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How To Generate 3 To 5 Sign Ups Weekly In ANY MLM or Opportunity

Feb 24th 2011 at 6:00 PM

Whenever I tell people that this is possible they look at me like I've lost my mind.  But the truth of the matter is that you CAN do this, on a weekly basis if you follow the formula.

So, here's the formula...

To generate 3 to 5 sign ups in your business, every week all you need to do is have the right system in place and be WILLING to communicate with the people that subsribe to your system.  That's the formula, in a nutshell.   The components of the system are...

1.) Traffic - attracting targeted traffic using an incentive of great value works best.  Advertise the free incentive where advertising is permitted or create content that offers a lead in to the free incentive and then provide a link that leads to a place where your potential subscribers and learn more.

2.)  Utilize a lead capture page where your prospects will provide you with their name, e-mail address and even telephone number in trade for the incentive you are giving away.  This will allow you to create a list.  The better the quality of the information you are giving away, the better the quality of the list.

3.) Utilize your automated message (send from your auto responder) to relate with your subscribers (based on their needs) and provide them with the incentive.

4.)  Use the series of auto responder messages to continue the giving and relationship building process.

Now, this is where things might start to sound a bit different than what most people are teaching.  If you want to keep your subscribers then keep the amount of selling that you do, through your automated message. to a minimum.  In fact, I only recommend that you use an occasional tag ad to do any minor selling.

When you are ready to start building a down line, for example, then use the broadcast feature or your auto responder, to conduct a live webinar/training.  Give your readers a good hour of rock solid information and then use that training to lead into the SERVICE or PRODUCT that opportunity is based on... no the opportunity or compensation plan.

The best distributors, on the planet, are customers who have had a breathrough in life with your product or service.

I know, this sounds quite a bit different then what you are probably hearing elsewhere, but I assure (and my business partner will back me on this)... this formula works GREAT!

If you want to learn more, I'll tell you everything I know at NO COST.  Click here for more info.





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May 5th 2011 at 1:36 PM by befocused
Excellent advise Rex, enjoyed reading
Mar 3rd 2011 at 11:13 AM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
Absolutely true Rex, I am honored to know such a smart marketing professional. You tell the truth and give good value always.
Feb 27th 2011 at 8:27 PM by tonyg1162
I too agree and I must echo Dee's comments,I have just finished unsubscribing from 5 such Lists. The reason,I was receiving not 1 but two emails per day all promoting different Opportunities,so yes your Article is Informative and will work,if you treat your Customers with Respect.Warm Regards,Tony
Feb 26th 2011 at 12:11 PM by deewest
I agree with your Article Good Advice That is one of the reasons why I do not like to sign up to someone's lead capture page .......... Some people abuse the system. I like your philosophy Great Job Another great article Best Wishes Dee

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