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How to Earn A Living Online

Jan 28th 2011 at 11:16 AM

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<TITLE>How to Earn A Living Online by Ray Delworth, Webmaster</TITLE>
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<meta name="description" content=" How to make a living online is an honest, simple approach to making money online over a period of years. It is not based upon get rich quick schemes, and does not promote making money overnight.
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<B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=6><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=6><P>How to Earn A Living Online </P>
</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>
</FONT><B><FONT color="red" FACE="Calibri"><P>Rules of Engagement</P></FONT>
</B><P>Please note as you read this Article that you will from time to time see a word, phrase, or sentence followed by a reference number (n) or if you are reading this in HTML format you will see them as a clickable link. <B> If you are reading in HTML format </B>just click the link for more information.  <B>If you are reading this as a text document </B>then you will need to go to the end of the Article to see my <B><I>References</B></I> for the website URL address to go to for more information.</P>
<B><P><font color="red">Introduction - The Love/Hate Fate</FONT></P>
<I><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>I hate writing </B></I></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>- I'd rather be doing something that involves math or science! </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> But, I finally have come to grips with the fact that all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, CocoSearch, and the many others are in love with<a href="http://ultimatefleamarket.com/cgi-bin/blog" target="_BLANK"> Blogs (1)</a> and <a href="http://www.imfaceplate.com/WiiLoveFun/articles" target="_BLANK">Articles (2)</a>.  </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>These  blogs and article become "back links" to websites that offer products/services and get higher rankings with most of the search engines.  </FONT></FONT><B><I><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>And, although I "hate" writing, I'm told by more than just a few that I'm "really good at it".  But you be the judge!  </P>
</B></I></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>I finally realized that in a sense I had already written this Article many times.  Indeed, I have written pretty much all these thoughts many thousands of time, to the thousands of people that have emailed me, faxed me, called me for advise on how to make money online like I have been doing consistently since 2005.  I say consistently, because I really started "trying to make money" online right after college graduation in 1994.  I had my first website established and published (on the internet) in 1995.  Because I not only hate writing,</FONT></FONT><B><I><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> I also hate "marketing", "selling", "arguing my point", and "convincing" or "arm-twisting".  </P>
</B></I></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Because I'm a bit stubborn (as well as shy), </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>it took me 10 years to figure out "I had to <U>love</U> these things </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>and get good at them, or at least some of them - I still do not engage in "convincing" or "arm-twisting". I've come to realize that </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><a href="http://ultimatefleamarket.com/marketing.html" target="_BLANK">"marketing" (3)</A> (more politically correct than any of the other terms) is nothing more than "educating" and "offering" and that the "sale" comes when the "reader", "prospect", "potential customer or client" makes the decision that what I have to "offer" is what they need and want. </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> Simple, right?!  Well, when I look back over the years (now 15 years later), I realize that most of that time I did a pretty good job of "educating" (we are an "education" family), but I either Never Made An Offer, or I did a lowsy job of making an offer.  I was the "school teacher" and let them go out of my classroom to the neighboring business to buy what they had just come to realize they wanted and needed.  So now I make sure that they can see, while in my "classroom" getting educated, that I have the products they need and want all around the classroom on display.  </FONT></FONT><B><I><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>AND, before they leave my classroom I make them <a href="http://www.imfaceplate.com/WiiLoveFun/the-irrisistible-offer-are-you-making-one" target="_BLANK"> an offer (4)</a> they can't get anywhere else that is as good as mine.  Why, because they know that my product or service has Me with it.</P>
</I></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri">

