How to earn from $100 to $500 within the next hour!

Jul 2nd 2010 at 3:09 PM

Whatever the issue-- We have the solution... Free
information and services on  a wide range of issues...
Health, Finance, More Income, Legal, Real Estate,
Family Support, Credit, Bankruptcy etc...  We provide
effective, low cost, even free solutions to today's
pressing issues, Plus-- a unique business opportunity
that allows you to earn from each and every product or
service that we provide!

The All Solutions Network Where Opportunity Always Knocks!

Join Us!-- Be Part of The Solution!

Your business requires...

No investment, No licenses, No sales experience,
No employees, No office space, etc.

The only thing this business requires is the Desire
to make or save money. And how is that done?

I just got involved with this business that I really thinks has a lot of



The company has been around over 15 years doing everything from home loans,

car loans, bankruptcies, merchandise sales and a whole host of other products

and services.


They just changed their business model so that we can have the opportunity to

basically work with them, making money from everything they do.  And it's

completely in our spare time, at our leisure, helping them market the

hundreds of products and services they provide.  It never costs us a dime and

they do most of the work i.e. they close the loans, they prepare the

bankruptcy petitions, they complete the credit repairs, they fill the

merchandise orders… and we make money from EVERYTHING,     How Much??…

Anywhere from about $40 for a Bankruptcy to around $1,5000 for a home loan.

I've already earned my first check!


They'll GIVE you, your own FREE, 60 plus, page website, (like mine http://

allsolutionsnetwork.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi/AM35162/moremoney.htm, each page

offers their many various products and services but…

each and every page is coded with YOUR name and YOUR personal ID that is

automatically generated for you.

All you do is promote your site by placing FREE ads  (they even show us where

and how to place them).


The business system is so fast and efficient that within 15 minutes of

joining, I was in business and had already earned a check.


I'm actually pretty excited.  We make money from everything product and

service that they provide, no down home loans, car loans, personal loans,

credit cards, vitamins, merchandise, personal loans even with bad credit,

Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, etc… 

We even make money for simply giving away FREE vacation packages and FREE

credit repair kits.


This is how they put it-- and it makes a lot of sense... It's their goal for

us to make as much money as possible,  because The better we do… the better

they do!  They make money WITH us, not off us.  So, we can be pretty sure

that they are doing their best to make this the most easily workable, most

effective business system possible. 

Obviously, I've already joined and it looks pretty good to me.  If nothing

else, do me a favor and take a look at my site and let me know what you think.

  It might be something that will work for you, too.

To make sure that you are always up to date on new programs, products and

profits please do the following:


      It is VERY possible that some of your training emails are going into

your spam box or that important messages will end up there.  Please check for

anything coming from allsolutionsnetwork.com.  If anything is there from The

Solutions Network, immediately mark it as NOT SPAM.  Many members that have

failed to so this are going to miss a check due to missing important messages.


First- Your Guaranteed Check

This aspect of the program is brand new, literally put into place only a very

short while ago, 10-30-08.

Take 10 minutes to read it, and 5 minutes to follow it, and you will have

earned your first check.  And it will not have cost you a dime!

Log in to your site and go to "Claim Your Check".  The information there, not

only guarantees your first check, it gives you an easily understandable

synopsis of the many facets of this system.


Second—Lightening Fast Start

Go to your Resource Center and make sure you follow your fast start guide,

also located in your back office.  It will take you 20 minutes and as the

name says, it will get you a lightening fast and FREE start to building your



If you do these 2 things, you will be well on your way!



Next..  Signature Line

Last but not least… See the colored message below?  This is what is referred

to when you read about creating a signature line.  On virtually all mail

servers, you can do this and then automatically you are sending a small add

for your business any time you respond or sent ANY email.

By using this, you will find yourself automatically, without even thinking

about it... working and building your business.

I lied! This is last but not least.  If you have any questions, feel free to

write to me at (your email address).  I'll do my level best to answer any

question or at least point you in the right direction.  

I want you to know, The All Solutions Network is a team—you never have to go

it alone.

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