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How to Earn Money From FaceBook

Jun 28th 2013 at 11:51 PM
How to Make Money on Facebook? How to Make Money on Facebook - Free Detailed Pay Per Download (PPD) Guide!
First of all not wasting much time on my introduction and other stuff. Let's come straight to the point on how to make money on Facebook with Pay Per Download (PPD). Let me tell you some reasons about why to join Cleanfiles or to prefer Cleanfiles over any other Pay Per Download network.
- Highest paying per download network.
- Weekly payments along with well-known payment processors like PayPal, ACH and Checks.
- Minimum threshold is just $50.
- Wonderful website design and easy to use user interface.
- Wonderful support for your queries. They have a forum too which is managed by professional Moderators those are members as well.
- Last but not the least an Awesome Administrator who manages and owns this network.

This method is all about how to monetize or use world's leading social media network FACEBOOK. Please feel free to share this page with anyone as there is no way this method will become saturated. I'm sure you'll know by the end of this page that you know how to make money on Facebook!

The Power of Facebook.

How Facebook Makes Money

how to make money with facebook
Facebook is #1 Social networking website in the world and many people are wondering how facebook makes money. It now has more than a Billion (!!!!) members making it the Largest in History of any social networking website. It's freakishly addictive and so whatever you post I seen by a lot of people around there.
Many big advertisers have already realized it and hence they along with small businesses use Facebook ads for their business and to show their existence. This is exactly how Facebook makes money, but that's a guide for another day. We will focus is on Pay Per Download only for now.

Why Facebook?

Make money using facebook!

Make money using facebook
Being the largest social network, Facebook offers various features to its members to make and get friends together or get the like-minded people together. It allows users to create Groups, Pages etc.
Now when you have likes on the page or members in the group you can promote anything related to their interest and chat with them. Make good relations because it's going to help you later on.

What are the important things that are needed to make money with Facebook?

Can YOU make money on facebook?

Can YOU make money on facebook?

The most important thing you need is more and more fan pages and groups. The more likes and members you have the more it is beneficial and better for you.
So simply, all you need is Facebook pages and groups. You can buy those or make those or do whatever to get those. You will need more and more to make money.

How to create those important things?

Making money on Facebook

Making money on Facebook
This is the most difficult and important task while planning to make money with Facebook.
Now knowing that it has over BILLION members, I can assure you that it's not going to be too hard to get traffic on Facebook. Here I'm talking about getting traffic to your pages and groups, I mean getting likes and members for the pages and groups.
So if you already know about it or if you own a big page or a group. You can skip this topic and move on to next topic.
Getting back to traffic thing, I'm first going to show you how to make a Fan Page which can attract users towards it. Always remember one thing.
Many people think of just getting likes on the page. But believe me, there is nothing more worse than having likes from those we don't need at all!
Only try to get likes those are really interested in your page and your niche.

How to get traffic through Facebook?

Making money from Facebook

Making money from Facebook
Now here are some ways to get likes to your page.
1) Find the other pages related to your page and like them so that you can get their notifications. Now when you have liked them. Their updates will show up on your newsfeed. All you have to do is when the post an update just take your page code and copy paste it in their comments.
This is the most wonderful way to get targeted likes because when people will see your comment they will like your page because it's in the same niche that they are already interested in.
Now I know what the next question of you will be:
"How to get a code or tag a page in comments?"
Well you can get your page code on the page URL itself. For instance, this is the link of a Facebook page:
So the code of this page is the numbers at the end of the link i.e. "388193534594049".
Now this is not a complete code. All you have to do is just make this code appear like this: "@[388193534594049:]".
Just add "@" and then "[:]" and then paste the code between them. So it looks like this "@[YOUR PAGE CODE:]".
2) The other way to get likes to your page is by sharing your page with other pages of same category. You can find many pages of your interest and then message them asking for sharing and when they share your page you share them in exchange.
There are many more ways like social media exchange websites and more. But this guide is not about increasing likes on FB page. But feel free to checkout, this is a pretty decent site for likes.
So now you have likes. Just keep interacting with those guys and post regular updates to keep it active. Remember if you keep them happy now. They will help you earn money later.

