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Hi There. My name is Keith Everett and I am an Internet Marketer & Author.

On my blog you will find a wide range of Money Making Information,Tips & Tricks to really help you to increase your bank balance. And hopefully change your whole life for the better.

This blog was designed to help motivate,empower and inspire you to live life to the fullest, by creating life changing amounts of money, something, most people can only dream about.

So first, here is a little about me..

I live in Broxboune, Hertfordshire, England. I grew up in Enfield, when Enfield was still in the county of Middlesex. It is now a LONDON borough.

I have always been an ambitious person, even when I was a scrawny 13 year old. At 13 years of age, I had started up a paid newsletter on the subject of buses, and my dad freaked out one day when a grown man came to our house to meet the Editor in Chief of this popular publication.

I started My first Mail Order Business At 14

I was a great one for buying and selling things through the \"Exchange & Mart\" a weekly buy & sell magazine, and made my first sales in my own Mail Order Business at 14.

I was never a real hotshot at school, and literally hated every subject except MATHS... You see, even in those days, the power of NUMBERS was kicking in, as I was preparing to make good, my financial future.

By the time I was 21, I had my first REAL taste of making money.... I bought a Betting Shop in Camberley, Surrey.

A £37,000 Profit

At 21, I was one of the youngest betting office licence holders in the UK, and my first venture into the betting business was a success. I sold this same shop 16 weeks later to a chain of Bookmakers and made a £37,000 profit.

Not bad for a kid wet behind the ears eh?

In the last 30 or so years, I have had a driving school, an Ice Cream business, a Horse Racing Tipping Business and I even made a good living selling diet pills on eBay.

I hasten to add, I have also had many failures as well.

Penniless, Homeless - Broke

A few years later, the money was gone..

My lowest point ever was in 1987 when my then girlfriend who I adored with all my heart, ended our relationship. In the next 18 months my life fell apart and not only did I become homeless & virtually friendless (who wants to know when you are on a downward spiral ?). At one point I was near enough destitute. I had gone from that happy go lucky chap with all the hope in the world, who made £37,000 in 16 weeks, to someone who couldn\'t even afford the price of a good meal.

You Can Do Anything

I spent the next few years rebuilding my life, learning how to cope with setbacks and to realise that the setbacks are just the hurdles we encounter along the way before true successes come. We pretty much get what we pretty much expect in this life..

That is my story. I am telling you this, not to moan about my life, but to let you know that SUCCESS can sometimes mean having plenty of FAILURES... and even though you have failed and things got SO bad that you just plain old wanted to give up... NEVER ever give in and GIVE UP..... Success comes to those who STAY the distance...If you keep on aiming for the BULLSEYE, you will surely hit it EVENTUALLY!

Even if the whole world seems against you... YOUR TIME WILL COME...

Straight Talk - This life is not all about YOU and you earning money. It\'s about YOU helping people and GIVING people what they want...then you have EARNED the RIGHT to make money... most people don\'t understand this, that\'s why they never make any REAL money!

So, here I am, loving every minute of being an Internet Marketer. I have written many articles on making money and a book entitled \"10 Killer Ways To Make Money from Home\"

I work from home, and my big ambition is to make it to the TOP in this business and to show other people how to RECLAIM their lives by becoming financially independent.

If you help enough people get what THEY want... you will get what you want.

Enjoy the Blog, don\'t be a stranger, come back often..


P.S Why not grab yourself a FREE copy of my book, just leave your name and email address in the opt in form, top right of the page.

Free Report - 10 Killer Ways to Make Money from Home,

How to get ANY website Highly Ranked on GOOGLE, without being an SEO expert…

Aug 13th 2010 at 3:29 PM

The main problem people have with regards to making money online, is quite simply – they don’t ever get enough TRAFFIC to their Websites – not enough people ever get to see their offers, hence they always experience mediocre results… perhaps, a handful of sales here and there.

It’s no use having a wonderful Website, with a wonderful offer, at a wonderful price if hardly anyone gets to see it.

A lot of website owners spend a lot of time adding good content to their sites (which is good),  to make them interesting and attractive to viewers, but spend virtually NO time at all ,getting the most important component – TRAFFIC..

We are kind of led to believe that site OPTIMISATION (SEO) is best left to the “experts” and would be too time – consuming, too technical or too expensive if we attempted to do it ourselves…

I first realised that  this was all a bit of a HOAX really – There are some very good site optimisation experts out there, but unless you have money to burn, you can do a good job yourself without getting caught up in the technical side of it.

I knew very little about getting traffic at first – I still knew a great deal more though than the guy who was building my Websites. In fact, his knowledge of getting traffic was solely – FREE web submissions.

