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How to Fix Your Negative Branding Mistakes

Oct 5th 2010 at 11:38 AM

Before listing the suggestions for fixing your negative brand, let's begin with 3 basic ground rules that we should agree upon: 

  1. Even though you may consider your Facebook and Twitter accounts as your 'personal' sites and your LinkedIn resume/profile as your 'professional' site, your next employer will not make that distinction. They will check anything and everything that is available to the public.
  2. You must protect and enhance your 'personal brand' as it is being created on your blogs, posts and social network accounts.
  3. You should never post anything on your 'personal' sites that you wouldn't want your boss (husband, wife, mother) to see.  

Let's just assume that you may not have always followed these rules while on your social networking sites. Hey, you probably didn't even realize that you were developing your personal brand!

Negative Branding Examples

OK, let's just say that maybe you are a little concerned about some of your photos or posts. Maybe some of your rants, tweets or responses were a little over the top in language, attitude or bluntness? Or, maybe you forgot about those posts you made right after you had been partying a little too much. Or, the Monday morning post when you told the world how much you hated your job and your boss? These are just a few of the negative things that might put your future job application in the 'reject' vs. 'interview now' stack.

Fixing a Negative Brand

Before you can fix your negative brand reputation, you have to know what is out there. So, 'Google' your name and see what your future (or current) boss will see. If you feel that all of the links present a positive and professional image and your social media sites are positive, you get to skip the rest of the article (unless you want to find out what some of your friends will be doing). If you do find one or more negative issues, here are some suggestions on how to fix them: 

  1. Check out your profile photos on Facebook or similar social media sites. Upload new ones if they do not present your personal/ professional brand in the way you want to be perceived.
  2. Check out the friends, family and acquaintances you are following. If you find any unsavory or questionable characters, delete or 'unfollow' them.
  3. Check out ALL of your posted photos and albums. If you find yourself in photos that might cast a negative light, delete them.
  4. Check your selection of books, games, quotes or websites on your 'like' or 'favorites' list. What about your 'dislike' list? It doesn't take much of a detective to put together an impression of you based on these items. All of these together tell a story of who you are and what you are like - all of which could be dead wrong. Make changes in these items to characterize a more positive image.
  5. Check any articles or content you may have written on subjects that may be damaging to your personal brand. If they are posted where they can be edited, fix them or delete them. If you cannot delete all of them, then write new articles and posts that present the personal brand you do want to represent you today. The newer posts will be ranked higher by Google than your older posts.
  6. Use caution when tweeting. Fortunately, tweets do not stay around as long on Google so you may not have to worry about cleaning them up. If there are negative tweets out there, though, just make sure that you tweet a few positive ones that will clear up any questions. And, for the future, put a post-it note on your monitor as a reminder to continue creating a positive story of you.
  7. Ask your friends not to 'tag' you in their pictures. Now that you are aware of how your personal brand may be viewed by your future employers, ask your friends NOT tag you in their photos. This may avoid a problem if picked up by a hiring manager or recruiter in the future.
  8. Rebrand yourself on your professional site (LinkedIn). Upgrade your content and increase your professionalism. Instead of just listing the standard resume-type information, try posting an article or discussion memo of the current trends or issues in your industry or specialty area. You should also add keywords and phrases that will lead searchers to your home page.
  9. Create a social media resume. This is one of the best ways of presenting your personal brand, thus removing those last remnants of negativity.

 Personal reputation branding is just as important for individuals as it is for corporations. Make sure that you fix your negative branding mistakes by creating a 'personal brand' that matches who you are and how you would like to be perceived.

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