<P><font color="red">Scams vs Legitimate</FONT></P>
</B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>While there are scams out there in the online business cyberspace, there are just as many legitimate opportunities to explore. Researching will bring you a lot of information and tips to spotting these scams, so you can move forward&#8208; to earning a living from the comfort of your own home. There are legitimate ways to make your money on the internet &#8208; a lot of people have successfully done so and continue to do so today. So, don't let this opportunity pass you by, because of lingering doubts. You'll be amazed at what you can </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>learn by typing "scams" in the various Search Engines (try more than one).</P>
</FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="green">Popular statements made by most of the internet frauds and the truth behind them: </font></P>
<FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>"<I>Make Money Overnight! - </B></I>These scams promise you a way of making money while you sleep. They make it sound like there is little work involved to obtaining this. </P>
<B><P>The Truth is </B>While it's certainly possible to achieve, it will take hard work and much dedication to be able to make this claim. Most online businesses will take a little time to get up and running, but will be worth your effort in the end. Personally, it's always taken me a couple of years of hard, dedicated work before any of my endeavors paid off - before I was "making a living" at it.</P>
<B><P>&quot;<I>Turn your Computer into a Money-making cash machine</I>!&quot; </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>(There </FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>are a lot of statements that start off with this kind of sales pitch!)</P>
<B><P>The Truth is</B> The statement itself could be true, but be careful of a sales pitch that starts off this way. Most Legitimate online business opportunities sell the business itself. Scammers tend to sell the money-making benefit. Usually, in that case, there really is no business for you! The scammer is making money off people by paying them for what they "say they will give you". </P>
<B><I><P>&quot;Start your business absolutely free - No money involved!&quot; ( </B></I>They push the fact that you can get a business going with absolutely no money in start-up costs.) </P>
<B><P>The Truth is </B>This type of scam will scream the "no money involved" statement, but then turn around and ask you to pay them a certain amount for information on how to get a business started for free. Hmm! Aren't they contradicting themselves? </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri">There will be some minimal costs to start up a business (5) - just be sure it does not break your bank and/or put you in debt!</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> </P>
<B><I><P>&quot;Start Earning a Living from Typing at Home</B>&quot; ( </I>This statement is similar to a lot of others plastered on the internet claiming that you can start a business from home with your typing or in some cases, data entry skills). </P>
<B><P>The Truth is </B>Yes, you can earn money typing or performing data entry from home, but not by doing it for other people. You’re better off offering these services directly to clients yourself and avoid paying the scammers for the information on how to do it. You can find out how to do it with your own research for Free! </P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="red">Count The Costs</font> </P>
</B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Starting your own online business doesn't generally need to <a Href="http://www.sfi4.com/11136150.12/FREE" target="_BLANK">

cost much money (5)</a>. The money you put into it is mostly for a computer, internet access and a <a href="http://www.sfi4.com/11136150.3101/REAL" target=_BLANK">

website (6)</A></FONT></B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>. Any other costs will be based on the type of business you want to get into. Much of the time you can replace cost with time spent "doing it yourself".  My first priority is to serve my customer(s) by answering their questions, bundling and sending them their product </FONT></FONT><B><U><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>within one business day , and sending them a thank you email including the fact I've sent the product and any shipping details.  I also request they join my <A HREF="http://ultimatefleamarket.com" TARGET="_BLANK">

Newsletter list (9)</A>.</B></U>  Note: Since you will be saying approximately the same thing to each customer, then be sure to use some sort of word processor to organize and save your email "templates", so that all you have to do is copy and paste and do some minor personalized editing. When I don't have orders to fill or customers needing assistance then I'm spending my "time" building my product line, displaying them at my online stores, and marketing, marketing, marketing them.  I spend much more in "time" than I do "money" to be successful, so my time is (my) money.  </P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri">

<P><font color="red">Experience</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Hundreds of Internet Marketers have started their own businesses and made a success of it without having any previous business experience. Again, it all adds up to how much time and effort you put into your research. The internet, itself, holds a plethora of information to help you learn every aspect of the business you want to start. You can find tips, tricks and all sorts of information from people who've been there and done it, so utilize this resource (internet search engines) to gain the power that knowledge will bring you. </P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri">

<P><font color="red">So What is Your Offer?</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>First, jot down everything you can think of about your fields of experience and knowledge in each particular field. Work on one field at a time and focus on that one thing until you have completed All the steps to making money online.  Do the necessary <A HREF="http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/3267" TARGET="_BLANK">

research (7)</A></FONT> </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>to determine what the market is for your field of endeavor. Once you have determined that there is a viable and lucrative market for your endeavor, then you need to check out and be Very familiar with your competition. You also need to be clear about your offering - you need to be able to answer this question that will be asked by everyone that comes in contact with your business - "What is your Offer". What need will it fill, or problem will it solve, if the prospect invests in your product or service?</P>
<P>If you already create products to give away as gifts to friends and family, there's no reason why you shouldn't take the product(s) to the internet and sell them (assuming your family and friends are excited about your gift(s). </P>
<B><P><font color="red">Making money </font></P>
</B><P>When you are making the kind of money you want with that endeavor, then, and only then, should you evaluate (Count The Costs) your time and other resources to see if it makes sense (without hurting the existing lucrative endeavor) to start the process of building another business, in another field. Focus all your attention on one business at a time until you've reached the pinnacle of success you desire - in other words, </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>don't have a bunch of part-time jobs</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>!</P>

