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I am internet junkie. I'm really on the internet way too much but truthfully,,, I really enjoying trying to make a buck and helping others do the same.

I sit back in my recliner and sometimes fall asleep with my computer in my lap. See,,, I have a bad back and really can't sit at a desk without extreme pain. Sitting in my recliner helps with the pain because it's a big mans recliner and I have plenty of room in it. Most nights I sleep in it.

I'm in so many different money making biz ops that we,,, me and my wife decided on making an LLC to put all of these businesses under one identity. I have a website for this at LLC

Wilbert | ThatFreeThing
FREE ZEEK REWARDS-save money, make money and penny auctions also. Very interesting site. Some people are bidding $1 and getting $50-100 items.

How To Get An Endless Supply Of Fresh Hot Leads - People That Want You To Call Them and Expect you to Call and Email Them

Apr 24th 2011 at 9:43 PM

One of the easiest home businesses you will ever see. The hardest part about starting a home business is finding and getting leads. How would you like it if all you had to do was get 3 leads and from then on out you would have an endless supply of good fresh leads? Would you be interested if I told you for $100 a month you would get endless fresh leads and probably be more then you could handle. I know I would be interested.

Well,,, I hate to inform you of this but NO, I cannot just 2 bucks a monthsupply you with those leads for $100 a month. See you were right,,, it sounded to good to be true, there is no way I could do that for $100. I could not even do that for $200. OK, now sit down and let me tell you how much this is going to cost you. Yes sit down,,, I don't want you to faint!!!!

Are you sitting down???
OK OK, just make this one promise to me. If I tell you the price and you already know it's not $100 or $200 but if I could explain it all out to you and I could really show how you can get an endless supply of good quality leads that will make your business take off wouldn't that be worth a lot more then $200 a month?

Yes it's worth more then $200,,, you bet it is!

By the title of this you already see that the list making tool is $2 but here is the catch.

There is always a catch with these online ads.
You know the bait and switch.

Well I really hate to inform you of this but that $2 you have to pay every month is ALL YOU HAVE TO PAY!!!!

I almost scared myself into thinking it was going to be more then $2 a month but no that is it. Just $2 a month for this viral list building machine that pays you back 15 levels.

So not only do you get a ton of leads but you also get yourself a money making opportunity.

CLICK HERE to get a review of this Home Business and Lead Builder.

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Dec 14th 2012 at 9:21 PM by shahids
I get a home business and lead builder your site.

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