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How To Earn $1000 from USFreeads in One Month

Jul 18th 2012 at 11:06 AM

How To Earn $1000 from USFreeads in One Month:

This is just a simple method that everyone can do.

Please bookmark this page so you can refer to it often.

First of all, you need to open both Clickbank and USFreeads accounts.

What Is Clickbank?
If you haven't heard about Clickbank as an affiliate source you need to check it out now. You can find thousands of digital products to market. Many online marketers have signed on with Clickbank trying to promote their products through webpages but what many haven't considered is placing them in ads.
Clickbank along with Usfreeads is a great combination to MAKE MONEY FAST

In a matter of minutes you can produce ads that will receive high traffic and if you learn how to write a high quality ad after reading this guide, I can promise that you will generate an average of one sale per day.

Why this works:

1. Google loves Usfreeads

2. Solid key words bring in traffic

3. Depending on how many products there is little cost. I spend $9.99 a month for unlimited ads.

Follow my step-by-step instructions to place classified ads on USFreeads:

Step 1- Open Account

Open a premium USFreeads account. It costs you $9.99 a month. This is a must because you need to place over 100 ads, and the free account only allows 2 ads.
Open a Clickbank account. It is free and the sign-up procedures are easy. (Clickbank sends you a check twice a month).

Step 2 - Find Product to Promote

Pick one product in clickbank and get the hoplink. For example, on the clickbank home page, click the marketplace at the top right, select "business" category and you can see many products. Let's say you want to promote "Paid Survey etc", you click on the "promote" and type in your Account Nickname, then they will give you a link address. Copy this linkaddress and go to step 3.

Step 3 - keywords/Title

Go back to USFreeads, now this is the most important part in this game. People will only click on your ads if your title meet their needs.

More people click on your ads = More sales.

In USFreeads, the words in your title are representing your ads' keywords. There are many software programs out there to help you find the best keywords and drive good traffic to your ads. But you need money to buy most of the software and it takes time to learn to use it. Here I am going to teach you how to legally steal other peoples efforts.

Let's say you are promoting "Survey Scout", type the words "Survey scout" in the USFreeads search box. You will find around 100 results (most of the products have only 10 to 20 results, 100 results means that the product is very popular). So, what are we going to do? Very straight forward, click to check some of the results and see how many people view their ads. Normally, a non-featured ad expires in 40 days. Five to ten views a day is already very good. If the ad has over 50 views and it still has 35 days to expire, then you should copy it's title and just change a little.

If you are still confused, try to click around. You will find that the ads with the title like "Survey Scout" only generate less than 3 views a day. However, the ads with the title like "Survey Scout Review - Get Paid For Taking Surveys" always drive you around 10 views a day.

Step 4 - content

Your title determines your traffic, your content determines your conversion rate. Honestly, you could write your own words but it is very silly. I suggest people only copy the content from the affiliate merchant site. Almost all the merchant sites from clickbank allow you to copy and paste their content. "Why copy if I can write?" You know what, those people spend thousands of dollars hired expertise to write for them, and you can use it for free. Also, their content is keyword-rich and search engine friendly. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ------ JUST COPY and mix around a bit. Please do not copy other peoples ads.

One more thing, make sure your hoplinks are working.

Step 5 - Repeat your work

When you finish the ad or ads, go back to Clickbank and find another product to promote. You can promote unlimited ads if you have a premium USFreeads account and your ads will be auto-updated once expired in 40 days.

Step 6 - Estimate your earning

If you have a premium USFreeads account, how much you earn is totally dependent on your effort. If you can finish one ad in 20 min, and have a total of 100 ads on USFreeads, you would have spent a total of 33 hours. How much can you earn?

Average 10 views a day in one ad * 100 * 30days = 30,000 views

Estimated conversion rate 0.5% (one sale from 200 views) and the average sale is $20 - $25. Therefore, the calculation is:
30,000 views * 0.005 * 20 = $3000

33 hours of work would give you $3000 a month!

Final Words

Clickbank are great for digital products, but I highly recommend you join MoreNiche to promote physical products. They pay up to 50% commission and are very newbie friendly. They have an easy join up process, loads of helpful information and resources.

Try USFreeads today.

Don't give up if you get nothing for a while. Once your ads get indexed with google, your money will come along.

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your report is accurate and well analysed I think it worth work upon eventhough it is under probability I dont think $3000 could be earn just like that but I believe consistency will you there.">

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