<B><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="red">Website (Your Store-front)</font></P>
<P>A website will be needed from which you conduct your <A HREF="http://www.mysite.com/sitemap.htm" TARGET="_BLANK">

business (6)</A></B></font><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>. You will need to sell your products or show potential clients what services you have to offer. It serves as your "office" or "store", only you won't need to rent out expensive space in a building to use for your online business, instead you can rent hosting.  The cost of hosting is all over the map, so, again, a little research might be needed.  Websites are pretty easy to create if you use one of the many website design software programs or website building services. Don't let your lack of web designing skills hold you back - you Will Learn through experience - the more you create, the better you'll get.  </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>The skills you MUST have are the ability for hard work and good customer service skills. A lot of your time will be spent marketing your websites, so potential customers will find you. </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>Having a good website set up will be necessary to provide the customers will everything they need when deciding whether or not to buy your products. </P>
<P>Customers will have questions about the products and may have some problems that you will need to address, so good customer service skills will be a must. Establishing good rapport with your customer will be the incentive for them becoming repeat customers or long-term clients. </P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri">

<P><font color="red">Payment Processing </P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Whatever you're selling, you will want to use an online <A HREF="http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/3269" TARGET="_BLANK">payment system

(10)</A></FONT></B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> like PayPal, Clickbank, TripleClicks, or Alert Pay. These programs will take care of the whole payment process for you, including refunds. All of these systems can be integrated into your website pretty easily.  Since most people prefer options and have biases, consider offering more than one payment option.</P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri">

