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How To Double Your Conversion On Anything

Jun 15th 2011 at 12:26 PM

“How To Double Your Conversion On Anything” – By Daegan Smith

Ready to make more money, get more recruits, and have more fun?  Awesome!  Let’s rock …

This little video:

Recruit Like Crazy

Converts, on average, daily, between 15% and 20%, well Yesterday it converted at about 32% from lead to sale.  Just think about that.  Having one out of every three leads give you money or join your business, WITHOUT you being there.  Today you’re going to learn how to make that happen.  Now, I told you that I would break that video down and tell you exactly why it converts like crack.  And I will, but first I want to make sure you understand a principle so powerful that, if you take the time TODAY to actively install it in everything you do in your business that you will AT LEAST double your conversions.

And the principle is simple.  In fact it’s just a question:

“What else?”

That’s it.

If you ask yourself that question BEFORE you present your prospects with anything you will end up presenting them with something they can’t resist.  That question “what else?” leads to you creating an irresistible offer, but what most people “think” when they hear terms like irresistible offer is that if they just throw a ton of stuff at their prospect their offering is automatically going to convert more, which is WRONG!  To make your offers absolutely irresistible, you’ve got to take that concept one step further and think in terms of “What else would this prospect, at the point they’re in in their business right now, want and need to create success for themselves in the fastest time with the least effort”

See how that’s different?  It’s not just more stuff.  It’s more of the precise things your prospect needs.  So let’s say you have your own hamburger stand and right across the street from your hamburger stand is a competitors hamburger stand.  They get more business than you.  You decide to apply this little question “What else?” to boost your business.  What would you offer?  Well, maybe, since you know your prospects are hungry you could offer them a free side of fries, or you could offer them a coupon for half off their next burger.

Or …

Maybe you could make it a double cheeseburger for no additional charge.  What if you throw in, not just a soda, but a SUPER SIZED soda for free. And we could go on, but the point is we did this little exercise to see what else we could add to our initial offering that would make it absolutely irresistible.  If you add just one of the things listed above, sure it’s better, but what if you added them all?  Now all of a sudden the guy across the way is selling a burger and you’re
selling everything your prospect would have dreamed of with that burger for the same price.  If you’re driving by those two burger stands, which would you go to now?


The great thing about applying this little principle to your business, especially online is nothing you add has a physical cost attached to it.  It all comes down to how creative you can be, and how much deeper you can think about what your prospect needs right now than the next guy.  The person who does that wins.  Here’s how I used to recruit, so you can how this works in a home business setting.  Remember yesterday, our friend “Mr. X” basically said – “Join my business.”  Which ain’t all that persuasive.  Now compare that to this …

When I recruited I knew that my prospects needed more than just a spot under me.  They needed to be trained, and even further they would need their downline to be trained.  So what I did was I created a team marketing guide, and I even gave it to my prospects BEFORE they joined.  Now they could see what they would be doing before they were even on the team.  And I would always make sure to  mention “This team guide I’m giving you is the exact same team training guide you’ll be giving your recruits, so that, effectively, you won’t have to teach them a thing. Our team has that covered for you.”

Result – pressure removed + I’m taking care of them before they join, so they think “This guy has it all figured out, it might be a good idea to work with him.”  Not sold or recruited yet, but now open to the possibility.  “What else?” Well, I knew they would need a source of leads that they could contact while they were getting up to speed so they could start seeing results immediately.  So, I created and ran a monthly team co-op.  I’d say “Joe, as soon as you join, while you’re training with me you can jump into our team marketing co-op. That way you’ll have quality prospect to interact with immediately, and when they join they’ll be able to do the same thing.”

Now …

My prospect is thinking “Wow. That solves two huge problems, and it’s great because I will be able to offer my prospects a spot in that team co-op as well. They’ll be taken care of. That’s it. I’m in!”  Like clockwork.  It worked every time.  There was more I included, but to keep this lesson brief I’ll stop there.  I think you get the picture.  Do you see how I asked “What else?” and then made sure that was provided for before my prospects even knew my name?  Do you see how much easier it is to recruit when you proactively think about what they need BEFORE you even approach them?

That’s how to create an irresistible offer.  It’s about being empathetic and asking “What else?” but Mr. X, when asking me to join his business, he wasn’t asking just an average Joe.  He was asking a guy who’d recruited over 3,500+ people and grown teams of 15,000+ in 13 days.  Offering me a co-op isn’t addressing the right “What else?” for me as a prospect.  I point this out to show you that You’ve got to create the irresistible “what else?” SPECIFIC to the prospect for this formula to work, so …

Don’t be lazy.

You’ve got to think about your prospect FIRST.  Close your eyes and live a day in their life.  Then ask “how could I make their life easier” and include THAT in what you offer.  Now that you’ve got the secret sauce.  Watch this video again:

Recruit Like Crazy

And tell me if you can see where and how I applied this “What else?” question.  Tomorrow I’ll do a full break down for you, and so (scroll down to the PS) …

To the top,

Steven Wagstaff

Tomorrow, you’ll learn how to apply this little question to create record breaking conversions to your own products and services.

Be there, you’ll love it.

In all honesty, it’s a lesson I could probably sell for at least $37, but tomorrow I’m giving it you free via email. Why?  I think you’ll get a LOT out of it, and I’m all about value first.  Don’t miss it:)

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