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How To Find Good Advertising

Dec 20th 2010 at 2:56 PM

How Do You Find Real Advertising

In 1996, when I first started my business, I was selling a subscription to 40,000 opt in leads a month for $29.95. I had about 200 clients from around the USA that were one of the new Internet MLM's like Six Figure Income or Herbalife, Mellaluca, ACN, etc. I've watched companies come and go like the tides and seen some good companies and some very bad companies.

I'm lucky because I'm in an industry that is always in demand from every type of company there is no matter how good, bad, small, large, etc...


Nowadays there are people from all over the world and from every type of company imaginable including people that just want a lot of Facebook followers or Tweeters. If you think about it, is there really anyone online that doesn't need some form of advertising?

Just like every business model, there are good advertising companies and there are bad advertsing companies. Unfortunately, the bad far outweigh the good and 1000's of people every day spend money on services that don't bring results. In general, if it doesn't cost a fairly high price, it doesn't produce anything. For example, if you spend $20 on 10,000 leads, you can be pretty sure that you are not going to get many conversions from your investment. The same hold true for banner advertisng, SEO services, email marketing services, web based autoresponders, and anything else you can think of.

On the other hand, paying too much for services does not always mean you are going to get a better service. There are companies out there that charge $2.50 for a real time lead and the lead should probably sell for 25 cents and with all of the advancements in graphics and web design, it's become difficult to tell a good company from a bad company by their web presentation.

So how do you know a good company from a bad company?

There is no real way to tell ahead of time unless the company has been around for a long time and has an easily verifiable reputation. The bad thing about this is that there are many new companies that have come on to the scene that are providing amazing products and services and there are some long time companies that started out great but have started to let their service decline as their income increases. These are the real problem. I have used several companies for years and have only recently realized that their services are no longer getting the results they were just 2 years earlier yet they have grown exponentiallty in that same time period. This illustrates that the demand for advertising is so great that these companies just cannot provide as much as the demand.

There are a few things that can help you at least know a little before you spend your hard earned money on advertising that may not produce results.

1. Alexa Rankings: If a company is offering SEO services and their ranking is 750,000 in the USA market, you can be pretty sure that they are not very good at driving traffic to your site. On the other hand, if a company is new, you wouldn't expect to see them in the top 10K either. A new company is doing very well if they are below 75K in the Alexa Rankings.

2. Ask for a sample: When buying leads, get a look at the data that will be delivered. It doesn't have to be a big sample and the email address is not really important. You should see at least 6 to 8 fields of information and most importantly, LOOK at the date the file was generated. You should not buy leads that are more than 2 weeks old. At the very least, you should see the following fields: fname, lname, email, time/date stamp, IP address.

3. Variety: Most marketing companies know that there is no 1 way to advertise and in order to be successful, do multiple things well. If you are on a site that offers only banner advertising and not solo ads, you can be fairly certain that they use 3rd party companies to provide the service. This means that you will not have recourse if and when the campaign starts to go south.

While non of these options are accurate 100% of the time, it is still advisable important to know how to recognize the warning signs.

At the risk of making this article sound like sales letter, I want to tell you about my company Biz Launch Marketing LLC. It should be obvious by now that I've been in the internet marketing industry for some time andin that time I have learned that the only 100% guaranteed way to be successful is to MAKE OTHER PEOPLE MONEY.

With this in mind I have put together a catalog of marketing products and services that are priced to ensure a profitable campaign. Since I have been in the leads business since 1996, I am very good at what I do and we sell the absolute best leads at the lowest prices online. I have also make a lot of valuable contacts and, with the size of our member database, I am able to negotiate rediculous prices from companies that are the best in the business at what they do. Every product or service we offer has been tested and re-tested for effectivenes and only the best have made it. With our price negotiating and strict requirements, we offer services from the absolute best providers online today and we can price them far below the retail price.

And here's the twist....

We pay unbelivable commissions on 6 levels.

This gives anyone the ability to cash in on the demand for advertising but that's not the real attraction. We have leaders of major mlm companies who simply tell their downlines to buy advertising from Biz Launch Marketing. By doing this, these leaders have their downline buy amazing advertising which in turn, grows their downline AND they make huge commissons from the purchase of the advertising. Our average client buys advertising from BLM 2 times a month and we have NEVER been asked for a refund. This means that every time someone buys advertising from you, they will continue to buy over and over again and you will get commission on every ad purchase made for life.

There are paid memberships that give higher discounts on personal ad purchases and higher commission for referrals but even the free membership saves you 15% off of prices that are already lower than anywhere else. Most of our members signed up as free members and then upgraded as soon as they saw that they were actually making sales. We even have people that have quit their day jobs becuase of BLM.

How can you find buyers?

Take the following test and you will see just how easy it is to sell advertising:

  1. Open your spam/junk folder in whatever email client you use.
  2. Open the 1st message in this folder and read it.
  3. You've just found your first lead
  4. Now hit reply and send the following reply:
    "Thank you for your offer. You should show it to more people. I can help you with amazing advertising at prices that are unbelievable."
  5. Hit Send
  6. Repeat this process with the next email

If you do this with every message that comes in, you will do exaclty what every one of our members do.....

You'll Make Money.

Come take a look at Biz Launch Marketing and give it a shot. It costs you nothing and in the worst case scenario, you will have access to the best services at the lowest prices around.

I hope that this article will help you in some small way and I really look forward to hearing from you.

Emanuel Alfaro
Biz Launch Marketing LLC

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