<P><font color="red">Market Your Business (Website)</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Market your site on various places on the <A HREF="http://ultimatefleamarket.com/marketing.html" TARGET="_BLANK"> internet (3)</A></FONT></B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> to get your online business exposed to prospective clients or customers to find, check out, and buy. When clients/customers want to hire you for whatever service they need, or buy whatever product you have to offer, let them know what to expect and when it will take place. Be clear, be realistic, and be honest.  Then - Deliver!  Note: I personally define a "client" as someone with whom I will have an </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>on-going relationship </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>- they will have contact with them more than once.  I define a "customer" as a person with whom I have a "transaction-based" relationship - they buy a one-time service, without the necessity to return to me, or a product that needs no follow-up service or additional products to complete the relationship.  For example, when I agree to provide bill payment and debt management services to a person, I classify them as a "client" because I will be performing a service for them month after month for the long term.  However, when a person orders, and I deliver, a Personalized Children's book there is no need for the person to return to me to get the full benefit of the "transaction" so I classify them as a "customer".  Of course I hope they will be a "</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>repeat customer</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>" by purchasing more books or other products from me, but it will be just another "transaction".</P>
<P>It will take a while to build a list of regular clients/customers, so don't expect to be making tons of money right away. Give it time and keep marketing your service and products business until you get to the point where you're practically turning away clients because you're too busy, or you've reached your income goal. </P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P><font color="green">E-mails </B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>are essential to any marketing campaign </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>(11)</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>. This is how you keep your business and products fresh in your potential customer’s minds as well as creating repeat customers. Getting a visitor to your site is one thing, but getting them </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>to remember you over the millions of other websites out there </B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>is next to impossible, unless you </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>make yourself a "household word" (12) </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>to them. </P>
<P>Emails that come at regular intervals to provide information to your website visitors (prospects) help build credibility as well as get your business name in the fore-front of their minds. Regular emails to existing customers/clients keep them informed of new products, special offerings on existing products, and provide news about your products/services. This can be done in a couple of different ways. To get email addresses to which you send your messages, you will provide an opt-in email feature on your site so that people can sign up for updates on what you’re offering or for more information. </P>
<P><font color="green">Autoresponder programs </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>(11)</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> will be needed for creating consistent, successful marketing.  All Autoreponder systems I've used require that you create your series of emails BEFORE you load your list of prospects/clients/customers.  </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>Use a separate autoresponder series for each niche and each type of reader</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>.  For example, if you have a Personalized Gifts business, then have a separate autoresponder series for it and make it a two-set series - one for prospects, and one for customers/prospects.  Why? Because the messages and offerings should be/will be totally different.  Also, targeted marketing is a crucial part of marketing success. You don't want to have an autoresponder series that offers both personalized gifts products and woodworking project plans (if you have this type of business as well) in the same series of emails.  Just keep in mind this "</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>you cannot sell pork meat to a vegetarian</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>" so why have a message going to them offering pork meat, even if it also has an offering for vegetarian recipes.</P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="red">Affiliate Marketing</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>When you're doing your research about your competition keep an eye out for competitors who offer to sell their products or services through Affiliates </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>(12)</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>. Then find affiliate products to sell from your website. Make sure that the products you decide to sell at your business are related in some way to the niche you have chosen.  </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>This does two things for you</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>.  First, rather that try to all out "beat" your competition, you've in some way "joined" them. Second, it will provide a complementary stream of income for you without any additional effort on your part after the sale (usually).  Be sure you focus visitors to your site on YOUR products first and the competitor's as a secondary "offer".  In addition to Competitor Affiliate products, you can also look for Complimentary products. You can also offer these complimentary items along with your products/services AND/OR as a followup offer after they have purchased your product/service.  So, if your niche is in the health and fitness field, you will want to offer affiliate products that are related in some way to health, fitness, nutrition, or weight loss. If you don’t offer related products in your business, you run the risk of appearing unprofessional in your "field of endeavor" and the search engines won’t rank you very well, or perhaps at all. </P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="red">Other Peoples' Products/Services</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Another popular online business that a lot of people, especially those who don't feel they have a marketable, lucrative field of endeavor, ca start with is selling other folks' products and services. Although Affiliate Marketing is also selling other peoples' products/services, here I am talking about buying an item at wholesale and reselling a retail </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>(13)</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>. eBay, Half.com, Amazon, TripleClicks, and Bonanza are a few of the popular online auction or wholesale websites that millions of people use every day to find good deals on items to resell.  Another popular method is to get items at garage sales, flea markets, and purchase of goods auctioned at Storage Facilities.  If you don't have room or the money to buy the products and store them then look for opportunities at these sites to market and sell their products and have them ship directly to your customer/client.  Be careful though, to be sure you've got a reliable person that you're working with because if you promise a certain quality, benefit, and/or delivery and the person witht he product to sell does not deliver, then it is YOU who will have their reputation tarnished!  Rather than sell products from unknown individuals consider using online stores selling products. There would be no inventory of items to stock, nor do you have to ship anything directly from your own location. The products are ordered through the ‘store’ you have set up and the wholesaler providing the products will ship the items direct to the customers for you. Sometimes these stores are know as "Drop-shippers".</P>
</FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="red">Educate and be Educated</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>If you are really good at something or very knowledgeable in a particular field then write blogs and articles to</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> Educate readers (8) </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>and use the blogs and articles to drive to your website so they then can become customers/clients.  If you are weak at a particular aspect of your business then </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>get yourself Educated (14)</B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>.  I, for example, am good with numbers and finances, but a terrible writer (I hope you feel at this point that I am getting better?!), so I have had to purchase books and ebooks, and have researched the internet to find articles and blogs on good writing skills, copywriting, editing, etc.  I take what I've learned and then apply it to my business.  I never stop learning!  Part of my week is </FONT></FONT><B><U><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>always</B></U></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3> devoted to learning.</P>
<B><P><font color="green">Newsletters - </font></B>These are used to provide small articles in topics that relate to your business. For example, if you sell vitamins and minerals, your newsletter can offer articles on alternative health practices to show how important your product is to them. Newsletters can be sent to their email addresses and include within the article a link to your site to read the rest of the article and/or make a purchase. This enables users to become familiar with your site and makes it easier to remember you when they decide they want to buy something you’re offering. You can have a sign-up or join feature in your first newsletter and on your website.</P>
<B><P><font color="green">E-Courses - </font></B>You can have a sign-up or join feature on your site for visitors gain more information about a topic. If you’re selling vitamin products, you can use an e-course to teach your readers how to pick the best ones for different kinds of health problems.  E-courses are typically sent over a 5-7 day period and are generally offered for free. This helps you make your business a "household name" to both your prospects and to your clients/customers.</P>
<B><P><font color="green">Updates -</font> </B>For those who have purchased something from you or people who have signed up for this feature, you can provide them with updates on your products, discounts, freebies, etc. This way if you don’t hook a visitor into buying in their first visit they may see something later on that catches their eye and entices them to buy. This has become the best tool I have for making my first-time customer or new client a repeat customer or long-term client. The updates can also help bring in more traffic to your site if you publish them as a blog or an article. Also include in your Update a "suggestion" to share the update with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers so they might become new clients/customers (referal business). </P>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=5><P><font color="red">Social Marketing </P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Here are the most popular ways to use social networking for your marketing needs: </P>
<B><P><font color="green">Blogging comments (15) - </font></B>Find other blogs that have the same kind of topic as your website. Post a reply on some of their posts. Your website link will be associated with your name and those looking for more information on that topic will check out your site or blog and see what you have to offer them. These are many times referred to as "Back Links" and are a critical part of the formulas used by search engines to rank websites.</P>
<B><P><font color="green">Join forum communities (15) -</font> </B>Find message board communities that have topics that relate to your website. Your website link could go in the signature line allowing others to find their way to site to see what you have. Check with the rules of the board first to make sure this is allowed. </P>
<P>By posting regularly on these forums, you can build credibility as an expert for that topic and gain some trust with some potential consumers who may be thinking about buying from you. Also, the other board members may refer people they know to your site, so make sure you give back as much as you receive with these communities. </P>
<B><P><font color="green">Social Networking Sites (16) - </font></B>Social networking sites have included such popular sites as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Now there are many more great ones that have come into being.  A couple of my favorite sites that are growing in popularity are IM Faceplate and Sweeva. These sites attract people who are looking for others who are interested in the same things they are. Internet marketers use them all the time to hook up with people in their target audience. People who have the same interest as you, can communicate and start to build trust with you. They will be more receptive to buy from someone who’s in their &quot;group&quot; or be willing to pass on your business info onto other people in their "group" or "friend list". </P>
</FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"><P><font color="red">The Beginning</P>
</B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>Normally this section would be labeled "The End" or "Closing Thoughts" or "Conclusions" but I labeled it this way because I truly believe that if you </FONT></FONT><B><I><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>"Print this" then read it again with a highlighter in hand and a note pad to take notes about specifically implementing my suggestions within your "field of endeavor" and business plan, then you will "Begin to make money with an internet business" </B></I></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>and if you practice patience, discipline, and perseverence then you will "make a living" at it.  Anyone can run their own online business whether you have extensive business experience or not. All you really need is the drive to succeed and the ability to work hard and learn as much as you can about the business you choose.  With the numerous options available for online businesses, you can find one that meets your needs and skills. Use ALL the Marketing methods </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>(3) </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>you can to get your business known and drive traffic to your business (website).  Once you find a few methods that work well, prune out the rest from your efforts. The hard work (no sweat) you put into it initially will be worth it in the end as you can start to relax a little, maybe afford to hire someone else to do some of your daily tasks for you, and eventually retire on "residual income". The internet brings more and more cash-making opportunities to business owners every day, so why not get on the bandwagon now and start to reap some of the rewards that other internet marketers are achieving? If they can do it with little experience in the business field, so can you.  </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>But, be sure to read the section about Scams and be wary of them.  AND, be sure your business is NOT one of them!  </P>

