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How To Educate Before You Sell

Jul 13th 2011 at 8:07 AM

We all make the mistake of making assumptions and you know what they say about assumptions don't you? Don't assume that your customers know as much as you think they do. I never assume my customers have the complete knowledge to make an educated decision to buy my product thats why I take the approach of giving them an understanding of my product or service before I even begin to make the sale.

I always try to project a positive attitude about my company and product or service, how do you project your expertise and knowledge base about your product, or do you just go for the juglar and the sale? I love proving to my potential customers that my company is as good as it says it is. It shows confidence and that your company's information is worth sharing.

When customers feel and know that you're concerned about their well being and you educate them about your product before you just swoop in for the sale that puts them at ease and they begin to feel that you're a person worth dealing with, who needs those high pressure sales tactics? You may as well stand on a corner wearing a Trenchcoat saying, Psssssst, wanna buy a watch?

My definition of Marketing is getting the right information to the right people at the right time. The right information builds credibility and naturally guides customers to your business or service. Once you properly educate people you don't have to spend all that time trying to sell them on the advantages of your company because they already know.

We could all use an edge on the competition, thats why I use my blogs, articles and Marketing sites to educate rather than just spamvertise. You can grab more attention when you educate because all people see day in and day out are sales pitches, this way you can seperate yourself from the herd. These are simply suggestions, I use this technique with great success.

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