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Sep 9th 2010 at 11:24 PM

There are many ways to earn in kooday.

You earn 15% premium on each keyword sale
Earn 50% of the amount paid for each website links to your keyword
Residual income from Profit Share Credits that converts into cash weekly!
Earn 10% commission on purchases and 30% commission on website links
Minimum Payout is $1.00 within 7 days

Getting Started
1. Register in Kooday using this link –> JOIN KOODAY HERE <—  … there is an advantage joining a link coz once we notice that you own an active keyword there’s a huge possibility that we are going to purchase it from you! Just remember that you can only make one account!

2. Complete your account profile and set your payout info or your paypal account where you’ll receive your payment.

3. Fund your account to purchase some Kooday Dollars ($1.00 = 1 Kooday Dollar) Minimum investment is $5.00. Any unused funds can be withdrawn to your paypal account anytime.

4. Purchase some keywords starting at only $0.10 each. If someone owns the keyword that you like you have to purchase it to the owner of the keyword using your Kooday Dollars. All you need to do is search for a keyword using the kooday keyword search tool and check if it is owned or not.

Kooday Tips and Tricks
If you want to participate in the weekly profit sharing rewards,
you must strive to accumulate as much profit share as you can. Popular keywords carry more profit-share credits.
All high-rated keywords are expensive but not all expensive keywords have high-rating.
The rating of the keyword is BOTH tied to the number of times the keyword is sold AND the price of the keyword

Some of keywords i owned :

1×2php $0.49 8/24/2010 anticipation $0.10 8/22/2010 buy cialis $0.10 8/17/2010 cheap sales $0.10 8/24/2010 extra income online $2.37 8/24/2010 get cialis $0.10 8/22/2010 giftingbux $0.10 8/24/2010 high hits $0.10 8/23/2010 ips $0.10 8/22/2010 $0.10 8/17/2010 magic2×2 $0.10 8/24/2010 $0.10 8/20/2010 place advertisement $0.10 8/23/2010 secret weapon $0.26 8/23/2010 shopping spree $0.10 8/24/2010 $0.13 8/22/2010 travel business $1.08 8/23/2010 website testers $0.13 8/24/2010


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Nov 13th 2010 at 11:51 PM by Davrin
Hi amoptc, first saw kooday on Sweeva, didn't know much about it till reading your article. Thanks for sharing this info. Sounds like a good program! ~ David, California.
Oct 2nd 2010 at 6:08 PM by swom
Great explanation. Thanks for sharing.
Sep 10th 2010 at 3:59 AM by philjansen
Thanks for sharing amoptc, I am an active member and just love it! -

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