<P><font color="red">.... Are you still here?!  Stop reading and get implementing NOW!</font></P>

<P>Ray Delworth and Associates</P>
<P>We Love Success - YOURS!</P>

<P><font color="red">REFERENCE:</font></P>
<P>1. Blogs - <I>http://ultimatefleamarket.com/cgi-bin/blog </B></I>(We Love Success Team Blogs), <B><I>http://anhonorablehusband.blogspot.com/ </B></I>(A glimpse of me as a Christ-follower, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Entrepreneur)</P>
<B><P>2. Articles - <I>http://www.imfaceplate.com/WiiLoveFun/articles </B></I>(Articles on making your Business Fun AND Successful)</P>
<B><P>3.</B> <B>Marketing - <I>http://ultimatefleamarket.com/marketing.html </B></I>(The predominate places and methods I use for marketing)</P>
<B><P>4.</B> <B>Make</B> <B>The Offer - <I>http://www.imfaceplate.com/WiiLoveFun/the-irrisistible-offer-are-you-making-one </B></I>(<B><I><U>YOU NEED TO LEARN AND APPLY THIS!!!</B></I></U>)</P>
<B><P>5. Costs of Starting - <I>http://www.sfi4.com/11136150.12/FREE </B></I>(Sales, Marketing, Support, Worldwide audience all in one Highly Successful, decade-old Marketplace - Getting started is Free and YOU decide when you want to graduate to the next level - but I personally made money after just 60 days while still in the Free Affiliate status.)</P>
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<B><P>7.</B> <B>Research Your Desired Market (Is it lucrative?) - http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/3267 </B>(the Ultimate Mass Money Makers Technology, Strategies, Training, and research system)</P>
<B><P>8.</B> <B>Writing Blogs or Articles - http://ultimatefleamarket.com/copywritehandbook.html </B>(Learn How To Write Irresistible, Persuasive and Engaging Sales Copy So You Can Get More Leads and Make More Sales For Your Products &amp; Services) </P>
<B><P>9.</B> <B>Join My List Form - http://ultimatefleamarket.com </B>(try this sample to see how it works)<B>; http://howtobuildcheapsheds.com </B>(also try this sample to see how it works)</P>
<B><P>10.</B> <B>Payment Processing - http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/3269 (Paypal, owned by eBay),  http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/3268 (</B>AlertPay<B>), http://billpayer1.reseller.hop.clickbank.net (</B>Click Bank<B>), http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/2237 </B>(TripleClicks)</P>
<B><P>11. Email Systems - http://www.freeautobot.com </B>(Free AutoBot; the "price" is they get to add advertising banners of their own to your subscribers confirmation message when they join your list and you have to put up with a banner and popup window each time you login.); </P>
<B><P>12. Affiliate Marketing - <I>http://www.sfi4.com/11136150.12/FREE </B></I>(more than 28,000, and growing daily, products to choose from all over the world); <B>http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/2237 </B>(the largest seller of digital products); <B>https://signup.cj.com/member/publisherSignUp.do </B>(Commission Junction - link to tons of sellers of services and earn commissions)</P>
<B><P>13. Buy Wholesale - http://ultimatefleamarket.com </B>(the Ultimate online Flea Market)<B>; http://wiipersonalizeit.tripleclicks.com </B>(TripleClicks selling portal)<B>; http://stores.ebay.com/wiipersonalizeit </B>(eBay Stores)<B>; http://www.bonanza.com/booths/WiiLoveFun </B>(Bonanza Booths)<B>; http://astore.amazon.com/wiilovsucandf-20 </B>(Amazon.com store)</P>
<B><P>14. Educate Yourself - http://www.linkbrander.com/lb/3267  </B>(get the technology, strategies, research, and training from Matt Bacak {multi-millionaire from massive amounts of website buisinesses and awesome trainer/coach})</P>
<B><P>15. Blogging comments - </B>Here are some spots that I have had success making comments at with my various websites as part of my signature line:<B> </FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3>http://forum.springframework.org   /   http://www.startupnation.com  /  http://www.xanga.com  (Some of these are forums that you can join.  Generally you can find forums by doing a search on your type of business and including "forum" in your search ( for example: personalized books forum)</P>

</FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><P>16. Social Networks - </B></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>Here are the ones I have had success making comments and posts with my websites as part of my "about me" page and on every post or comment: http://www.facebook.com/WiiLoveFun </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"> /   </B></FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>http://www.hubpages.com/hub/Building-A-Cheap-Backyard-Shed-and-Groundhogs  </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"> /   </B>http://www.imfaceplate.com/ref/WiiLoveFun</FONT><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3><FONT FACE="Calibri" SIZE=3>  </FONT></FONT><B><FONT FACE="Calibri"> /   </B>http://www.linkedin.com/in/raydelworth   <B>/   </B>http://www.myspace.com/wiiplace   <B>/   </B>http://www.sokule.com/WiiLoveSuccess   <B>/   </B>http://www.twitter.com/WiiLoveSuccess   <B>/   </B>http://www.youtube.com/ramblingrable   <B>/   </B>http://r.yuwie.com/debtfree1</P>

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