This is where you submit your site to a handful of online search engines for free in the hope that your site gets enough coverage to EARN some real,sort of web presence.

We have never had so many ways to get our Websites seen and bombarded with traffic, than we have today. You do not need to pay an SEO expert hundreds, if not thousands of Pounds or Dollars to do this.

Ok, lets take this step by step:

Our aim is to get our site seen by the MASSES, which would mean, greater numbers viewing our site, this should mean MORE people will end up doing something, i.e joining our Opt – In list or directly BUYING our products.

OK, how can we do this, obviously the list of ideas on getting more traffic can be huge and couldn’t all be covered in this one article but here is a LINKED strategy which can be used to good effect and could quite easily get you on the front page of Google for your specific Keywords related to your Website & Niche.

Keywords can be singular or they can contain several words – this is not Double Dutch, this is just how it is – A Keyword that contains four words is still a keyword, it is not know as “keywords”, it is just known as a long tail keyword. i.e “Make Money From Home” is a long tail keyword, containing four words.

Why do we have long tail keywords? simply because short tail keywords such as “Make Money” are highly sought after keywords, and the competition is vast, hence the chances of you getting to page 1 on Google with a short tail keyword are fairly limited – not impossible but fairly limited.

Trish Mullen did an excellent video on how to choose the right keywords for your domain name (website address).

Ok, so lets assume you have gone on to Google and you have searched for their Keyword tool, appropriately known as the “Google Keyword Tool” , you add your keywords or phrases you think are suitable for your niche, and the tool will show you how many online searches Google has received for your particular keywords, lets say you are using our example keywords -”Make Money From Home” – today I can see, this keyword had 15,000 searches in the last month, now this article is not intended as a step by step guide on how to find acceptable keywords – we cetainly don’t have the space here to do this, but with a little research, you can learn how to do this. For the purposes of today’s article, we shall accept, “Make money From Home” as our chosen longtail keyword.

OK, so next we choose our keyword rich domain for our Website (if you don’t already have one) – now, don’t you think, it should contain the phrase “Make Money From Home”,perhaps within the title ? – Sure, OK, lets see what is available today on GoDaddy.

The only domain I can see today worth considering is, I always prefer a .com as even if you choose a etc, people seem to automatically type in .com.

Now again – this is an example only, this is purely to emphasise the importance of having a keyword rich domain, so Google picks it up and hopefully ranks it nearer the front in the Google rankings, now imagine if your domain was something like,  although it has the keyword “Make Money”, in the domain, this is a very competitive keyword and it would take a lot of SEO to get this baby to the forefront on Google.

As I said, this in not an article on Keywords…

OK, so now we have our keyword rich domain.. how do we get our website to hopefully appear on page 1 at Google?

What I would do is Take a Keyword rich title like, “How to MAKE MONEY FROM HOME – wearing nothing but your underwear” for example and I would write an article on this subject and place it on my Blog or Website. Then I would send the same article to Ezine Articles. with of course, a link back to my Website, plus dont forget to include a link in your bio (author) box.

Now Google, loves this site – not only because it is probably the BEST Article site on the Internet, but because it has so many varied, quality articles, and Google loves quality content. This is a very POWERFUL link to your site, getting articles published here will really do wonders for getting more TRAFFIC to YOU..

You can also send your article to hundreds of other FREE article sites – this is very time consuming, however there are automated ways of doing this.

OK, so we now have, a keyword rich domain name for our website. we have a Keyword rich article, on our Website or Blog – the same Keyword rich article published by Ezine Articles…. and now!  We make a FREE 30 second video explaining our article on Animoto with, wait for it – the same keyword rich title as our article, linking back to our Website or Blog

We then upload this video to YouTube and there we have it.

This way of getting your Website seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people has not cost you anything, except a little time

Can you see what we are doing here – we are forming a circle of keyword rich ways, all linked together to rank your Website or Blog higher in the Google rankings, Google loves content rich Websites, by using quality content, linked to good keywords and supported by keyword rich titled videos (Google loves video), you are making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to not get higher rankings.. who knows, your Website could soon be sitting on Page 1 of Google.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s tip -  I could probably write a whole book just on this subject alone, but it gives you an outline of how to get more traffic to your site.

I will be back tomorrow, don’t forget – if you have a money making tip of your own, you would like to share with people, please send it here

If published, it can be linked back to your Website, Blog or Video. Also, please feel free to comment on these tips (below),

I am always interested to see, if you are finding them useful etc, please do leave a link to your Website, with each comment.

All the best


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