How to monetize the crowd that is owned by you on Facebook?

How to make money in Facebook

How to make money in Facebook
Well this is really easy. Just post the links related to your niche. I mean when you have a blog which contains your Cleanfiles link. Post the URL of that blog and make sure your blog looks real and professional. Just post those links on all your Facebook pages and groups related to that niche.
Remember one thing if you have pages with different niche and groups. Do not post any link other than the one related to niche!
Believe me you are not gonna get a single conversion and you are gonna make those likes go away of your pages. So always post related links only!
Now as you guys know nobody likes links on the pages. So make sure you don't spam the page to DEATH. Post the link like 2-3 times a day and also post some really interesting stuff on the page before posting the link so that people will think that the link would be as interesting as the content on the previous update was. Once again DO NOT SPAM your page!

CleanFiles Payment Proof

Still Not Convinced? Check Out A Video On YouTube!

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What to promote on Facebook?

Make money from Facebook

What to promote on Facebook
What to promote is the most important question and a lot of people struggle with it!
Well you can almost promote anything...YES! Anything!
All you need to know is what the people actually want on Facebook. Believe me once you find that one thing. You will see a lot of $$$$ in your Cleanfiles account.
Okay I'll tell you how to do this:
Teenagers nowadays are going crazy about various things. They can do anything for these mentioned "various things". All you need to do is find the craziest thing trending or maybe create one.
Now to do that is really easy. Here is what I did, I made a blog saying "Justin bieber & Selena Gomez Caught having sex at the beach even after the breakup!". Well there you go I just created a craziest thing now. I know it's not true and its fake but make your blog so real looking that people will believe you. That's exactly what I did!
I downloaded some pics from google of Justin Bieber doing romance with Selena. Uploaded them to my blog. Wrote some catchy title and stated that to download and watch full video like below:
==========>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<===========
Now there was a Cleanfiles link behind that "CLICK HERE". Now I drove visitors to that blog. (I have big pages and groups so it was easy for me).
All the teenagers were like OMG!!! Let's watch it! They shared it like hell!!!. In 2 hours I got like 2500+ views on my blog.
I hope you understand what you can promote and how. This is not just it, you can promote almost anything! So if you have a page related to let's say Gaming, post cracks for games, beta key's, keygens etc.
Also if you are still wondering what I uploaded to my blog, I just uploaded Justin Bieber's song and renamed it to "Leaked Sextape" tape and upload that file to my Cleanfiles account.

What to do if you have no idea how to get traffic to monetize?

Make money with Facebook

make money from facebook
Well this usually happen when you have no pages or groups.
If you do not have a page or a group or no way to post links. There are still many ways that can get your files downloaded.
Well this is the main and really important part of this guide.
Here are some ways to promote your links on Facebook without having a single page or group.
Steps for this method:
1) Just like as many bigger pages as you can. Like more and more pages related to your file or niche.
2) Now keep an eye on the updates they post. whenever they post an update, comment on that post with your link along with a catchy title. For instance if your file is "Cracked version of Black ops 2" then you title in the comment should be like this "Download cracked version on Black ops 2 for free here "Your Link".
3) Try to comment as soon as possible, because the higher you comment is the better it will be seen and more users will see it . Always try to comment first!
4) Now when there is no update from the pages, Just visit those pages and post the link along with the tagline to their wall.
5) Post such links on every page you liked. But make sure its related.
6) SPAM the hell outta those pages! As those are not your pages you can just spam their walls with your links. The more you post the more users will see it and more are the chances of conversions.
Now you can also monetize your files even if you don't have pages by using the 6 steps above.

Is Facebook better than YouTube?

Making money Facebook

making money facebook
My answer is HELL YEAH!
I believe there is too much competition on YouTube and many times your video's get flagged by your competition and you can start all over again.
You also need to invest in things like "Likes", "Comments" and "Views". But for Facebook you don't need any investment at all!
Signup here for a Cleanfiles account!
Hope this will help you guys earn a lot of money! Remember:
The Sky Is The Limit!
Also Visit My Blog ON Earn Money From Internet
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