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How to Deal with Speeding Tickets in California

Jul 21st 2015 at 11:00 AM


You might be pulled over for unintentional speeding and not be aware of it, until the police officer gives you a speeding ticket. At times, you may be driving judiciously and still get a speeding ticket.  Whatever the case may be, you can always fight your speeding tickets by seeking help from an experienced Traffic ticket attorney. However, you are required to handle the situation wisely so that the case becomes less challenging and easier to win. Given below are a few approaches you should consider.

Be polite to the officer

When you are pulled over, you might struggle to keep calm. Regardless of what you feel inside, you should wear a polite smile and appear composed. Being polite is one of the ways to make the police officer gentle on you. When the police officer finds out that the offense is not created intentionally, there are chances that he writes a ticket for a less costly offense. If luck is on your side, you might be allowed to go with just a gentle warning.

Avoid admitting your mistake

The first thing the police officer asks when you are pulled over is if you know the reason why you are pulled over. You can answer to that question with a simple ‘no’. If you know or not, you should not admit the guilt whatsoever. Admitting any guilt to the officer will be used against you in the court and this could make the situation tougher.

Politely ask questions to the officer

Your questions should be framed in such a way, that the police officer finds you as a low possibility to go to court and takes less notes. Questions like, ‘Can I handle the ticket by mail?’ is preferable. When you get the ticket, you can ask the officer about how the offense was verified and detected. Your voice should be as gentle as possible. You should also understand from the officer as to what speed measurement device was used, and from which location he began to follow you. Writing down the patrol car's license plate number and the officer’s badge number is also required.

Check your ticket and prepare for your defense

If you feel that there are inaccurate details on the ticket, you can ask the officer to change it. If the officer doesn’t co-operate to your request, you shouldn’t force him. As soon as you get home, list all the relevant event details such as traffic, road condition and time of day.

If you decide not to suffer fine, jail or community service fight your California traffic ticket with the help of an experienced speeding ticket lawyer. Ticket Clinic has affiliate traffic ticket lawyers who can provide professional help. They can be reached at 1(800) 248-2846.


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