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How to Earn From Twitter

Oct 16th 2010 at 11:08 PM

So Twitter has become a revoutionary service which gained popularity with in a very short span of time. Twitter was really meant for Micro-Blogging service. But the present story is something beyond that. Thousands of people has already made their Twitter account as a full time income stream and really a home based business portal. You may be curious to know the real hardwork behind these people. But the interesting thing to note is that there is no such hardwork involved. It's all about application of some effective steps (secrets) in the right time in right the area. So, all you want to do is some regular home work. Let me make it more clear.

There are 3 classes of people who earn money using twitter.

People who purchase costly softwares for automation to start their business.

People who involve in social networking everyday and do the same for years to promote their products.

People who spend no money and use the best free available system to automate and earn within days.

So I am talking about the third class of people.

Let me ask you one question. Do you mind spending 5 minutes of time to login to your Twitter account and do some work with your computer's mouse? I mean to do some clicks. Please don't misunderstand. We are not  discussing about any Paid to click programs. PTC reign has almost been vanished. We are thinking something big and passive. And that's the way even today's beginners think.  Login to your account, do some clicks as mentioned in Targeted Twitter Followers. This book comprises of all the information needed for you to be successful in your online money making using twitter. You can get into the real business as soon as you finish reading the book with in a few minutes.  The book is the source of the ultimate techniques which are the answers to the following questions.

How to personalise your twitter profile which is capable of attracting thousands of followers in the first month itself? This section covers something beyond placing a good profile picture or inserting a nice background image. There are a lot of simple things that you would miss when it comes to creating your twitter profile page. You would be amazed to realize that it can be made as effective as your home page or about me page of your website promoting your favourite digital products.

How to drive traffic to your websites or pages by tweeting based on the two golden principles? It's 2010 now. It would be rediculous if you belive in the olden principle to get traffic. Things have changed a lot. If you are looking for such surprises it's better to have alook at Cristopher.C.Cemper's . He clearly mentions what strategies work and what won't work in this situation.

How to earn your affiliate commissions for the products your promote in your webpage? Again, you are not going to hear the same formulas that Affiliate Marketing courses use to train us for years. It's something proven and effective. Rather more, interesting.

How to turn visitors into your followers? This section is the most difficult to answer. Every person who visits your profile page would not click on your tweet links or buy products. But you can make use of the effective methods to get sales by providing them with compelling tweets. There is a small formulae hidden that only a few of us know about.

How to turn your followers into your customers using Twitter? You might have heard a lot about this slogan 'The more followers you get, the more money you make'. But people don't know how to get thousands of followers. So, this book has put every means to get chain of followers in the right way. No spamming at all.

How to increase the sales percentage using Twitter? I am one among the people who purchased the Super Afiliate Handbook written by Rosalind Gardner, the Affiliate Marketing Queen. But lately, I recognized that there was no need to spend my hard earned 47$ to purchase such a stuff even though it worth the amount. The same section is covered in the book that we are talking about now. But the ideas are still more practical. It doesn't matter whether you are a novice or professional, the result would be the same. 'The more passionate you are, the more money you make' - . This is the right slogan you have to remember now.

How to setup an automated system which would further simplify your work? At this point, you are free from your daily homework. I am not instructing you to purchase some costly softwares and resources to automate your business. You would get everything for free. People always miss high grade tools available for free which are even better than the paid ones that you used to see in the the sponsored links while you search the web for your solution.

How to increase leads using Twiitter? Many of the people are scratching their heads regarding this issue. It's really interesting to note that an ebook is being published every 2 hours regarding the techniques to earn money from twitter. But the fact is that only 2 out of 100 users are getting into the right track by selecting the right stuff.

Remember there is no SEO involved. So you need not worry about the boring and difficult methodologies like link building, hiring SEO consultants, Raw Marketing, etc. Just read the book and apply what is mentioned in it. It's that simple. The initial setup costs no money but 15 minutes of your time. Once you are into the real task, then you only need 5 minutes per day to get it done. Then you would find increase in leads and conversion rate of your sales right from the first hour of  applying the mentioned techniques.

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